After the flames in the dreams were pushed away by Ye Zichen, not only did they disappear, but they burned more and more.

The flame seemed to devour him, and the heat wave from the face made him sweat.

In his dream, he ran wildly until


The tip of the nose shook, and Ye Zichen, who was running wildly, seemed to smell the taste of the barbecue. In his dreams, there was a natural appearance, and the roast chicken roasting in front of him was placed in front of him.

The saliva flowed out uncontrollably, and even if the fire was close to the eye, he would take the roast chicken from the sea of ​​fire.

"This damn guy."

Before rushing to the firewood house, watching the burning fire, Xue Honghong’s heart burned with raging anger, and the teeth biting creaking.

Some people have started to vacate the rain, but this flame is not an ordinary flame but a fire. Ordinary rain will not have any effect.

"Get the innocent sea!"

Standing outside, Xue Honghong spoke violently, and immediately she looked around for a few laps and found that the guy who kept him in the firewood room was not outside.

"You control the fire, don't let the fire spread, let me go and see!"


In spite of the voices of the followers and the next person, Xue Honghong mourned the spirits in the heart, burning a red-hot fluorescence around the body, and the right ankle smashed the door in the wood door of the firewood.

The fire in the firewood room is much larger than the outside. The heat wave that comes to the surface is even Xue Honghong feels very hard to bear, as if the water and blood in the body are evaporating under the fire of this fire. Do it.

"Hey, are you still there?"

The thick black smoke makes it impossible for them to open their eyes. Xue Honghong can only use the crazy spirit to isolate the flame from her. The temperature of the fire is too high. She can only be careful where the flame has not yet attacked. activity.

"Chicken legs, my chicken legs"

A dream slang is remembered in the firewood burning in the fire. It is obvious that after the heat wave of this flame has retreated, Xue Honghong heard it, and the heart slammed into the sea of ​​fire.

"Chicken legs"

Lying in the mouth of Ye Zichen on the mat, the feeling of Xue Honghong is that under such a fire, almost the entire firewood room is swallowing up the flames, but the position where Ye Zichen is lying is Without a little bit of attack, even the mats he was lying on were still intact.

Seeing that Ye Zichen was not injured in this fire, Xue Honghong took a sigh of relief. Of course, she is not worried about the safety of Ye Zichen. It is simply that he is keeping himself in the firewood. She does not want to see Ye Zichen die in the firewood.

If you are in other places, let him die.

Especially after seeing the strange scene of Ye Zichen in the firewood house, Xue Honghong is also convinced that this fire is absolutely related to him, otherwise why would he have no problem here?

This guy is a curse!

Gritted his teeth and looked at Ye Zichen, who was still asleep in his dreams. Xue Honghong slammed it straight.



Ye Zichen, who awakened this foot, shouted from the straw mat. When he saw the burning fire in the firewood house, he sat down calmly and had a faint surprise in his eyes.

"The five-way road fire system is small, I can't think of a break, I am really a genius. The spiritual power of Xian Lingli has also passed 30%. When the Five Ways of Taoism is completely small, the spiritual power should be completely converted. ”

Just as he was smug, in the hot environment of this flame baking, he felt a thorough heart.

Through the burning fire in front of him, he saw Xue Honghong standing in the flame and squinting at his eyebrows.


In an instant, the smug Ye Zichen was full of panic, and he curled up like a frightened bunny, swallowing his mouth and watching the flames around him.

This fire is absolutely not run by him. Is he going to pat his chest?

The fire is what I put, and all the losses are borne by me.


If you don't say anything else, you will be compensated for the loss. He is afraid that he will be able to pay for himself. He just secretly used the fairy to see it, but not only the firewood house, almost the entire backyard burned.

This pot can never be backed up, and you can confess this in your life!

"Yose, even if you want to kill me, don't set it on fire!" Hey, don't you are here, can you say that your family doesn't agree with us, do you want to be here with me? I don't want to, I haven't lived enough yet. I haven't seen the great rivers and mountains of the gods. I still have too many wishes, I can't die here! ”

Ye Zichen can be said to be the desperate and unwilling to show off when a person is on the verge of death. If Xue Honghong knew who he was, he might have deceived his acting skills.

"Don't play here, quickly say how this fire can be extinguished. The fire is so fierce, even if I have let all the people go to take the innocent sea, it is difficult to put out the fire. ”

"How can I know that you will not doubt me!"

I want him to back the pot, it doesn't exist! Ye Zichen has already ironed his heart and stupid to the end. Anyway, there is no polygraph here, and no expert in criminal psychology interrogates him. As long as he does not admit who can say that he got it?

To say that in this flame, he is also a victim!


Xue Hong is not angry, although she is in the wood house, she can always pay attention to the situation outside.

The fire has taken advantage of the wind, and the entire house has now fallen into the sea of ​​fire.

The innocent seawater taken by the followers and the next generation has little effect on such a fire.

"Follow me."

It is hard to imagine what kind of struggle has been made in Xue Honghong's heart. In the end, she still decided to rescue Ye Zichen who was caught in the flames.

Even Ye Cuchen, who was standing on the grass, was stunned.

Looking at him in front of him, he is a benefactor of his benefactor, and he is also locked in Xuehonghong in the firewood room.

Ye Zichen also had a little looseness on her resistant heart.

"But then, then I will go out with you." In this situation, you have let me see your true feelings for me, and your true feelings have completely touched me! If we can go out alive, I will definitely go to your family to raise a family. If your people object, I will impress them with sincerity. All in all, no matter what difficulties and obstacles are encountered, I must also use the eight-lifting sedan to show you the media. Believe me, I Ye Zichen said it! ”

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