The helper personally led the team, who dares to say no to the past. Even if they have the heart to refuse, they can take photos of the gangsters, and these captains can only say that they will follow.

"Help the Lord."

Just as the other captains indicated that they would go together, one of the captains was even more embarrassed.

"Before we got the news, saying that the cockroach is being with the people in the heavenly meeting. If we kill it like this, will it be blamed with the heavens?"

For these concerns, Huang proudly waved his hand with a smile.

"The spy I sent out has already given a message that the surname Ye has left the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and is now living in the Baixiao Inn. However, even though we still can't do it in the city, no one can figure out what relationship he has with the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. If he wants to be foolproof, he will take him outside the city to solve it. ”

For a time, several captains in the hall were exposed to the difficult color. Zhao Wei was even black-faced and did not speak.

Seeing everyone was silent, sitting at the last knife, his face and eyes turned a few laps in his eyes. As early as Huang’s bones shouted at them, he knew that it was for Ye Zichen’s business.

Let him robbed him twice, and his face has long been learned and he does not want to provoke him.

Therefore, he did not express any comments or opinions during the whole meeting. Even when everyone was arguing about revenge, he just smiled and nodded, but his heart was full of disdain.

They have not seen the horror of Ye Zichen, they rely on them.

Mostly it is the life of being robbed.

"The rudder master."

After pondering for a while, the knife squinted and got up from the chair.

"Knife, what happened?"

It is said that in this deliberation, the face of the knife is the lowest among the group. Huang proud is very surprised that he will get up at this time, but also turned his eyes.


The knife screamed and stopped, and then his face was full of seriousness and unwillingness, and the whole face seemed to be eroded and distorted by anger.

"The subordinates asked to seduce the surname of the surname of the city, so I robbed me twice, which is absolutely insulting and trampling on my dignity and personality. These days are not to be embarrassed at night, thinking about revenge all the time. Since the rudder master and the colleagues at the same time do not know how to deceive him out of the city, it will be subordinate. I have been in the axe for a few years, and I haven’t done anything big for the gang. Please ask the rudder to give it a chance. ”

Deeply buried his head, the sincere tone seemed to touch everyone in the temple.

Huang Ai Bianwen’s words are also a happy face. Now everything is ready. The bad thing is to wait for Ye Zichen to come out. Only no one can guarantee when he will leave the city. Mrs. Wu’s urging is still very tight. Now it’s natural to take the initiative to ask for help.

"Can you have a full grasp?"

Although the initiative of the knife and face made him very satisfied, they only had one chance to act. If this knife does not lead Ye Zichen out of the city, then it will be a spirit of grass, and will make the other side guard.

"The subordinates are willing to take the guarantee on the item, and they will definitely lead the scorpion out of the city. If you fail, come to see you! ”

Knife and face can be said to make the hatred blinded the inner emotions of the interpretation of the most vivid, his fists in his tone are a bit more pleading.

"Also ask the rudder to give this opportunity."

"Well, then the rudder master will give you this opportunity. But you have to be clear, our chances are only once, if the consequences of stunned snakes are unimaginable. But if you can succeed, you will be promoted to the captain. ”

A little hesitant, Huang proud bones are also slap on the handrails.

"There is no expectation of the rudder."

Heavy and heavy toward the head of the arrogant and the other gangs in the gang, the knife and his face turned resolutely turned and walked out of the hall.

In that scene, watching his back is like a hero.

The other captains sitting in the hall can't help but move, thinking about what it used to be, can make the knife face to Ye Zichen so deeply. Huang proud bone is also a particularly satisfied nod, although he is also worried about whether the knife face can be successful, but his firm belief makes him willing to believe this knife face once.

"When the knife comes back, it’s Ye Hao’s jealous day!"

Taking a heavy step, I looked away from the hall where the axe helped. Just as soon as he got out of the door, his face was turned sharply, and he gasped against the big mouth of the wall.

The words that I just said have a look, but they are really from the heart.

However, he only used this emotion to play a show with the axe. Really seduce Ye Zichen out of town, looking for trouble?


When Ye Zichen was robbed for the second time, the knife face had already decided not to provoke the comet in the future. If there is a chance, it is best to mix with him!

In his opinion, mixing with Ye Zichen is much stronger than helping with an axe.

It’s just plain and unreasonable to be a young man’s abruptness, and he needs a name. Now the axe is trying to find Ye Zichen’s troubles, which is his own name.

The only thing that made him feel pity was the position of the captain. He had been mixing in the axe for so long. Isn’t that the day?

"Goodbye, my captain."

It was very bitter to forget the behind-the-scenes and revealed the fierce axe help. The face of the knife and face changed instantly, and it was full of joy.

"I am going to start a new life with a knife."

The power of money is not to be underestimated, Ye Zichen's pride is also to make Bai Xiao Inn's buddy convinced for his busy schedule.

"Yeah, here is the room reserved by the hotel. Small to see this room can meet your temperament, deliberately give this room to you. ”

The guy looked at his face and pushed the door of the room away, watching the interior decorating the pavement and the atmosphere of a local tyrant.

“It’s the price of this room”

"Money is just a number for me."

Looking at the gold-plated decoration in the room, Ye Zichen is not particularly satisfied. But can you bear to hear that the buddy is suspicious of his spending power?


There was a million coins to take him out of the ring and watch the coins on the ground piled up in the hills. The guys’ eyes were straight. The same is true of Bai Xiaosheng next to him. After a brief stay, he is determined to give Ye Zichen the idea of ​​Ma Zi.

Zuo Fuxing, go to hell!

"The room rate is deducted from this million coins. If it is not enough, you will tell me."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen took a hundred coins from the ring and threw them into the pile of money.

"These are the rewards for you."

I thought that this million spirits had been rewarded after deducting the room rate. I did not expect this result. When the man’s heart was lost, he secretly warned himself not to be too greedy. It’s good to have a hundred coins.

"That man lives happily."

Picking up the coins and leaving the room, Ye Zichen and Bai Xiaosheng went inside the room. It was not particularly intuitive to look at the door. After entering, Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes would fall.

Too much tyrants.

Just stand here and gently suck the air here, as if you can smell the taste of money.

Ye Zichen is a lot better, how can he also see people in the big world, if you let this room scare

"Adult, you can't take this gold."

"Adult, how come you go to buckle the gold?"

"grown ups"

Bai Xiaosheng smiled and looked at Ye Zichen who buckled the gold in the room. For a long time, I couldn't take it with the gold. Ye Zichen hated the teeth, but still kept the inscrutable look.

"I just try to make their decorations here solid and not strong, it seems pretty good now!"

"What you said is."Bai Xiaosheng is full of smiles, but his heart is guilty.

The behavior just seemed to be detrimental to his image. In order to save his impression on Bai Xiaosheng, Ye Zichen couldn't help but put a positive color on his chair and look at him.

"Bai Xiaosheng, I have something to ask you."

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