The quiet moonlight is scattered on the streets of the Flame City, even though it is now counted late at night, but the shops on both sides of the street are still brightly lit.

With the existence of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, it has become a bustling commercial street.

The adventurer who returns from the outside or is ready to leave, or to the weapons of the weapons, or to the spirit of the shop to buy the charm, or to the Dan pharmacy to buy healing and returning to the medicinal herbs.

All in all, the excitement is extraordinary.

Ye Zichen, who walks down the commercial street with a jug, is not so conspicuous. His behavior has long been a strange thing here. However, he found that the only pharmacy in so many shops is poor, and the medicinal herbs placed in the pharmacy are also ordinary elixir. Most of them are spiritual, and the species are not too few secrets of Laojun. There are many types of medicinal herbs recorded in the code.

"Is maybe I can be in this whole drugstore in the future?"

Ye Zichen is active, of course, he has this idea but does not mean that he has to do everything. It’s enough for him to spend a lot of time on the axe to help his rich boy send him money.

Moreover, he can still remember when he was his own vow

"Well, I will remember the ten-year agreement. If you are looking for me, you will go to Xueshan, the northern mountain of Shenshan. My name is Xue Honghong. ”

"I remember, you Xue Honghong, Ye Zichen, I decided."

Find a corner against the wall and Ye Zichen put the jug on the side and licked his head.

How was it so impulsive at the time!

Xue Honghong won't really wait for him for ten years. If he doesn't go after ten years, she must be disappointed with herself.

I have to go really.

That is the mountain of God!

For ten years, reason Ye Zichen felt that it was difficult to grow to the height that people could look up to. Moreover, Xue Honghong's family is obviously not an ordinary family.


How can a man retreat when he says that he is shrinking, but this is not enough for her commitment to her.

Anyway, it is a very northern mountain, when you go to the innocent sea to find a prayer for the Lord God, let him support himself!

When I think of Ye Zichen, I feel that this is a reliable thing. When he falls into the lower three realms, he can't return to the realm, but he helped him get it.

Seeing his face is also like a person who knows how to report. If he looks for the past, he will definitely help.

It’s the group of guys he’s behind, it looks like they’re all overnight.

"This grandfather, staying at the store?"

Just then, a hotel buddy came to his eyes with a smile on his face. He has always been thinking about Ye Zichen for a long time. At first he thought that this is a lonely warrior who didn’t go to the meeting. He can take a closer look.

That finger glazing space ring is at least four, this is definitely a noble!

I dare not delay, this guy is going to be compact.

Looked at the sky, it is true that it is time to find a place to live. Coincidentally, there is a guy who is rushing to find him to live in the store, then go.

"The little guy has a vision, and I actually see that I am going to live in the store."

I patted my butt and got up from the ground, and Ye Zichen gazed at the guy.

"Go back to your look, right, what is your name?"

When the buddies have been in Flame City for a long time, this buddy is also a personal fine. Seeing Ye Zichen glance at him, and aiming at the back, he knows that the man is following him, but he is afraid that he is not afraid of the followers.

The purpose of their inn, the customer is God.

Since this man wants to find those chasing soldiers, this guy is also unambiguous, shouting with his neck.

β€œBaixiao Inn, this inn is in the Flame City, but it’s been a good year.”

After drinking this scorpion, the guy sneaked a sneak peek at the back and opened his way to Ye Zichen.

"Yeah, how?"

"Good job, this is to reward you."

Take a bag of spirit coins from the space ring and throw them into the hands of the buddy. The buddy turned upside down and said that there are hundreds of coins.

This is definitely for you!

I think that the color of the face on this guy’s face is more obvious, and the shouting is more powerful.

"This Lord, Bai Xiao Inn, please!"

Carefully waiting for Ye Zichen to enter the inn, just after they entered, on the two sides of the street, there were several people in black wearing masks.

"The goal is to stay at Baixiao Inn. You guys go back and report, I am staring here."

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding black people disappeared into the dark and disappeared, while the black one left was in a position to stare at the Baixiao Inn.

I thought that the business of going out to live in the hotel would not be particularly good, but when the buddy walked inside the inn, Ye Zichen was a bit stunned.

The voice is full of people.

The first floor in the store is almost full of people, and it is difficult to find an empty position at a glance.

"You have a good business in this store. How can you go out and look for a living?"

"Yes, I am saying what you said. How can this be said that it is to go out to work, it is in the middle of the sky to dial me to let the small to find you. You are honored, how can you sleep outside. ”

Inadvertently, the buddy was a slap in the face. This kind of blatant Ye Zichen was of course listening, but it was very useful for him. He was very satisfied and nodded. He took out hundreds of space rings. The coin was thrown into the hands of the man.

"Yes, there is a future."

Very satisfied with the shoulders of the buddy, the guy saw this to say a few good words is a few hundred coins, the grandfather is too bold.

"Yeah, you are sitting here for a while. I think you seem to like drinking, and small to take the store's signature scent to give you a taste. ”

"how much is it?"

"Hey, yeah, aren't you playing a small face?" Please ask for this small wine, just ask the Lord for your satisfaction. ”

As soon as the voice fell, the man placed Ye Zichen in a seat, and ran to the back to pick up the wine for Ye Zichen.

"This guy will come."

Shaking his head with a chuckle, Ye Zichen set his sights on the table of the diners in the store.

Very strange.

When he came here, he found that these diners did not seem to come here to eat. From the beginning to the end, he had never seen anyone move chopsticks. And there are people who are still coming in, and then they go straight to the tables. It can be seen that the look between them does not seem to be cooked, and the people who come in will give money on the table. It seems to be doing a certain transaction.

Even if it is a commercial street in the middle of the night, it is already very strange to have so many people coming to this inn. Now they have ordered meals instead of food, and they trade each other.

"This inn"

As Ye Zichen pondered the true face of the inn, his face suddenly appeared.

"Yeah, buy a message?"

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