The picture is broken.

When consciousness was drawn from the landscape painting, Ye Zichen swallowed and snarled and sat down on the bed and gasped.

His body was already soaked, even if the bed left a cold sweat.

What surprised him was that this time he was separated from the painting and he remembered the scene in the painting. It seems that he has been recognized by the Five Elements, and he has not deprived him of the memory in his paintings.

In my mind, I kept echoing the last sentence of the Five Elements Emperor, "revenge for me." At the same time that the heart was mad, Ye Zichen was also a subconscious open channel.


But just after saying a word, Ye Zichen quickly licked his mouth and swallowed the word behind. At their level, even if their name is afraid, it will lead to tremors. Now that I have been contaminated by the cause and effect of the Five Elements, they must be careful.

Moreover, the Five Elements of the Great, but to let him revenge, maybe the man in the golden robe knows that he is on the side of the Five Elements, and he wiped him away.

With a brow lock, Ye Zichen poured out countless jade slips directly from the space ring.

These jade slips are all searched from the axe gang, which contains a brief description of the top forces and big men on the top of the gods.

At three o'clock, when I saw a few jade slips, I saw the head of Ye Zichen exploding.


The jade in his hand slipped onto the bed, and Ye Zichen stared at the wall of the room with no eyes.

"God of God"

When Zhou Wu, who was mentioned by the Five Elements of the scroll, is now the protoss in the position of the Protoss in the center of the nine mountains.


"This is not playing me!"

Ye Zichen sitting in bed was crazy, and the golden robes in the picture turned out to be gods?


Ye Zichen said that he is not a little fairy, but his power has not yet been converted, and he has not become a supreme. The protoss leader, the Emperor of God, said that he must be the master of the level, and find revenge for this level of existence?

Lost wisdom?

Do not say revenge on this kind of existence, fearing that he has not waited for the person to follow, the other party waved his hand, can kill him a hundred back and forth.



But the Five Elements Emperor can compete with the Emperor, and that must be the same level as the Emperor. The wealth he left behind is afraid that he will have enough money to buy these seventy-two districts.

And at his level, the legacy of creation is not simply wealth, but also inheritance.

If you inherit it, don't you say that you have reached the top of the world's food chain. At that time, maybe the Emperor is not so terrible in his eyes.

The crazy smile came out of Ye Zichen's mouth, and now he doesn't know if it is crying or laughing.

It is impossible to say that the inheritance of the Five Elements Emperor is not tempted, but as long as he is tempted to take it, it is against the enemy of the gods.

This is a very risky business!

"The five elements are big, although the kid is reading the story in your painting, he also sympathizes with your experience. But the kid is really shallow, and it is hopeful to give you revenge. Otherwise, let me consider it, and now I am a picture, and I can't move your heritage. Now the kid is a bit confused, you let me repeat. ”

And regardless of whether the Five Elements of the Emperor can hear this, Ye Zichen said it anyway.

As soon as the voice fell, he threw the picture directly into the space ring. If you don’t see your heart, you can’t help but see it. Now, don’t think too much.

Sitting on the bed and calming down, Ye Zichen pushed the door open and went downstairs.

"Yes, you are out."

The guy who was busy at the store saw Ye Zichen rushing over and said.

"Your ya, I have kept this for you, are you still the same as before?"

Ye Zichen, standing on the first floor of the inn, looked at the man inexplicably, and in a flash he realized what he was doing.

"How long have I been in the room?"

"It's been three days."The guys replied.

Ye Zichen heard a shock, but I didn't expect to see a painting for so long. He also thought that at most a few hours, it has already passed three days.

Nodded, and went to the elegant room to sit down, Ye Zichen only noticed that the guys wore different things before.

"You are this"

"Hey, our treasurer gave me the manager." This has to drag your blessings, and if you don't have them, this good thing will not fall on the small head. ”

The guy smiled and scratched his head, and immediately opened his mouth.

"To thank you, let this meal be a small one."

I can’t think of Kong San’s work. If I know that this guy has made a good deal with myself, I will be promoted to the manager. It seems that this is showing up with myself.

Although he was not a bad meal, it was difficult to say that Ye Zichen did not give a nod to agree.

"I don't know how my little apprentice is doing, and I am afraid that it will be a big match for the clan."

Whether it is to find revenge for the Emperor or to take the creation of the Five Elements, these are not what you should think now. It’s idle at this time, and Ye Zichen simply spreads out the fairy tales.

Wubei in the north of the city.

The clan of the clan was compared to the last grand event of the Wu family. In particular, the big ratio actually determined the next round of the battle of the city, and countless families came to observe the ceremony. They also have to come. This test affects the next city owner. They must observe in advance and then have a good time with the family that is most likely to be born.

Even though the Wu family's house is too rude, it is too crowded on this day.

The position of the clan is the martial arts field within the clan. The martial arts field is extremely extensive, and there is a circle of pavilions around the martial arts field.

The north and south sides of the pavilion are already filled with the ceremonies. In the east, they are the three major families of the Flame City and the two forces in the city, Tongtian Tower and Ye Zichen.

In fact, Wu Jiaben did not want to invite, but I thought that it was also a new gang that banned the axe. Some of them couldn’t touch their way, so they invited them to watch the ceremony.

The true power of these five forces is sitting at the forefront of this East, and can directly see all the situations on the battlefield.

"The Wu chieftain, so many people are afraid that it will take more than a few days to produce results. You have called us here so early, fearing that it will delay our time."

The current city owner of the Flame City is also the current leader of the Wang family, Wang Lei. It is a burly figure, like a handsome man. However, the one-year contract is about to come. In the past, it was the high-end combat power of the family, but the other two families said that they would compare it with the younger generation.

This made him very unscrupulous, so that this time the mood was very uncomfortable, deliberately looking for trouble.

"I think it is better to let us all go back, wait for you to be similar, we are coming to observe the ceremony!"

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