Knocking on the floor, the face of the knife is so horrible that it is a big surprise. The first second is still full of flesh and blood. A pair of people who want to fight will die, and the next second will be pleading for mercy.

Bai Xiaosheng felt that his brain was not enough, and he was inexplicably looking at his face.

"Yeah, I know that I have been offended before. It's all small, no. But you have no loss, and I have grabbed a lot of money from me and Zhao Wei."


Ye Zichen, sitting in the chair, took a chair and almost bit the tongue to the knife. On the way, he thought a lot of rhetoric, and this shot scared him all.


The sound of the knife and face was a little trembling, and the legs on the ground were also shaking uncontrollably.

I didn’t say anything wrong just now. How did I get rid of this man?

"What did you just say, grab? When did Lao Tzu grab your money? ”

Ye Zichen's face is very ugly. When it comes to robbing, it is an insult to others. How can a good citizen who obeys the law and law to rob others of money?

This knife face is too poisonous, and I want to pour dirty water on his personality.

"Don't the money you honor me, do you actually say grab?" The gentleman loves money and has a proper way. I am a seven-foot man who is so arrogant, how can I grab people's property? Knife, you can pay attention to your speech. ”

It turned out that there was a problem here.

Knife and face stunned, and quickly nodded in the words of Ye Zichen.

"Your, what you said is that those treasures are our filial honors."

It was not until the time of looking for Ye Zichen's face that he was slightly relieved, leaning against the back of the chair and pulling his eyelids, looking at the knife on his face and opening his face.

"Then you just said that you are looking for me to single-handedly?"

It was said that the smirk on the face of the knife was immediately replaced with a very angry feeling.

"Yeah, you don't know, the group of people who help the axe are troubled by you." Just after they had a meeting, said that you had robbed Zhao Wei’s baby and said that he would retaliate against you. I was angry when I heard it. If you are so upright, how can they become a map of evil in their mouths. This is not, I will ask for the grandson of Huang Ao, and tell you to leave the city, actually came to give you a letter. ”

"Be bold!"

Ye Zichen, who was indifferent, snarled at the table, and suddenly it was a shock to Bai Xiaosheng and his face.

"I even found revenge on me. It would be nice if I didn't find them."

The knife and the face of the face are also angry and nodded, screaming with the enemy.

"Who said no, otherwise small can not be so angry. As for just now, that is also an expedient measure. You may not know, there are actually a lot of outside you."

"Axe eyeliner."Ye Zichen smiled very carelessly. "With regard to the shallow hiding method, there is nothing in front of me."

"Yes, what you said is."The knife licked his face and smiled and nodded.

The intention of this knife face is already obvious. It is obvious that he is the axe gang, but the other people who call the axe with "they" obviously want to exclude themselves.

The axe gang wanted to be unfavorable to Ye Zichen, but he came over to ventilate the letter, which is no different from the gang.

In the middle of the night, he rushed here, and he lost it.

If Ye Zichen couldn't guess anything, it would be really stupid. However, this matter can not be said that he should take the initiative to say it.

"Hey, aren't you the one who helped the axe, or a small captain ran to me to report to me, this is a bit unreasonable."

Ye Zichen deliberately pointed out the problem, and the knives on the floor were bright.

He is waiting for this time!

He kneels on the ground, his chest is lifted up, his face is accompanied by perseverance and integrity, and he is a handcuff.

"Yes, I am actually ready to quit the axe!"

"Oh?"Ye Zichen faintly raised his eyebrows, "You have to quit the axe help, don't you know how many people want to enter the axe, there is no way, you actually say to retire?"

"If I didn't touch you, maybe I would be a smug in order to become an axe member, especially to become a small captain. But your two educations made me suddenly realize that the axe helped this kind of gang, and the gang of injustice is not the place where I should be killed. ”

The face of the knife is really sincere, and the words reveal the dislike and contempt for the axe.

"I can't think of my unintentional move, and I can make you wake up." There is a cloud in the Buddha language, and there is no end to the sea. You want to go back now and you still have time. ”

Ye Zichen smiled and said yes to the words of the knife and face, he is the messenger of the incarnation of justice, fingertips gently tapping the desktop ramp.

"The axe helped me to investigate it for a long time. On the bright side, it is a famous decent, in fact, it is to do some bandit-like activities. His existence is like the cancer of the Flame City. I am going to clean up and pack them. I didn't expect you to have this awareness, but it is also a sneak peek. ”

The indifferent tone is like letting the entire axe annihilate the fly.

The heart of the knife screamed and trembled, and Ye Zichen’s big words were undoubted. Fortunately, I am not obsessed with it. If I am following Ye Zichen, maybe he will not be guaranteed.

He also felt more and more that he was too wise, and the group was still looking for Ye Zichen's troubles, fearing that he couldn't find the tone when he was crying.

It’s just that this man didn’t say that he wants to pull him into the gang. What he said just now is very clear. He wants to quit the axe, which means to join the team!

I licked my lips, and my face was raised, and my face was really awkward.

"Yeah, there is a ruthless pet."


"Please give the little one a chance to give up the dark, and the small one wants to mix with you. It’s your awe-inspiring temperament that makes the little lost, and wakes up. You are like the most embarrassing one in the stars, and the small one is on the right track. In the small view, there will be better development only after you are small. Even though there was a gap between the old and the small, you can have your heart and mind, and you won’t know the small people like this. Please also give me a small chance to let me do it with you! ”

There is nothing to concoct in the face of the knife, it is a big old, or it is impossible to enter the axe to help this place. In order to say the words just now, he can be said to have racked his brains and used all the words he could use.

He did not know whether his true feelings could touch Ye Zichen. When he finished these words, he buried his head deeply on the ground.

"Do you want to mix with me?"

Ye Zichen smiled and smiled, and suddenly changed his face.

"You kid won't want to play with me infernal!"

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