When Ye Zichen's confession was changed to a positive color, Bai Xiaosheng felt that the atmosphere in the entire room had changed dramatically.

The pressure of dignity made him involuntarily swallow his mouth, and he carefully placed his hands on the lower abdomen, his head slightly lower waiting for Ye Zichen to ask questions.

"Haha, look at your demo."

Suddenly, Ye Zichen suddenly laughed. The dull atmosphere in the room was also swept away, and then I saw the look of the relaxed legs of Erlang.

"I still remember that you are very disdainful of the masters who are respected by the folks in this store. You tell me the truth, in fact, you will have some days to play! Tell me the truth, I can see it all. โ€

The sharp eyes pierced the past, and Bai Xiaosheng only felt that his soul was pierced, and there was no secret in front of Ye Zichen.

This means makes him feel trembled. The souls of the people who have fallen into the stars are guarded by stars. Before, he also encountered a master who wanted to spy on his heart, but he shielded his guard star.

Yes, Ye Zichen can break through the defense of his body's defense without any effort, and directly torture his soul.

"The Master of Yi is just a cooperation with Bai Xiao Inn. It is also a master of the inn package. If you have any real skills, there should be some, but there is no such thing as the inn."

Bai Xiaosheng did not dare to lie, squatting.

"It is also true that adults like you think. As a Taiwanese assistant, I do have some means of pushing the stars." However, my strength is shallow and my ability to perform is limited. โ€

This is not a lie, but the premise that you want to push the premise is to have enough strength to support, and to truly reach the heavens and the earth to know the destiny, it will be achieved by those who have to go to the mountain.

Even if he has a falling star, he may only see a little bit of starlight.

Afraid of Ye Zichen's unbelief, Bai Xiaosheng simply closed his eyes. Gradually, his body gradually appeared a faint fluorescence, which is a nine-day star light.

For a long time, when he opened his eyes, his eyes were marked with stars.

"After the time of half a cup of tea, someone will come here to find you."

"Find me?"

Ye Zichen can't help but raise his eyebrows. He doesn't know anyone in Flame City. Wu Di, he doesn't know his place, the one who can come to him.

"There are two small axes on the chest, and I am not saying it."

Bai Xiaosheng, who was being promoted through the chart, stumbled, and the stars in his eyes and around his body were also scattered.

"How do you know adults, don't you?"

"Hey, itโ€™s just a pediatrics for me, you think you will?"

Very disdainful waved, Ye Zichen smiled with a faint look at the world. However, his heart was a dark road. When he entered the inn, he felt that someone was following him in the back. At that time, he suspected that he was an axe.

Therefore, he just guessed it. Who can think of it? Itโ€™s just that they seem to be too anxious. In Ye Zichen, they have to wait for a few days to find him in trouble.

However, his guess is that he has turned a storm in the heart of Bai Xiaosheng. He wants to use the astrolabe and enough time to see the scene.

Ye Zichen can predict the future with a wave of hands, and this method is almost less than knowing the destiny of the world!

For a time, Ye Zichen's weight in Bai Xiaosheng's heart was increased by a few points, and it was even stronger that he must follow the adult.

Seeing that Bai Xiaoshengโ€™s look is changing, Ye Zichen knows that his own inscrutable means has scared the child.

He did not break, smiled.

"Do you know the appearance of the comer?"

"This is a small incompetence. When the image evolved in the chart is too vague, it does not see the face of the person. But the little one knows that the man has arrived. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichenโ€™s room window had a sharp knock on the window.

"Is the leaf predecessor inside?"

The sound of the window is respectful and friendly, but it seems to be mixed with some effort.

This tone made Ye Zichen unable to help but when the axe was so friendly. Although they are cute and wealthy boys, the tone of speech is very rushing.

Suddenly, under the direction of Ye Zichen, Bai Xiaosheng has opened the window.

When I opened the window, I didnโ€™t see anyone seeing only one hand. Bai Xiaosheng looked down at the past and saw a man with a knife on his face squatting up.

"Go to your uncle"


A knife that climbed up was pushed down, and soon I heard the screams of the screaming face.

After pushing it down, Bai Xiaosheng still had some lingering pat on the chest.

"Scared the old man."

"Brother, should you worry about whether the person who pushed you down is still alive, but here is the fifth floor."


I will push down the floor knives and raise my face. I have to say that this knife is really thick and thick. When I fall from the fifth floor, my arms and legs are not broken. It is the painful posture of the ass falling. .

Ye Zichen, sitting in a chair, didn't dare to sit and watched, licking his ass and licking his mouth, and licking his face from time to time, his heart was pity.

"It's also a big life, so you won't die if you fall." Why did you come here for me this big night, can you say that it is coming to send me money? Brother, if you want to help the poor, you can change yourself, always support me. I am a little embarrassed. โ€

Poverty alleviation!

Hearing this face, the face of the knife smacked, the knives on his face squirmed like cockroaches, and he didnโ€™t know that the slap was hurting, but it was still irritating to Ye Zichen.

In a flash, his face became very gloomy.

"Kid, don't say this to the grandfather, this grandmother is coming to give you a gauntlet. You dare not fight with Grandpa outside the Flame City."


Ye Zichen said that she was a bit worried.

Could it be that he robbed his knife and smashed his face twice and gave him a mentally handicapped. Seeing that this posture is coming to him with him?

"you sure?"

This can only be explained by the loss of wisdom. Zhao Yiโ€™s immortality made him pack up and obey the post. Knife and face are not in the fairy, find him to challenge

Don't want to live?

"Hey, just ask if you dare!"

Knife face is still the look of the hob meat, squinting with a bully.

It turned out to be revenge!

Standing on the side of Bai Xiaosheng can not help but frown, he just caught up with the big man, rich and not have to enjoy the enemy to find the door.

Look at this guy's dress, it looks like a man with an axe.

He has been playing in the Flame City for so long, and the name of the axe is so good. Although he has confidence in Ye Zichen, the name of the axe is too big, he can't worry.

So oh!

Ye Zichen is also a stun of the knife's face, just want to say something, but found that this guy seems to be looking at him.

"Bai Xiaosheng, go and close the window."

The Bai Xiaosheng, who is standing next to him, is going to close the window. But in his heart, is he wondering if he wants to start?

If it really hits, should he help him out!

Just as he hesitated, the window was closed. At the same time, Ye Zichen also banned a room in the room, locking his eyebrows and looking at the knife.

"This time you want to say something, let's talk."

Just screaming at the ground with a savage knife and a slap in the face, shouting and crying.

"Yeah, I am not here to pay for you!"

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