Falling down in Xue Honghong's arms, Ye Zichen couldn't help but feel bitter in the heart. It was quite good from beginning to end. It was this last disciple that made him feel uncomfortable.

This is not a blame girl, who told them that they did not pass each other's names from beginning to end.

Overall, it is still perfect.

The collapse of the beam led the car elders and caravans outside, and they were all shocked, especially the scream in the firewood room, for fear that he was red and half of the pool in the fire.

The fire was a little weak, and the outside ran out from the outside.


I saw Xue Honghong wearing a red dress and shining, obviously this is a good bodyguard. In the burning of the sea of ​​fire, her face was covered with black ash, and in her arms was holding Ye Zichen, who was dead, and walked out step by step.

"Step aside!"

Xue Honghong looked heavy, and the group of followers did not dare to let the road out. When I saw Ye Zichen in her arms, the faces of these entourages became strange.

"Miss, what are you doing?"

The elders who saw this scene were also angered by the lock, and Xue Honghong, the big girl who hadn’t left the cabinet, was holding a man in her arms.

"Step aside."

It is still the unquestionable tone, and the elders who are trying to say immediately feel a sense of oppression that makes him almost unable to breathe.

Suddenly, he quickly looked at Xue Honghong's eyebrows, and saw a golden flame in the center of her eyebrows burning slowly.

"The blood is awakened."

This is the unique blood force of Xue Honghong's family. It is also the special ability of the bloodline of the protoss. The sooner the blood awakens, the stronger the talent.

Fan, Xuan, Earth, Heaven, King!

Under normal circumstances, the awakening blood of their family is before the age of sixteen, just like Xue Beibei is the blood of the awakening at the age of nine, the blood of the day!

The degree of amazing talent is even if the old antiques in the family are rushing to accept her as a disciple.

Xue Honghong is an odd number within the family. She has shown her talents for training more than her peers from childhood. Many ethnic groups in the family have asserted that she will be the earliest awakening blood in the family. After she is awakened, she is at least a bloodline.

Unexpectedly, her blood was not awakened until she held the adult ceremony at the age of sixteen.

People in the gradual family have lost attention to her, and even if she is stunned and awake, her future achievements are limited.

She also took over from the Shenshan Mountain to the 72nd District and took over the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce within the family.

This kind of decision is actually almost the same as being abandoned by the ethnic group. What makes people even more different is that her practice without a bloody awakening is getting faster and faster, and the breakthrough completely ignores the imprisonment.

However, at the age of 19, it became a fairy. It was counted on the inheritance of their ethnic group for hundreds of millions of years. It became one of the hundred people who broke through the fairy before the age of 20, and none of these hundred people awakened before the age of twelve. The blood level is above the ground.

Now Xue Honghong is twenty-four years old, in the middle of the fairy.

Although it seems that the promotion to the middle of the fairy is slow in the past five years, you may know that if you are an ordinary person, you may not be able to go further in more than a decade.

More importantly, she is already twenty-four years old and she is awakened!

Standing in front of Xue Honghong, the car’s elders are shocked and unable to speak. The 24-year-old bloody awakening represents her breaking the tradition of the ethnic inheritance of hundreds of millions of years, and the flame of her eyebrows is golden!

Everything is white, black is red, earth is blue, and the sky is purple!

Then does she say yes?

The legendary king!

If it is really the blood of Wang Pin, then his identity as an elder is no longer in control of Xue Honghong. Not to mention him, even if it is an old family member, I am afraid that I will not tell her a word!

"Step aside!"

It was also a low swearing, the car elders did not dare to have any delays, and quickly retreated to the side, facing Xue Honghong deep shackles.

"Miss, please!"

Indifferent from the position of the elders to let go, she did not take a few steps, she stopped, indifferent to the car elders who are still deeply bent, both of them are burning golden flames.

"Let the best physicians in the family bring the best medicinal herbs to see me."


Seeing the golden flame, the car’s elders sighed and respectfully bowed, and Xue Honghong did not see it drifting away.

Until Xue Honghong disappeared from the eyes of the crowd, the elder of the car was straight up, and his head was covered with sweat.

The oppressive feeling is really too strong, even if she is the perfection of the heavenly fairy, it is also very difficult.

This is the pressure of Wang Pin's blood!

"you guys"

Depressing the shock of my heart, the elders of the car shouted toward the group of followers.

"I will return to a family within a while. From now on, you must absolutely guarantee the safety of Missy and Miss San. Even if you die, you must not let Missy suffer any injury, even if it is a drop of blood, drop one. Root hair, can you hear clearly?"

Even if these followers didn't know what was going on in the middle, they all realized the seriousness of the problem.


After watching the group of followers, the elders of the car did not hesitate to spend the life of the yuan. In this house, they left a few tightenings before they took out a piece of jade and squeezed them from their hands and disappeared between the heavens and the earth.


Ye Zichen, still lying in Xue Honghong's arms, heard a door ringing, and soon he felt himself on a soft bed.

Sneaking a few mouthfuls of breath around, the whole room is accompanied by a touch of fragrance, this kind of lover's heart and fragrance is awesome with Xue Honghong's body fragrance.

"Is Laozi lying on the bed of this woman?"

Ye Zichen was shocked, but he didn't dare to show it. Now he is pretending to be dead. Just now, he seems to hear Xue Honghong to ask the best doctor to take the best medicine.

Dan medicine is no problem, and eating it is definitely harmless to people.

If the doctor is here, is it that he has to show up?

Have to find a chance to die and resurrect!

He tried his best to play such a thing. If a doctor was destroyed, it would be more than worth the loss.

What he can't understand is that even if this woman really wants to save him, it is not so. He was also taken to her bedroom, did she say she really fell in love with herself?

Or, everything, as he said before, this time, when she first met, this woman was fascinated by him and wanted to take this opportunity with him.


How can this ruin its reputation?

But after thinking about it, he is now pretending to be dead, and if he resists, he will show up.

No, it’s really not going to take her, who makes him a man!

Husband, can be a true hero.

What he just thought was that Xue Honghong actually said faintly at this time.

"Actually, you are sleeping, right!"

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