Outside the door came the car elders respectful low-pitched, Xue Honghong standing in front of the window for a while before returning, very nostalgic looked at the window sill.

Ye Zichen is leaving from here.

He did not say where he was going, nor did he say what he was going to do. He only left a promise of a thousand dollars, but also brought the heart that belongs to her.

It is easy to get approval from her family. Ten years seems to be a long time, but it can be used for people who practice. She gave him ten years, just wanting him to retreat, but the same is not a reward for giving himself a chance.

Who can tell if there have been miracles in this decade, albeit very embarrassing.

A sigh of sigh, Xue Honghong went to the front door of the house to open the door. In addition to the elders of the car outside the door of this room, there are two old men who are sacred.


When I saw Xue Honghong, the two old men also fainted towards her, and the elders carefully glanced at the bedroom.

"Missy, he"

"left already."

Suddenly sighed, his eyes revealed. Hearing the elders here, he was relieved. The two old men around him were different from him. They were very important in the family, especially the old man carrying the medicine box was quite old-fashioned.

If you let him see Ye Zichen lying in Xue Honghong's bedroom, don't worry if she is awakened by blood, and don't worry if she is the blood of Wang Pin, she has to go to her with the patriarch and the old ginseng.

"Where is the injured person, the old man is busy with business, and I will return to the family for his healing. I don't know what the patriarch thinks, but let me come to such a barren land. ”

The old man carrying the medicine box locked his eyebrows, and the environment here and everything here made him unbearable.

"Since you feel uncomfortable, you can return to the family now."

It is very unhappy for the old man to start Xue Honghong from childhood. He always puts on a high-level appearance. He is very high-profile, he is humbled by his strength and he is cold-eyed.

He is a living snobbery, and it is impossible for such a person to exist in his family if he does not have the ultimate medical skills.

Xue Honghong’s words instantly made the old man’s fire, but the big lady in front of him was suspected of Wang Pin’s blood. He didn’t dare to get angry. He could only send the fire to the elders who had brought him down with the patriarch’s affection. .

"The car is down, can you explain this to me?" The old man has a lot of time on the mountain of God, but there is not so much time to play with you here? ”

The ridiculous rut ​​of the car reveals an embarrassing look. He is just an elder of the outer door, and there is no comparison with this year-round family.

"I asked the elders to go to the family to find a doctor, but I did not expect to find you." I also told you that if you are unhappy, you can go back now. Instead of worrying about wasting time with us here, it is better to go back to the mountain and do what you should do. ”



In an instant, Xue Honghong, who was indifferent, looked like a golden flame, and a golden flower in his eyebrows quietly bloomed.

"It really is the blood of Wang Pin."

The old man who had been silent for a long time came up. Hearing the old man’s words, the old man carrying the medicine box couldn’t speak for a moment.

Wang Pin blood.

Even in the entire ethnic group of Xue's family, there are no more than three. The people with this kind of blood force have a detached status within the family.

Although he has a place in the Xue family with his medical skills, he can only be an outsider after all.

Xue Jia can hire him, but he can also ban him from the family. Especially the people of Wang Pin's blood, her words and deeds are even patriarchal.

This kind of person can never be provoked.

"Congratulations to Miss Miss He Xi, I have already seen that when Miss Young was young, she would have seen that Missy must be a dragon and a phoenix. When she was a young lady who had never had a bloody awakening, I felt that there was a weirdness in it. Will not be mediocre life. I don’t think Missy is actually the blood of Wang Pin. It’s really a pity for my Xue family. It’s actually a family of Wang Pin’s blood. ”

The old man carrying the medicine box can be said to be the person who sees the wind in the rudder. Seeing that Xue Honghong has been designated as the bloodline of the Wangpin, it is a slap in the face.

"Hurry and go back to your daily routine!"

It is not applicable to Xue Honghong, and she does not like the old man. At that time, when she had not awakened the blood of her adulthood, the transformation of the old man was the most obvious.

Now say these, they are shit!

Let a younger generation so scolded, the old man carrying the medicine box is not annoyed. The smile on his face is like a chrysanthemum that blooms. The big eyes of mung beans turn a few times.

"I will go back and tell the patriarch's adult about the news of Miss Wang's blood."

Hastily left from the door, seeing his departure, whether it is Xue Honghong or the car elders are showing a faint disdain, even the old man who is a child of the crane is also a glimpse, as if the old man has no good feelings.

The old man who drove the medicine box away, the old man of Hefa’s face was also showing a satisfactory chuckle.

"Little red, you really did not let the three grandfather disappointed."

"Let the three grandfathers worry."

Deeply bowed to the old man, Xue Honghong still remembers that when she was sent to the 72nd district, the old man was angry and asked his father a big quarrel.

Her third grandfather is concerned about her in her heart, she is very clear about this.

"Don't worry, don't worry, Xiaohonghong wakes up the blood of Wang Pin, and now he can return to the Hui, and there is no need to stay in such a thin place." Three grandfathers now think of your father's expression, absolutely wonderful. ”

This old man is like a childlike heart, grinning. Just heard the Hui people, Xue Honghong's face is a meal, can not help but open the way.

"Do you have to go back?"

"What, you don't want to go back?"The old man has a cluster of eyebrows. "Since it is the blood awakening, it is necessary to return to the Yi people, and you are the blood of Wang Pin, the family will definitely focus on training, and it is difficult to leave in the family after returning. But everything is your grandfather, if you are really tired in the family, the three grandfather will take you out of the way, anyway, you are absolutely afraid to stop me! ”


Xue Honghong's eyes are bright, and his biggest worry is to limit her freedom after going back. As long as she has the words of her grandfather, she is completely relieved.

"When did Grandpa fool you?"

Stretched out his hand and licked the head of Xue Honghong, the old man who was a child of the crane.

"Let's go back, wait for the people to wait until the delay."

Wen Yan, Xue Honghong nodded heavily and fell to the window sill of the room.

Ten years, I am waiting for you!

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