At the moment when the silver needle went toward Cai Tongfei, Cai’s family had several masters exploding.

"Cai Lao is careful."

The speed of the silver needle is very fast, and the sound of the wind can be heard in the vague. The Cai family's masters want to go forward, but their speed is simply not enough to stop the silver needle.

However, Cai Tong is not an ordinary old man. He is a fairy or even a peerless master of the fairy.

The two fingers turned into a lightning strike toward the front, and a silver needle appeared between the fingers.


Pushing the silver needle toward Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen smashed the silver needle, and then looked at Cai Tong with a faint look.

Cai Jiazhong master violent, fortunately, the silver needle did not cause damage to Cai Tong, or else their heads are afraid to be separated from their neck. In particular, this person also seriously injured their Cai family, the remaining masters will immediately come forward.

"Stop all."

Cai Tong’s tone was accompanied by vigorousness, and the surrounding Cai family master shouted back.

"I don't know what you mean by this? The old man asked me whether I had no complaints with you, but why did you apply the hidden weapon to the old man, are you from the families of the Xuan Pin District? ”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh at the filthy scorpion with a hint of majesty.

This old man is really quite capable!

Laughter and patted Wu Di's shoulder, Ye Zichen was full of incomprehensible shrugs.

"Don't you have your ears smashed, Wu Di called my teacher, can't you hear?" Hey, you guys, just like to eat me, why, scare me? ”

Not so angry, they turned their eyes to Cai Lao, and immediately smiled.

"I was just healing my disciple. He told me that the power is gone. I have been practicing for so many years, and I have never encountered this before, and I have explored it in his body. Did not think, even let me find a silver needle just stabbed in his spiritual sea. ”

The people around the family are all changed, and there is a silver needle in the spirit sea. This is obviously intentional.

The Linghai of the warrior is the weakest. If you are a little careless, you may collapse and become an ordinary person. The sharp needle of silver needle is even more harmful to Linghai.

Even if Wu Di and Ye Zichen really want to conceal Cai Tong, there is no need to take such a big risk.

What's more, in terms of the strength that Ye Zichen is showing now, he wants to deal with Cai Tong. He does not need to assassinate.

After Cai Tong listened, it was also a look of love. Even if it was a converging look, he blinked and smiled.

"It seems that all this is a misunderstanding, that is, I don't know who is so bold and willing to do things at this time."

"Who knows, no shame is always there. In particular, some old and undead, put on a pair of fairy wind bones, but in the back is to play the kind of deliberate activities. Hey, old man, you said that such an old and undead is not a good thing. ”

Ye Zichen’s face was full of resentment towards Cai Tong’s face, and he wanted to get the affirmation of his peers.

In the distance, Cai Tong’s mouth was pumping and smirked.

"This kind of behavior is really ridiculous, but it is too vicious to break the grandson."

"Oh, old man, your heart is really good. It seems that you must be a respectable grandfather."

Giving a smile at Cai Tong, Ye Zichen no longer took care of him and spoke to Wu Di.

"Baby apprentice, try it now, your spiritual power should come back again."

Wu Di does not doubt him, and his heart meditation. In a hurry, the majestic spiritual power is vented from his body.

The spiritual power turned into a wave of air, and it was difficult to open the eyes of the younger generation who played the battlefield.

"Into the fairy peak."

Wu Wenguang slammed the table and his eyes were filled with excitement. The family around the ceremony, including the powers of the top peaks, all show their gloom.

"Wu patriarch, I don't know this son this year"

The deacon of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce is very open, and Wu Wenguang smiles with red light.

"twenty five."

The other two patriarchs were all shocked and stunned at the age of twenty-five, and this is not the same as Wu Qiang’s use of medicinal herbs.

"This qualification is called a demon."

The deacon of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce is a secret investigation, and the family around the ceremony is also congratulating.

"Congratulations to the Wu family leader who likes Qi Linzi."

Qilinzi represents a younger generation who is glorified for the millennium of the family. At the age of twenty-five, he entered the Xianfeng Peak. If there is no accident, he will become a fairy or even a fairy in a hundred years.

This kind of enchanting existence, although it has not yet grown up, is enough to shock other families.

"Wu brother, congratulations."

Even Liu Jia and Wang Jia had to express their congratulations, even though their two families have a strong foundation, but now Wu Jiade has a scorpion, and he wants to marry the Cai family in the Xuan Pin area, fearing that it will become a fierce city in the next millennium. The biggest family.

"Ha ha ha, with hi hi!"

Wu Wenguang smiled happily, and he thought that Wu Di had such a talent. Since he has revealed this amazing talent, it is not difficult to return to the family.

Even if Li Na wants to block, the ethnic group within the family will probably oppose it.

This time, the head of the big ratio is still condensed Xiandan. If Wu Di gets this medicinal medicine, he will soon enter the fairy.

It is possible for a twenty-five-year-old person to attack the fairy in a hundred years.

This is a happy event!

Li Na's look is also ugly. I thought that Wu Di's kind and his master would die here, but he didn't think that his master's strength was far beyond their imagination. Wu Di's kind of cockroach even showed such amazing talent.

If he is to return to the family, then the position of the patriarch is likely to fall on his head.

Then their Li family’s arrangement for so many years is in vain!

Inexplicably glanced at the distance, and saw the old man in the family shook his head toward him. Li Jia naturally does not want Wu Di to return, but the situation at the moment is not the control of Li Jia can, can only wait for the opportunity to get rid of it later.

"Into the fairy peak!"

The younger generation of the Wu family was also full of stunned look at the mighty Wu Di on the field. Although they also entered the immortal, Wu Qiang even entered the middle of the fairy.

It seems to be only one step away, but in reality it is a gully between heaven and earth.

"How can it be!"

Wu Qiang clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth. The condensed fairy was the thing in his bag, but this is Wu Di who he never saw before.


In contrast, Wu Hai’s performance is indifferent, even if there is no Wu Di Nadan medicine, he will not fall into his hands. Now Wu Di grabs Wu Qiang’s medicinal herbs, and he is naturally happy to see.

"It seems necessary to get in touch with Wu Di!"

The younger generation of the family has different ideas, but the same thing is that Wu Di’s gaze is different and there are different changes.

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