Losing it was when the alchemy learned from Old Lord Taishang was not forgotten, and Ye Zichen let Wei Jie collect some pharmacies, so that his identity as an alchemy teacher was practical.

Affirmative answers, these six masters can not help but ecstasy.

Before they were still worried about helping the future development, there was at least five alchemy divisions behind the gang, even if the axe of the Xuan Pin area came over and did not dare to treat them.

Being able to follow the alchemy, it is the pursuit of countless warriors. As long as Ye Zichen released the news that he was an alchemy teacher, these few people are sure, not to mention their level, even if they are experts. Now they have to grasp the opportunity in front of them. At this time, they are the first people. Even if there are masters joining in the future, Ye Zichen will treat them in the face of their veterans.

Wei Jie and Yuan Huo also smiled and nodded. After the eyes of those who were masters, the fire was also opened.

"I have something to do with the lord, and you will go back to the gang."


A few of the masters did not hesitate, and retired from the room. Seeing that they are so well-behaved, whether it is Wei Jie or Yuan Huo, they feel refreshed.

"You are too proud of it too."

Worried that both of them were ecstasy, Ye Zichen had to pour a cold water on them.

"The master of the immortal level is very strong in the Van Gogh area, but we will face the general rudder of the Xuan Pin area in the future, and even the green gang of the Tianpin area. That Yue Shulan I see that he seems to break through, it is likely to become the first fairy in our gang, this person you must focus on training. But you also have to learn to recognize people and people, and we can not collect traitors. ”

Yuan Huo and Wei Jie, who were immersed in the happy colors, calmed down the cold water in the basin.

They are indeed somewhat smug, but in fact, this does not blame them. It is true that whoever changes the power of the immortal but controls such a large force.

Moreover, the time for them to settle is too short, and their triumph at a time is inevitable.

Ye Zichen knows this well, and he doesn't blame them, just a few words.

The heart of the smug is gathered, Wei Jie looks positive.

"The teachings of adults are under the mind."

Leaning towards them, Ye Zichen put his hands on the table and opened his mouth.

β€œWhat else needs to be reported?”

When the voice fell, he found that both Wei Jie and Yuan Huo’s face showed a smile that was embarrassing. Ye Zichen looked at the two of them and saw Wei Jie scratching his head and smiling.

"Adults, we don't have much money on hand."

Lack of money, this is also the main problem they came to report to Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen heard the words, and both of them stared at them, as if they were going to wear them.

"You are saying it again, I don't seem to hear it clearly."

At the time of the establishment of the mess, Ye Zichen didn't have a bit of hiding, and he contributed all the things he grabbed from the axe. He also knew that the forces needed a lot of money when they first set up, so he himself left more than ten thousand yuan for his own expenses.

You know, he gave Wei Jie their full worth of 300 million coins.

This wealth is enough to set up a medium family in the Flame City, and it is enough to inherit the millennium.

How long did it help to set up this mess, they actually ran this and said that the money is running out?

"You two will not be full of pockets with me here, and there is no fish in the water until clear. I can agree with this." I have never thought about how fair and honest you are, but that is a full three hundred million. The advantages of your corruption are slim! ”

Feeling the suspicion of Ye Zichen, Wei Jie and Yuan Huo smiled at each other and took a jade from his arms.

"Adult, you are really jealous of me and old Yuan." Even if you want to let us fill our pockets, do we have to have that chance? This is the use of funds recently to help the trouble, but also please look at it. ”

Ye Zichen didn't really doubt the two of them. The employer shouldn't be suspicious, but 300 million said that he used up the light, which really made him understand.

The jade was taken over, and the spiritual knowledge swept through the jade, and Ye Zichen was stunned.

This Nima is spending money, this is simply burning money!

"You have seen the adults, you are not at home, I don't know Chai Mi." ε’± This gang has just been established. You also said that we want to improve the strength of our gang members as a whole. In the past few days, we have purchased a large number of low-grade medicinal herbs such as Quenching Dan and Lingling Dan from the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. The six people are actually invited to pay a large price, the money is not enough! ”

Wei Jie was so sad that he didn't even think about getting a regular gang to burn money. If Ye Zichen’s order was forbidden from being a bandit, he would like to let the members of the chaos return to the old business!


Looking at the records in Yu Jian, Ye Zichen is also a glimpse. He also got a force in the lower bounds, but at that time there was the support of Zuo Mo's treasure tower, and Xue Qi, they never let him worry about it, they did not know how much it would be to maintain a force.

Now he looks at it, this is really not easy.

For a time, he admired the heads of the gangs who worked hard for the gangs. This is really to think that when people are rich, they will be sinned. They seem to be infinitely beautiful, but they don’t know how much to exercise in order to maintain the normal operation of a gang.

Yize Jane to the table and Ye Zichen shook his head.

"It won't work like this. Even if I am an alchemy teacher, I will not be able to make up the hole in alchemy." The rules before our gangs have to change, and we can't provide them with spiritual resources for free. In this way, let's help the whole gang to contribute. The members will make contributions through the secrets of the secrets or through the donation of the spiritual coins, and use the contribution points to purchase the gang's internal medicinal herbs. As for the price of the drug, it is a few folds from the outside world. This is up to you. ”

"Okay, then let's go back and study with the elders in the gang, and then sort out a suitable plan for you."

Wei Jie and Yuan Huo left the room like this until they left, and Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at the side of Bai Xiaosheng.

β€œIt’s really like spending money!”

This meal Ye Zichen is also tasteless, and I always remember how to better maintain the operation of the gang. After a few simple meals, he was ready to leave the room from the room, and he saw the boss and other clerk in the inn were also in front of his room.

There was a group of people who had never seen him at the door of his room. The boss kept paying for the loss. At the same time, the shop buddy who always called him "Ye", let the two big men drive their arms and pull their heads. There is still blood on his mouth.

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