Reaching out his hand and not taking it back, he spread it to the eyes of Huang proud. But the space ring on them has already been handed over to Ye Zichen, and now he is obviously deliberately looking for trouble.

This made Ye Zichen cut the yellow arrogance of one arm, and there was anger in his heart.

At this moment, he was directly angry.

"Boy, you are deceiving too much."

Under the anger, the body around the yellow arrogant body began to overflow with blood, and there was some madness in his eyes that looked at the bloodshot eyes.

"Tear too much?"

Ye Zichen, who was standing opposite the yellow arrogant but half a meter away, suddenly smiled. In a flash, his face was as deep as a pool of autumn water.

"Who is deceiving people, it is the trouble that you come to me three times and four times." I have not blamed you, you now say that I am deceiving too much. I am really embarrassed. I am going to bully you today. What can you do? ”

Ye Zichen is also a bit angry. He just wants to live in the realm of the gods. When all the spiritual powers are transformed into divine power, they go to the mountain and go to the demon world.

He never thought about taking the initiative to provoke other people. It was this group of axe people who went to find his home again and again.

It seems that the light can't be a bit uncomfortable, and Ye Zichen slaps directly to the face of Huang Ao.

"I still smoke your mouth now, how can you do?"

The people around me are silent, Ye Zichen's tone is very arrogant, but what he said is the truth, they really can't help him.


Huang proudly spit out the broken teeth and blood in his mouth, and now he does not want to survive.

"There is a kind of killing for us now, as long as you put one of us, the news will be reported to our general rudder. Tell you, our rudder's helper is a master of the fairy level, and more than one person! You may also be a fairy, but you may not know it. Our axe help is a vassal under the green gang. The green gang has the supreme king. Since the first day you got into us, you have already destined your ending. ”

When the voice fell, Huang proud bones were hysterically laughing. He looked at Ye Zichen with amazement. He was not afraid of the dead man's head and the bowl, but he died and Ye Zichen had to go and bury him.

Inexplicably, Ye Zichen smiled.

There is a slight pity in his smile, and in his opinion, Huang’s bones at this time are really pitiful.

Poor his sitting on the ground, pity his self-righteousness.

"You axe help, who wants to bully who will bully, whoever wants to grab someone." If anyone robs you, you are not happy, you must put people to death, who will give you the power. Your axe can't help bullying, then Ye Zichen is bullying? ”

The sword in the hand appeared in his hand, and the sword edge also fell to the neck of the yellow arrogant.

"Kill me, there is a kind of you will kill me! As long as I am dead, the general rudder of my soul jade will be broken, when the lord will investigate my death because I avenge! You will also be chased by countless immortals, this life can not rest, hahaha"


There is no hesitation in the sword of the hand, and the swordsman flickers the yellow arrogant head.

When his head and neck were separated, he was still hysterical. Especially at the time of landing, he still stares at Ye Zichen, as if to say

I am dead, you don't want to live.

The other axe around the captains were all stunned, and the fear before was far less than the shock of the head of the yellow arrogant.

Really dead!

Now they almost never dare to look at Ye Zichen. They are afraid that after the four eyes are opposite, the next person will be one of them.

At the same time, Ye Zichen was also indifferent to take back the sword and look at the head on the ground.

"Tian Xian, even the fairy king is a fart in my eyes!"

No longer paying attention to the yellow arrogance that has been in the first place, Ye Zichen walked towards the captains and walked over. The captains who were parked in the field were uncontrollably trembling. Now they think Ye Zichen is the messenger of the Styx. He came to send them to the Styx.

"you guys"

Ye Zichen Just this time, there were several captains who were on the ground and kept beheading.

Looking at the group of captains who were kneeling, Ye Zichen confided the indifference on his face and turned it into a sly smile.

"Don't be afraid, I am not a killer. There are two roads in front of you now, or you will follow me later, or die, how do you choose? ”


Yu Xia's blood is red, and the red sputum is spewing out of blood.

Two bodies were left outside the Flame City. One was Huang Ao, and the other was his favorite Zhao Wei. In fact, when Ye Zichen gave the choice, Zhao Wei also chose to return, and he thought of the relationship between him and Huang Ao, and there was a gap with Wei Jie, and Ye Zichen simply solved it.

The axe helped the rudder set up in the Flame City to disappear completely, replaced by the new forces established by Ye Zichen.


Only in times of chaos, there are opportunities only in times of trouble.

Ye Zichen is to make the gods mess up, so that he can occupy a place in the already solid territory of the gods. Flame City is a starting point for him, but not his end.

The members of the axe to help the rudder are also included in the compilation. The helper of the gang is also served for Wei Jie. The former axe helped the second captain, and also became the deputy gang of the gang. The rest of the captain became the elder of the ban, and the ordinary members also have many strengths. High talent is good, and he has become a key clerk.

The establishment of the chaos is a starting point for Ye Zichen and an opportunity for members of the Flame City Axe.

The reorganization of forces will naturally not inherit the rules of the past. Ye Zichen has set up a new gang for the chaos, and Ye Zichen, the money they once robbed, has not returned.

The gang has just been established, and it also needs a lot of money to recruit talents and maintain the normal operation of the gang.

The appearance of chaos did not affect the pattern of the Flame City. He banned the sphere of influence of the original axe, and proceeded in an orderly manner. The tops of the Flame City were in a mess, and they were pondering each other. What, in the name of chaos, a freshman!

All in all, the mess is set up!

At the time of the indiscriminate development of the chaos, the axe of the Xuan Pin area in the 18th district was crossed.

A ancestral hall dedicated to the middle and upper levels of the gang, there will be special personnel coming in for cleaning every seven days. These jade Jane may not have a broken one in a hundred years, and the people who clean it will not pay special attention to it.

At this time, the person responsible for cleaning the ancestral hall usually went to clean the ancestral hall. When the cleaning was finished and the door was closed, it was discovered.

Among the thousands of jade slips, there are two jade


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