The light and light tone of the cloud will sit on the opposite side of the scared heart, but when the rivers and lakes lied for so long, if this city has no, then how can he eat.

"You know Wenquxing, this is really the most ridiculous joke that the deity hears."

Bai Xiaosheng laughed wildly. He wanted to use a smile to hide his inner uneasiness and to test the authenticity of Ye Zichen's words.

What made him feel terrified was that Ye Zichen kept an indifferent chuckle from beginning to end.

"No, don't you really know?"

The heart couldn't help but swear, and immediately Bai Xiaosheng bit his teeth, and the little mung bean eyes kept shaking.

"What did you just say is true?"

"Why, don't you say that you are a Wenqu star?"

Ye Zichen smiled mellowly, and the color that was light and self-confident made Bai Xiaosheng feel that his heart was out of nowhere.

This is what luck, even if you really meet someone who knows Wenquxing, then is it that the guy is actually one of the nine stars.

"Hah, I feel a little uncomfortable in this body. Your problem will be solved for you next time."

As soon as the voice fell, Bai Xiaosheng smashed out from the seat of the monkey like a monkey. The guests around the table saw a look of disgust afterwards. Bai Xiaosheng was notorious in the Flame City. Seeing him looks like he was deceiving and trying to escape.

Although it is disgusting, no one is going to intercept it. It is not that they are not willing to pay attention to other people's affairs, but this hundred Xiaosheng, although he is not strong, can only escape the effort is pure.

There used to be a big master of the immortal level to let him lie, and he didn’t catch it. Most of these people have just entered the immortal, and it is even more unlikely to want to catch Bai Xiaosheng.

For a time, they all looked at Ye Zichen again, and they had some pity in their eyes.

"I let you run?"

Just then, Ye Zichen, who was sitting in the chair, had a faint opening, and then he saw his fingers hooked toward Bai Xiaosheng.

They have already run to Bai Xiaosheng in front of the inn, but they are uncontrollable and fall back.


The rest of the table can not help but squat, they can not understand the strength of this master's strength, may even be able to deal with the escape of the people in the escape of Bai Xiaosheng, effortlessly grab back, at least also the master of the fairy level Let's go.

This kind of master is rare in the Flame City. I think that Ye Zichen may be a fairy. Some people are eager to try and try to be a follower.


How to get out, how to sit back to the original seat.

When I saw that I was back to Ye Zichen's seat, Bai Xiaosheng's face was pulled down in an instant, and it looked bitter.

"Yeah, it’s a small mistake."

Ye Zichen just smiled at him and grinned.

"Talk about what star you are."

Although the story of the emperor and the auxiliary star has been circulated in the Protoss, the age of the past can be known, and it is very little to know about it.

Bai Xiaosheng can speak the emperor star and the auxiliary star, and can also mention the Wenqu star, one of the four major auxiliary stars.

Either he really did his homework for this, or he is really one of the assistant stars.

If the former is forgotten, but if the latter, then Ye Zichen can't let him run.

Bai Xiaosheng’s face has turned into bitter gourd, and Ye Zichen, who is smiling at him, is helpless.

"Yeah, you are one of the nine days of the stars. The small one is indeed the auxiliary star of the emperor star, but it is not the four major auxiliary stars, but the Taiwanese auxiliary star that assists the left auxiliary star. In the past few years, suddenly a star fell into my body, and I said that it was Taifuxing. When I was quite awkward, I went to check the history of the emperor star. Taisuke Xing, specializing in Zuo Zuuxing, the main expensive. The Lord, you understand, that is, people will be rich in life, when it is to give me a fart, but I did not expect Nima to become more and more poor, and finally I couldn’t eat it, so I had to do some tricks to eat. ”

In order to gain the trust of Ye Zichen, he also exposed his arm, and there is indeed a star on his left arm.

"Not bad."

Ye Zichen smiled with satisfaction as he stared at the stars on his opponent's arm.

I can't think of this kid as a secondary star of Yin Shang. I just don't know where Yin Shang is sitting in the mountains.

"Yes, your food is coming."

At this time, the folks also put the dishes on the table, and all the tables were all the signature dishes of their inn. When he left, he also deliberately glanced at Bai Xiaosheng with a warning eye. When he saw the warning, Bai Xiaosheng was laughing and not falling. Now he is not deceiving and not deceiving. It is his own small. Life can not be saved.

Carefully looking at the look of Ye Zichen, I heard


"what?"Bai Xiaosheng apparently stumbled.

"This dish is for you. After you have eaten it, mix it with me later." You are not saying that you are a Taiwanese star, you are very good, your rich life is coming. ”


"Of course, hurry to eat, and the dishes will be cold."

The star life of Taisuke is actually a one-hearted support for Zuo Fuxing. When he descended the star, it was also the indication that he got it.

But he waited for a few years without waiting for Zuo Fuxing, and almost starved himself!

A cold glimpse in my heart, what kind of Zuo Fuxing is waiting for him, it is better to give him the younger brother as the younger brother to come to see!

Thinking of this, Bai Xiaosheng could not help but secretly conceal.

"What is his assistant star, what Zuo Xing Xing, Lao Tzu does not do it!"

In the front hall of the axe, two large axes of axe were crossed together and carved on the wall of the front hall.

There is a seat underneath, and the back of the chair is also engraved with the same axe on the wall, and a burly man sits on the chair.

"It’s just to say something to you when you call you all here."

The man on the seat is the axe to help the rudder of the Flame City to rudder the main arrogant bone, above this hall is the axe headed by Zhao Wei to help the captain.

"On the first few days, the captain of Zhao Wei Zhao who had a rudder, and the knife and knives made people robbed. I don't know if you know about this."

Zhao Wei heard that his face was ugly, and the person he had robbed for a lifetime could be robbed. This was a shame that he could not erase.

The rest of the captain nodded, and Zhao Wei’s troubles were not known to them.

"Since everyone knows, then I don't have to say more. However, the purpose of our gangs is already clear to everyone who is sitting. Only we can grab others and not let others rob us. Now we have two captains robbed, this is to challenge the axe. Captain Zhao Wei and the captain of the knife squad must also report, so I decided to lead the team to get this child back. Who are you willing to go with this gang? ”

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