The owner of Baixiao Inn looked at the honest middle-aged man. Because the inn business has opened a lot of branches, it is not here. This time, the other guys found him, and when he heard the description of the man, he dared not to delay and dared to come over.

Standing opposite him is a face-faced youth, born with a handsome face, dressed in luxury. It can be seen that his eyes are dark and deep, the temples are not particularly full, the footsteps are vain and weak, and the appearance of a wine-colored hollow body.

At this time, he was squatting, pulling his eyelids and his lips squirming. There are also a few followers around him, each with a large waist and a round of exercising, and at least the level of the immortal is very extraordinary.

"Cai Shao, I am here to give you a loss for our buddy." He didn't know that this room was reserved for you all the year round, and you have not been in the Flame City for a few years, which sold the room. This is what I did not say to them in advance. Please also look at my face and raise your hand to let me go. ”

The owner of the inn kept asking for love for the buddy, but the young man did not give him a face and smiled.

"Give you face, what do you count, let me give you face? Your shop guy sold my room. Who gave me a face? ”

As soon as the voice fell, the young man glanced at the entourage around him.

"Play for me!"

Those few followers did not suspect him, and the sleeves were going to go forward.

"Hey, are you in front of my room, is this a party?" Then please change your place. I am sleeping lightly. If I feel a little outside, I can't sleep. ”

Ye Zichen rushed over and walked straight into the room.

The boss saw Ye Zichen's brows, he had not been here, and he was very familiar. But since the owner of the room came, the problem became much simpler.

"This guest, you live in this day's room. We guys, he is new to not understand, in fact, this day the number room is the Cai juvenile scheduled for the year round, or you will be wronged to let this room out, as for your room rate I compensate you ten times? ”

Ten times the compensation is not a small amount, the owner of the inn said that he also wanted to quickly resolve the matter.

Ye Zichen, who was preparing to enter the room, paused and looked at the owner of the inn to raise his eyebrows.

"You are the boss?"

"Yes, the singer Kong San is the owner of this Baixiao Inn."The boss smiled.

"The boss of Kong, disrespectful and disrespectful."Ye Zichen bowed his hand to the hole, and Ye Zichen smiled. "You said that this room was booked by the young master. I don't know if he paid the deposit?"


Kong San’s words are stopped, and it is impossible for him to guess what Ye Zichen wants to express.

"Kid, are you a guest of this room? Tell you, this room is reserved for our young masters all year round. If you are interested, please let them out of this room. When you clean the room carefully, we may be able to recite you once in the unknown. ”

With the sultry brave man around Cai Shao, Ye Zichen glanced at him and knew that the grandson was a simple-minded master.

He also does not bother to go down to the identity and follow the dialogue, his face is still a light smile.

"You have given a deposit?"

The young man surnamed Cai can be so brainless without his entourage. No matter whether the room is booked by him all the year round, he can live in the Baixiao Inn Tianzihao room, and it is definitely someone who can bear the ability.

And look at Ye Zichen's extraordinary, followed by individuals behind him, maybe this is the family's young master. He is here to have something to do, and it is best not to provoke unnecessary trouble.

After thinking about it, Master Cai laughed at Ye Zichen.

"This Xiongtai, in the Xiapin District, Cai Jiachai Ren Fei. My followers have just said nothing, and you should not forgive me. I have never paid a deposit in this room, but the boss of Kong is clear in my heart, this room is "

"I didn't pay for the golden light. I used the real money to live in." If you want to talk about the order of the primary and secondary, you need to wait for me to live enough to live in. There are a lot of other rooms in this inn, so you can live in other places, what kind of strength is there in me? ”

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen pushed Cai Renfei to the side, and the strength of the road would directly cause him to crash into the wall of the corridor.

"Look at your weak physique. It’s better to exercise harder than to exercise."


In the speech, Cai Renfei’s followers rushed up with his arms, and Ye Zichen gave them a faint look.


The few followers who ran to him directly let him go to the corner of the corridor, and the rest were going to help Cai Renfei. Seeing this scene is also an anger to get forward.


Will follow the ride, Cai Renfei climbed up the wall and laughed.

"What the predecessors said is that the body bones of the younger generation are indeed somewhat imaginary. It is time to exercise well. If the seniors in this room like it, then the seniors will stay in the room, and the younger generation will find another room. ”

Cai Renfei had a smile on his face. When Ye Zichen pushed him away, he was also very angry. He saw that he waved several of his followers, which is obviously a peerless master.

This is not the Xuan Pin area, nor the Cai family, he is still a low-key one is better.

With a modest smile and nodding to Ye Zichen, Cai Renfei was ready to take his entourage to other rooms.

"and many more"

Seeing that Cai Renfei was leaving, Ye Zichen shouted and walked to the guy who had made a good deal with him, and put his hand on his shoulder.

Let the guy who made the pig's head feel that someone is moving him, and the forceful opening is a slit eye.


Some distressed nodded to him, and Ye Zichen looked at Cai Renfei and looked at them.

"Who is playing."

Cai Renfei silently, in his capacity, naturally will not go to personally beat someone down. At this moment, his side walked out of the early followers of a person, it was awkward.

"I played, he is a young master of our family."

The early followers of this immortal did not finish, they felt a huge impulse in the chest, and with the slamming sound, his whole person fell to the back.

The big mouth of blood spit out from his mouth, his face faint


Cai Renfei also raised his anger on his face. He thought that he was enough to give Ye Zichen a face, but he even beat his entourage for a small beggar.

"This guy is my brother, how can I see him swearing for no reason?"

The indifferent look made Cai Renfei look awkward, and the look was terrible, and the words were swallowed.

"And, my temper is not particularly good. I am worried that if I can't hold the fire, I will slap you all." So for your personal safety, it is better not to live here, and never appear in front of me! ”

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