With a long scream, the spiritual power of Huang Ao's body is suddenly released. The wind whistled and rolled up the yellow sand, turning into a sandstorm towards Ye Zichen.

"It's really unfriendly."

The seemingly flustered rushed out, and Ye Zichenโ€™s gaze fell on the sword in the hands of Huangโ€™s bones.

Since he sealed the murderer with Xuanyuanjian, he has not encountered any weapons of the pickpocket. It is true that his reincarnation in this world is too poor. If there is no one in the morning, he is worried that he will starve to death.

"This is the sword I want."

In the heart, Ye Zichen is standing in the yellow sand of the sky, rubbing his mouth with his hand.

"Don't you know that it is a harmonious society now? What do you always do to kill and kill? Can we not have a good time to sit down and talk about the day?"

This familiar tone heard Zhao Yan's face sinking, but he remembered clearly. When he went to Qingniu Town to find his trouble, Ye Zichen made him mistakenly think that he had no strength.

But when he put the big words out, he beat his face with thunder.

These he remembers clearly, and with this experience he naturally can't let Huang proud bones be cheated.

"The rudder master, don't let him be blinded. This grandson used to show weakness to me and subdue me. In the eyes of the subordinates, let us not waste more words with him, let our people go together. The two fists are hard to beat the four hands, even if he is stronger, can they be stronger than all of us? โ€

If other people say that Huang proud bones may not be happy. Zhao Wei is his pet, he said that he naturally wants to listen. Moreover, he is not a person who particularly likes to put a mouth gun. He can become the rudder master of the Flame City, relying on his wrist and Thunder.

"kill him."

Not much nonsense, Huang proud bones lifted his sword high, and Ying Zichen was the first to greet him.

The captains of the rudders saw that the rudder masters were all on, and they did not dare to delay the rush.

"You talk about a few of you."

Seeing that the axe helped people to talk to themselves without saying anything, Ye Zichen showed a hint of helplessness. His favorite thing is to say a few more words before the hands-on, so that not only can the friendship between the two sides be brought closer, but it will not be so embarrassing when they are working.

You said that if you stumbled on them all, the atmosphere was much stiffer.

Forget it, he happened to feel a little sleepy, and he would go back to sleep as soon as they solved them.

I donโ€™t want to keep Ye Zichen here.


They all came to scream, and the people who helped the axe felt like they were thrown into the sky, and then fell heavily on the ground.

One by one, piled up into a hill.

"the last one."

Huang Aozhu deliberately left Ye Zichen to the end. In any case, this is also the rudder of the rudder. It should be given respect. Throwing it away, Huang Aozhu will fall to the top without any mistakes. From a distance, it is a small pyramid.

"Not bad."

Looking at the artwork he had piled up, Ye Zichen was very satisfied with the nod. Among these people, the only one who didn't let Ye Zichen's knife ran to him.


"Knife, you have betrayed us."

The yellow arrogant eyebrows that fell at the tip of the pyramid tower looked at him when he was looking back. He noticed something was wrong.

But these days, their gangs are busy with the thief Ye Zichen. When the knife is not too lazy, it is too obvious, and this suspicion is suppressed. Now that I saw the knife slamming in front of Ye Zichen, he really hated that he didn't cut the traitor directly.


A slap in the air and a slap in the past, this slap in the palm of the yellow arrogant and the gyro like a turn on the pyramid of the heap, when he stopped, his entire face was swollen.

"What are you doing, itโ€™s obvious that your voice is big?"

Full of sly yelling at the yellow arrogant, Ye Zichen walked back to the crowd

"What are you doing here, when the firewood is smashing!" Give me down and stand side by side. โ€

The sixteen axe team captains, including the rudder main arrogant bones, all squatted and stood in a row.

"Comrade Xiao Wei, know what to do next!"

Ye Zichen glanced at the knife and looked at the knife. It was natural to know the next steps.

"Stay tight!"

"stand at attention!"

"Stand up straight."

Looking at someone standing up straight, the knife licked his face and smashed the past.

The captain who let him swear is also afraid of anger, but he has to straighten his waist. The rest of the captains can only follow the waist straight.

"Look to the right!"

"Look forward!"

It was very light and familiar with these slogans, and looked at the people who followed these slogans to do the action, the knife face could not help but laugh. In the past, these captains and rudders were all eyes above the top. He also loved him, but now he doesn't have to listen to him and let him be at his mercy.

The captains who were trained also had hardships. They didnโ€™t feel that they were betraying them. They were a little angry. Why didnโ€™t they find them when they were ready to betray.

As for the breath exposed by Ye Zichen, it is at least a master of the fairy level.

"Yeah, they are all packed up."

After playing the knife several times, I was a bit tired, and I walked over with a smile. Ye Zichen stood in a row of waist-lined straight axe to help the captain and the rudder master, and was very satisfied with the nod, then walked over with his hands.

"Want to kill me, I want to talk to you, will you come over with me?" skin! โ€

According to Huang's head, the head of the head is a slap. This slap in the palm of his hand is not a temper, and he refuses to say a word.

Then Ye Zichen came to Zhao Wei again and saw that the comet came over, and Zhaoโ€™s scared legs were a little trembling.

"Shake what shaking, give me a straight stand!"

This scorpion gave Zhaoโ€™s scared legs tight and straight, and Ye Zichen also stretched out his hand and slaps his head.

"I have cleaned up you once before, isnโ€™t it long-term memory? No face! No face! โ€

Then he walked in front of the remaining captains, and the captains saw that he did not dare to look at them.

"Is Laozi messing with you, are you coming over to find Laozi trouble? Is it really good to bully, isnโ€™t it? skin! skin! skin! โ€

The captains and rudders of the dozen axe gangs all yelled at Ye Zichen, and the guys were honest after the slap. The group of axe gangs who used to walk in the Flame City and wished to walk sideways, now outside the flame city of the yellow sand, the atmosphere does not dare to breathe.

It may be a little tired, Ye Zichen sighed, then went to the side to pick up the sword that Huang yue fell on the ground, and turned back to put his sword on his neck.

"Talk, how can I compensate for my mental loss?"

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