Sitting in the chair, Ye Zichen stared at the knives on the ground, and a particularly overbearing breath was released around his body, as the gods could not invade.

"You also know that there is a gap between you and me. If so, you said that you want to trust me, how can I believe in you?"

Ye Zichen is a singer of sorrows, and the rules of the heavens and the earth are trembled in the words. In this not too spacious room, the five lines are confusing, and the roar of the road screams like a thunder and thunder.

Bai Xiaosheng standing next to him was already unable to make a sound of trepidation. He had thought about the strength of Ye Zichen, but never thought that it would be like this.

The kneeling face on the ground is even more trembled, and the roar of the ear is like a giant hammer constantly bombarding his soul.

At this time, Ye Zichen is completely tempered by the fire. How can the words and deeds of the knife face be true, but he can feel it, this is not a true trust. He was very worried about his own life and did not dare to put his life on Ye Zichen's body.

The swinging chess is not curious. He first entered the realm of the gods. There is no power behind him to support him. He does not know what can support him. He seems to be free and easy, but he is struggling. If he is on thin ice, he can't expose his back to a person with two sides and three knives.

What Ye Zichen has to do now is to let him choose.

If he is truly convinced, Ye Zichen will use him as a confidant. If not, you can put him back and let the axe do his best to deal with him.

For him, the little axe will not be in the eye.

A drop of sweat fell down the chin on the floor of the room, but in a few moments, his body was to let the cold sweat penetrate.

This should not be, he has done everything he can to do it, there should be no flaws in it.

Ye Zichen in front of him is obviously angry, and life and death are only between his thoughts.

He didn't want to die, he had a heart, and he thought that when he really got out of the crowd, he went back to the tribe to let those who once despised him repent, he still had a beautiful woman, and he still had a son.

"grown ups."

In this endless fear, the knives and his face put away his sleek thoughts, but there was a certain determination in the trembling of the pupil.

"I Wei Jie swears by the soul, willing to return to the adult to live this life."

The solemnity he said was even more from the heart.

The oath that has been sworn in by the soul is the most embarrassing oath, but the oath is not simply to live, but it is indeed thought in his heart.

The power of Ye Zichen far exceeds his imagination, and his strong change represents that he is good wood.

The axe has a huge background, and it can be difficult for his own qualifications to be mixed into the position of the rudder master.

He has a obsession and he wants to belong to the family.

Ye Zichen in front of him let him see this possibility, and he is willing to believe that this may not be blind.

Heaven and earth return to calm.

Ye Zichen's eyes show satisfaction and appreciation. What he wants is this vow. What he wants is the absolute loyalty of the knife.

"After seven days, see the Flame City."

In the middle of the wave, the knife and his face felt a gentle spiritual force to lift him from the ground. He also knows that he is really trusted by Ye Zichen.

"Small retreat."

The fists quit and left the room, just when he was about to leave, Ye Zichen called him.

"and many more"

These two words have become a nightmare for the face of the knife. His subconscious shoulders shook, but now that he and Ye Zichen are also their own people, they bravely turned back and heard Ye Zichen smile.

"I have an old friend who is also a knife and a face. It is also very good for Wei."

Knife and face returned to the axe to help say the seven-day contract, the entire axe to help the Flame City rudder are moving.

Can make Zhao Wei eat all the time, then the other party must be the master of the above. The remaining captains in the rudder are either buying the treasures of the top grades for a few days, or retreating to make some repairs, even if the yellow arrogant is also very heavy, over and over again wiped the rudder to help him. Xuan Pinxian sword, his eyes are sharp.

Contrary to them, Ye Zichen has been drinking enough in the past few days. During this period, he also used the sensation to look at Wu Di's situation, and found that his strength in the middle of the immortal has been solid, and he has already moved toward the peak of Xianxian, which is to let go of his heart.

In the blink of an eye, the seven-day covenant has arrived.

Outside the Flame City, the yellow sand rose with the wind. More than a dozen masters who entered the fairyland stood outside the Flame City. In their foremost, the yellow proud bones were wearing a black robe and riding a sword on a trench.

Those who want to enter the city to see this scene are careful to avoid, for fear of a slight inadvertent anger to the bandits, to give him a clean.


The yellow proud brow sitting on the trenches was lightly locked, and the knife standing on the last side of the team was smiling and walked over.

"The rudder master."

"You said that he will come here after seven days. Now we have been waiting for half an hour, but we still haven't seen people coming. He won't lie to you."

"No, he will definitely come here."

The tone of the knife and face is very determined, and the yellow-eyed look is slightly seen on his body. Some doubts why he is so confident.

Slightly slashed his face and returned to his previous position, and then he looked at the gate with a strange heart.

Another half past

"He is really brave."

Zhao Wei trembled on his shoulders and gritted his teeth to the position of the city gate. Seeing the look of this favor, Huang proud bones also looked at the city gate with a squint.

Just a hundred meters away from them, a man was coming to them with a sigh of relief.

Although the distance between the two is still far away, there is still a kind of faintness in the path that can be taken from the other side. He can feel that this person is their goal.


The one who came was Ye Zichen. Last night, he couldn't stand Bai Xiaosheng's grinding with him. He went to see him.

Not to mention that this girl can play more than the girls in the nightclubs, and Ye Zichen has not stopped. Of course, don't think too much, it's just playing games.

Ye Zichen, who had not slept overnight, returned to the inn for less than two hours. The group of little cute who thought of the axe was waiting for him outside the city. In desperation, he had to reluctantly give up his beloved pillow, and rushed to the outside of the flame city.

It was not until the first five meters of Huang’s bones that Ye Zichen stopped and couldn’t help but sigh. But still using a lame acting, put on a very strange look.

"Oh, what is the situation, so many people have already counted on the black organization to know?" Who are you, the ID card is handed over! ”

This acting is really too lame, anyone can see that this is loaded. Although Huang Zi’s heart was on the trenches, although he was somewhat suspicious of Ye Zichen’s calm, he could not let him think at this time.

In the hands of Xianjian squatting toward the ground, the fierce sword air instantly draws a gully on the ground.

"Who, the person who wants you!"

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