When I learned about the Wudi Hui nationality, I was preparing to retreat to Zheng Yunan, who had consolidated the lowerings before the clan, and gave up the idea of โ€‹โ€‹retreat and went to Wu Diโ€™s house to find him.

With the introduction of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, the Wu family did not dare to have any scorn for Wu Di. The house they allocated was sleek and elegant.

"Why didn't you see that the seniors came with you?"

Before the lotus pond in the house, Zheng Yunan sat in the mouth of the lotus pond, but she was particularly impressed by the predecessor.

"The teacher respects him for other things."

Wu Di naturally cannot say that his master is letting the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce be imprisoned, so he has to make a random comment to pass this topic.

"Look, I yell that predecessor, and I said that the predecessor had the idea of โ€‹โ€‹accepting you as a disciple."

Zheng Yunan smiled sweetly and saw that Wu Di could find a good teacher. She felt happy for him from the heart.

"Tell you a secret that you don't know. Tell me this is what I heard from my grandfather." We are not going to change the city owner for a hundred years in the Flame City. Now the city owner of the Wang family is in the throne for centuries. In a few days, our clans have heard that the other two groups will also send people to come and learn. In fact, it is to look at the ability of the younger generation to decide which one of the city's positions will be served. โ€


The amount of information in this news is quite large, and the choice of the seat of the city is actually placed on the younger generation, which has subverted the traditions of the past thousands of years.

Wu Diโ€™s eyes were full of horror, and Zheng Yunan nodded.

"My grandfather should not lie to me, when the other two families will send the elite within the family. If you can make a comeback in this test, then our familyโ€™s view of you in the future will definitely be Wudi, donโ€™t think too much, I am notโ€

In fact, Zheng Yunan wanted to encourage Wu Di to cheer on the test. She could notice the change of Wu Di's look. She wanted to explain it, but she found that she could not explain it.

"It doesn't matter, I don't care."

Looking at the flustered look of the beautiful woman, Wu Di smiled and waved. In this family, she and her grandfather are more kind to him. He also knows that Zheng Yunan is kind, how could he blame her.

"If I was a few days ago, maybe I would still be interested in the views of the insiders. But now, how do they look at me when they love to see me. As long as the Master does not disappoint me, it is enough. As for this family, is it still a home for me? โ€

It is like sending a Hui nationality to the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. He can be sure that if there is a Tongtian Chamber of Commerce around him. If the follower shouted him a little Wu, the family would never assign him this house. Even if he really said his identity, he was the son of the patriarch.

The strong is respected, and if you want to gain enough respect, you can only make your strength strong enough. He only cares about his strength. As far as the outsiders are concerned, he does not care except his master Ye Zichen.

"in fact"

Zheng Yunan seems to want to enlighten him, but let Wu Di interrupt.

"Don't tell me, will you sit with me for a while?"

As soon as the voice fell, Wu Di was lying down straight, watching the fire clouds on the sky, so that the heart could not help but whisper.

"I don't know how the Master is?"

Worried about Ye Zichen, this is completely unnecessary. His master may have been more moisturized than anyone else.

The few pieces of beef sent by the next person let him eat, and the surrounding is filled with jugs filled with scent, and some jugs are still dripping with water.

Ye Zichen, who is full of satiated food, is lying on the mat and sleeping asleep.

"I said, there must be fire."

Ye Zichen in his sleep muttered, and his hand was dragged unconsciously, and his hands crossed.


A flame suddenly appeared on the palm of his hand. The flame was white, and it was like a wildfire swaying under the breeze.


It is still the slang of the dream, and the flame in his hand is just like the fuel that has been added, and the slamming is so high that it is half a meter high.

The fire was reflected in his eyes through the eyes of his sleeping, letting him watch a fire in his sleep, but he was in the mood to sleep.

In the dream, he is in the sea, and his right hand is pushing the flames in front of him.

At the same time, his right hand outside his dreams also threw the flame on his hand toward the firewood in the wood house.


The fire was burning.

The night has arrived.

The man who went to chase the black man was also back. Xue Honghong sat in the front hall of the house and looked at the people in the temple.

"How, is the lost auction item back?"

"Get it back."

The followers handed over the two rings, and Xue Honghong took the ring. After discovering that there was no auction item, the sigh was relieved, and then he began to speak.

"Do people catch it?"

In fact, she also asked questions casually. They have already played against the group many times, and they have never had a chance to catch a living.

Sure enough, the people in the temple shook their heads with a calm face.

"Itโ€™s still the same as before. When we caught them, they died directly. The cause of death has still not been ascertained, but among them there are individuals who have been seriously injured and ran away. Several brothers are still encircling outside. โ€

"damn it."

Xue Honghong slammed the armrest of the chair. This group of black people suddenly appeared five years ago. In the past five years, they have robbed them of the Tongtian caravan for at least ten times.

She has launched all the resources she can mobilize to investigate the existence of these people, but has never found any clues.

So far, she personally led the team, but it was also in the unconscious of them that they would steal the space ring with the auction items. Fortunately, all the auction items were recovered, but she still did not know which force the other party was.

"This group of black people"

"Fire, fire!"

At this moment, suddenly there was an anxious anger in the house. Almost all of the people in the house are carrying buckets in the front hall and backyard, and there are many caravans.

Xue Honghong also suppressed the problem of the black man and got up and went outside.

When he went out, she saw the backyard fire, and the flame spread was very fierce, almost all the rooms in the backyard were swallowed up.

"How can I catch fire?"

As everyone knows, just when other people are still in the middle of the difference, or when they are busy helping to save the fire, Xue Honghongโ€™s teeth bite and squeak, and the body is constantly trembled.

Others don't know, but she is very clear

This fire is from the backyard wood house!

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