Blue sky, clear water, mountains and white clouds.

From the surface, it is just a common landscape painting, and I can't feel the style in the middle. I fear that the value for people to appreciate is very small.

But when Ye Zichen grabbed the painting, he saw the painting moving.

The clouds on the blue sky hurried, and there was a road above the lake. At the end of the lake, a bamboo pole swayed out, standing on a bamboo pole, and wearing a bucket of bamboo poles fluttering toward the center of the lake.

When you are close, you can hear a few sighs if you have nothing.

"Time is also! Life is also! ”

This sigh is like a magical voice lingering in the ear of Ye Zichen. In a flash, his heart is shocked and his blood surges. In a hurry, the gaze detached from the painting, and Ye Zichen gasped with a big mouth, but when he wanted to recall everything in the painting, he found that he could not remember anything.

"This painting"

When looking at the painting, Ye Zichen's heart was a little jealous, and now he no longer treats it as a landscape painting. Just a few moments away, he felt the heart disturbed the painting, and the blood rushed. If you have been watching for a long time, I don’t know how it will be?

This painting is so devilish, Ye Zichen doesn't want the painting, but the memory that is stripped out makes him want to take it down.

In the end, when I experienced something in the painting, I would let myself be like this.

Ye Zichen gathered the scrolls under the pressure of the pressure. The hole next to Kong San looked envious of the heart, although he did not know what Ye Zichen had experienced in the painting, but he could see the depth of his painting.

The painting was in his hands for more than a decade, but what he saw was nothing more than a plain landscape.

It seems that although this is what he photographed, he can have a relationship with him.

"I will accept this painting, but I don't want your painting." Here is a jade slip that I made. If you fall into danger, as long as you crush it, I will save you a life within my ability. ”

This life-saving jade is actually done for Wu Di, but now Wu Di is still within the scope of his fairy knowledge, this jade is also useless to him.

There is a big secret in this landscape painting. Kong San used to give him such a valuable landscape painting. If he had a hard time, he would give this jade to Kong San. When Wu Di separated from him, he would re Its branding is.


Kong San is afraid, this painting is actually unable to enlighten him here. I wanted to borrow flowers to offer Buddha. I didn't expect the other party to be so gifted.

In fact, he is interested in collecting it. He can beat several famous people into serious injuries. The strength of Ye Zichen is at least above the earth. As long as the jade is closed, there will be a life-saving card, but this is really valuable, and he is hesitant.

"Let you accept it, if you don't want it, it will be ruined."

Yu Jian was thrown over Kong San, and Ye Zichen returned to the room with Bai Xiaosheng.

"Boss, this painting really has the god that Kong San said?"

When Ye Caichen spread the scrolls, he couldn't help but be curious and took a few eyes. He didn't really see anything other than the mountains and rivers.

Faintly nodded, Ye Zichen did not go directly to the scrolls, but put the scrolls on the table.

"Bai Xiaosheng, I have something to tell you."

"Boss, you said."Bai Xiaosheng is busy with the color.

"You go to me to investigate the background of Cai Renfei, and where he stayed, what has happened recently. This kid is a little different from the ordinary ,, slightly a city. The more people like this, the darker they are, and I am worried that he will give us a scorpion in the back. ”

What Ye Zichen likes the most is to play against the kind of shackles of the city. Just now he has not given his face, but he can bear it all, and smile when he leaves. This kind of person's mind is too deep and must be carefully watched.

No one can say what he will do after he goes back. If he just throws him behind him, maybe there will be big trouble.

Wen Yan, Bai Xiaosheng nodded and left, Ye Zichen was another channel.

"My family, Wu Di's family, seems to be a big clan. I may have to retreat this landscape painting in these few days. If my apprentice is bullied on the big ratio, don't be vague, let Wei Jie go to the Wu family to avenge my apprentice. ”


Everything is clear, after Bai Xiaosheng opened from the room, Ye Zichen, who was mad at heart, couldn’t help but go to the landscape to draw money, and hesitated to open it.

The feeling of blood and blood is still haunting, and he is convinced that if he is to withdraw in time, he may be injured.

"I don't believe it, this painting is really so magical."

Ye Zichen, who did not believe in evil, walked over to the bed, sitting cross-legged on the bed and biting his teeth to spread the picture again.

When looking at the picture, it is still the blue sky and the blue sky, and the memory that moves away from the picture is also restored to Ye Zichen's knowledge of the sea.

"The fight man"

Knowing that it was before the fight, the Ye Zichen almost brought up 12 points of attention, waiting for the appearance of the fight.

When the lake appears, a bamboo pole appears at the end of the mountain.

The people on the bamboo poles are still wearing buckets, and the bamboo poles hold the lake to disturb. It seems that the bamboo pole is far from the heart of the lake. In the blink of an eye, the bamboo pole is just like a teleport, and it comes directly to the center of the lake.

"Time is also! Life is also! ”

A faint sigh of relief came from the mouth of the Brawler. With the memory of eating a big loss before, Ye Zichen held his breath and held it, fighting desperately to resist this magic sound.

"It’s not the one who spoke."

Seeing Ye Zichen's heart-breaking shock here, he always thought that he was talking about this person wearing a fight, but he did not expect another person.

In an instant, there was a tea table on the empty bucket, and two people were sitting on both sides of the tea table.

One wearing a purple-red robes, but his hair is messy, and the thick black hair is also mixed with a few white silk. He looked at the glass of wine and looked at him with a smile.

"Oh, my five elements of the great man have been living for a lifetime, but they have fallen so far."

Just listening to the sad tone can feel his bleakness at this moment. At this moment, the man with a dragon crown wearing a golden robes is erected and snarled.

"The Five Elements, the Emperor is the inheritance of Ziwei Xingmang, is the Orthodox, why don't you accept it!"

"You are just a despicable villain who has lost the stars."The Five Elements Emperor was very disdainful, and the man who pointed his finger at the golden robe yelled, "I grabbed my star, captured my possession and grabbed my orthodox position." I am here to ask you, you can be safe! ”

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