"What the hell is going on, how do the people in the house do things, why do they attract such a fire."

The fire that rose from the sky also surprised the elders of the car and seized a follower who was carrying the innocent sea water to fight the fire.

"I don't know how this fire burned up, but Missy said that this is not a general flame. It is the law of the Five Elements Law. Let us take innocent sea water to fight the fire. However, this fire is too strong, and the water we take from these people is simply a drop in the bucket. โ€

The followers carrying the buckets are hard-pressed, and the innocent seawater can't enter the spacecraft. They can only pick up a bucket of buckets from the river without the sea.

Even if they are the masters of the immortal level, they can walk in the air, but the river is too far away from here. Even if they dare not slack off, the momentum that can be extinguished is not as fast as the fire. Not to mention those people, they are all not in the spirit, and they can only walk on the water, almost negligible.

The elders who are parked in the air are also brows, and this flame is indeed a fire. But among them, the fire attribute is only one of the big ladies. She also has the treasures left by the masters, which will not cause such riots.

Who would it be, even dare to go to the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce to set fire.

"Where is Missy?"

The entourage carrying the bucket licked his lips, and his eyes were accompanied by a faint worry: "Missy went into the firewood room."


The elder's face suddenly sank and shouted.

"Noisy, how can you make Missy fall into such a dangerous situation. No, itโ€™s just an ordinary firewood house, why did Missy go there! โ€

"This is our dissuasion, Missy, simply don't listen! Looks like the wood house is still closed, the one we caught on the ancient road, Missy went in to save him! โ€Follow the way back.

In an instant, the face of the elders of the car became especially ugly.

The childrenโ€™s personal feelings actually reached this point. The family chose so many good talents for her. She did not look at it. She did not expect that she would have such a soft spot for this son under the mountain. He has never seen the merits of his youth in the youth, how can Missy look at him.

Although she feels uncomfortable with Xue Honghong in her heart, she is the pearl of the family after all, and her status is not to be lost.

"Let the firefighters let go, I will direct the innocent seawater to fight the fire."

As soon as the voice fell, I saw the elder's hands lifted up. The blue light flashed from his palm, and when the light appeared, the moisture in the air was gathered toward him.

The infinite sea channel far from a few miles away is also a tremor of water, and a water dragon suddenly vacates from the river. This water dragon is like the source of the river. The innocent sea water carrying the whole river flies to the backyard of the house, and it turns into a heavy rain.

I want to make women feel moved. Simply saying that those mouth guns do not have much effect.

Ye Zichen, who was holding Xue Honghong's hands, turned his eyes, and immediately he saw that a beam of wood had been burned by the fire at Xue Honghong's head.

"This material is so good, so the house does not collapse."

In his heart, Ye Zichen was hesitant, and Xue Honghong did not pay attention to the beam that had already burned coke. Under his deliberate intention, the coke beam could not withstand the weight of the beam, and collapsed.

"Be careful."

Look at the trend of the collapse of the firewood house, in order not to let Xue Honghong detect the initiative to retreat. Ye Zichen took it into his arms and used the back to hold the wooden board that was still burning.

Then he quickly let the blood back, a stream of blood spurted out of his mouth, the blood of the mouth directly fell on Xue Honghong's face.

Focus on the key!

This blood sprayed on Xue Honghong's face is the most crucial.

You can't spray this blood to the ground, you can't spray it. Only when it sprays on her face will she have the most intuitive feeling.

You are hurt for her!

Not only that, but after that, some affectionate words are needed to crush her last line of defense.

"Trust me."

In the arms, holding Xue Honghong tightly, Ye Zichen's tone is weak, and the corners of his mouth are still dripping with blood.

"If I can still be alive, I will definitely go to your family to raise a family, and you will be right."

Even though Xue Honghong was a bit embarrassed under this scene, in this case, set such a sincere vow. Suddenly, the guy who was so bored with her in front of her eyes made her feel a little taller in the fire.

"It looks like it works. If you go out, you shouldnโ€™t bother me!"

Noticing Xue Honghong's slightly blurred eyes, Ye Zichen did not dare to slack off, still maintaining the true but weak look.

"When you go, you must live."

Hey, focus on.

Why is it necessary to push Xue Honghong away at this time, and Ye Zichen, the elder of the car, has already had an insight into the innocent sea.

Now he wants to shape a tall image that leaves the hope of surviving to the other side, regardless of his own life and death.

This is all calculations!

Sure enough, when Ye Zichen pushed Xue Honghong away, her inner defense was completely broken. She was a little sluggish looking at Ye Zichen who pushed her away, and the complexity of her heart could not be said.

Although these fires threatened him, they could not really hurt his life. Even though the firewood fell, she could see the early escape. It all seems to be Ye Zichen. Itโ€™s a move for her.

It is very touching!

Xue Honghong couldn't help but think of the squabbling of the two of them before. At that time, she just thought that Ye Zichen was a guy who didn't have the ability to talk.

Can you pass this scene, can you say that this is the real one?


Just as Xue Honghongโ€™s mood was so complicated, their heads were actually pouring rain.

The raindrops fell on the flames, and in a short while the raging fire was to extinguish the flames.

Almost a subconscious reflection, Xue Honghong went straight to Ye Zichen when he saw the flames go out.

"We don't have to die, your wounds are okay!"

Still young or young, at first glance, it is a little white flower with few emotional experiences. See if she is already nervous about her injuries now, and everything is under control!

Since it is all about this, Ye Zichen naturally can't give up.

"Hah, my wife is good. I have survived my injury and nothing to do. You don't have to worry about minor injuries." Going out this time, I will definitely go to your family and ask your relatives to pass through the door."


Homeopathic into Xue Honghong's arms.


Also in Ye Zichen's loss of Ye Zichen consciousness, Xue Honghong, whose face was black and gray, immediately screamed.


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