Standing in front of the monument, Wu Di’s heart threw himself down. For many years, he was able to make a blockbuster in front of all the Wu people in this day.

As long as he enters the top ten of the family, he can let his mother return to the clan.

As long as he enters the top ten of the ethnic ratio, he may be able to make Zheng Yunan a world.

These years he was for this day, the jade also allowed him to hold tightly in his hand, standing in front of the monument, he repeatedly breathed several times, and immediately turned his face, and the handcuffs shot toward the monument. past.

a long time

There is no change in the inscription on the spiritual tablet, and the whole spiritual monument is as dull as the infusion of spiritual power.

The surrounding Wu family are also stunned, and there has never been such a situation among those who tested so much.

"Wu Di, don't get started."

The non-introduction represents the refining body or the pseudo-spirit, and the body still has no power to lead. The spiritual monument is called the spiritual monument. Naturally, only the spiritual power in the body changes. If there is no spiritual nature, it is as before.

"Not getting started, haha, not getting started"

Many Wu family children laughed out. Wu Qiang, who had some concerns in Wu Di, was also grinning.

Sure enough, the son of this girl is born from waste.

The unwitting children smiled arrogantly, but three of them were brows.

Li Kai, Zheng Yunan, Wu Hai.

The first two people know that Wu Di is at least a level of strength. Wu Hai is an imposing manner from Wu Di, and he thinks that he should not be a pseudo-spirit.

Obviously there is a shady scene inside.

They are clear in their hearts, but they do not mean that others are clear. Wu Di, who is standing in the middle of the military field, is standing in the center of the battlefield like a clown. He looks at his trembling hands.

How could this be the case, why the spiritual power in his body disappeared in the moment.

This is impossible

"Hey, how can you see that wherever you are, the older you are, the more shameless you are?"

At this moment, the sky was uploaded with a playful chuckle.

Everyone looked over the void and saw Ye Zichen wearing a white robe floating above the void.


Even if he saw Ye Zichen, Wu Di was still the look of the lost soul. His spiritual power is gone, and his spiritual powers that have been painstakingly practiced for more than twenty years are gone.

This feeling is not like being sealed in the Linghai. If it is sealed, he can still feel the existence of the Linghai.

Now he feels that his own spiritual sea has disappeared.

"Who are you, you dare to swear by Wu."

Wu’s parents, who were standing on the martial arts field, spoke eloquently, and their hands were in the shape of tiger claws. They grabbed Ye Zichen.

"Wu Di called my master, can't you hear?"

The elder heard this but never stopped. He couldn’t hear his strength. He just couldn’t hear it. As early as a few days ago, he learned from Miss that Wu Di had a teacher's message, and his strength was above the immortal.

It is difficult to solve his problem with Li, and the elder does not think how to make Ye Zichen. However, he still did not care about his shot, in order to let Ye Zichen hand over his serious injury, so forced by the Li family, Wu Jia must be shot, Wu Di may also be driven out of the family.

His thoughts are indeed very good, but all of this is based on the fact that the Wu family is enough to fight Ye Zichen.

If the power of Ye Zichen exceeds the range that Wu Jia can afford, then everything is vain!


Indifferent, Ye Zichen reached out and slaps the elders. At the moment of his shot, the old man was squatting on the way, the blood of his teeth spit on the ground, and the walls of the battlefield were all crashed.

The Wu family on the martial arts field immediately gave the side of the protection of the elders in the family. The children were even looking at Ye Zichen who stood at the martial arts field.

"Who is this person? It’s too embarrassing. When I slap, I will take Li’s old flight.”

"This is Wu Di's master, did not listen to Wu Di just shouted!"

"This Wu Di is really good luck, even find such a fierce master. However, I feel that this matter cannot be done well. Li is always a Li family, but it is not good. This slap, not only the face of Li's family, but even the faces of Wu's family are loud. ”

Li Na, who is hidden in the crowd, looks sullen. This is the master of Wu Di’s little beast. He used to find an axe to help him, but he didn't think that a few days ago, the axe would disappear and let the ban be banned.

I thought that he didn't solve his possibility. Now he actually hits the faces of Wu and Li.

I am afraid that neither he nor Wu Di will have a good result.

She thought of her sullen smile, and the rest of the parties looked at this scene with sorrow.

When Wei Jie came out of Ye Zichen, he wanted to go forward. Seeing him, he received the voice of Ye Zichen to let him not come over. With his knowledge of the boss, he was afraid that there would be a good show.

The deacon of the Tongtian meeting also took out a painting in the hand, and the person above was amazed by Ye Zichen.

"Miss who let me care for him is him. I want to see who this person is, so that the lady is so valued."

"Li elder."

In an instant, Ye Zichen was surrounded by a number of Wu parents, looking at him with a dignified look. Several elders fell to the elders of Li and explored his situation.

Looking at the old Wu parents who were waiting around, Ye Zichen rubbed his neck and smiled easily.

β€œThis way of hospitality is a bit special.”

They did not put these people in their eyes at all, and Ye Zichen walked away to the spiritual monument, and the elders subconsciously gave way.

"Protect the monument."

Just then, another anger sounded. Immediately before the spiritual monument, there are more than a dozen masters above the level of the immortal, in front of the spiritual monument, and even a land fairy.

"The spiritual monument is my Cai family to treasure. If I don't want to die, I will quickly retreat."

The master of the immortal level was furious, and Ye Zichen shook his head after listening.

"Since it is a treasure, you will send some powerful people to protect. How many salted fish do you lick me in front of my eyes? ”

In a flash, the eyes were cold and the right hand waved.

"Go away."

The Cai family masters who stood in front of the spiritual monument, including the masters of the immortals, all let Ye Zichen slap into the wall of the battlefield.

Going past the location of the monument, Ye Zichen turned back after a brief look.

At this time, he became a comet in the eyes of everyone in the field, but it was a look, and the elders and guests of the Wu family showed a nervous look.

"Don't be nervous, my temper is very good."

Delivering a gentle smile to those people, Ye Zichen walked over to Wu Di and took a light shot on his shoulder. In an instant, an almost transparent silver needle was drilled from the dantian of Wu Di and flew toward Cai Tong.

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