Zheng Yunan and Cai Renfeiโ€™s marriage ended in a fixed number. With the relationship between Caiโ€™s family and Wu Diโ€™s scorpion, the family of the Flame City saw a lot of jealousy when they saw Wuโ€™s eyes.

After becoming a lining, Wu Di was rescheduled by the Wu family, and the old people in the family were even more praised.

Congratulations to the gift will be almost shared with his courtyard, the mother is also the elders of the genealogy of the family, the elders themselves to the spiritual position to the ancestral hall, leaving her name in the genealogy.

It can be said that Wu Di now has everything he has wanted, but he can't laugh.

Into the night.

The Wu family, who is in the double happiness, is still very lively, and the people in the family are celebrating for the rise of the family. But on this night, two people have been sitting in the room for a long time.

One is Zheng Yunan who is about to marry to the Cai family, and the other is Wu Linzi.

Unexpectedly, Wu Di, who was sitting in the courtyard, was quietly slipping out of the family without the knowledge of the Wu family.

"Is the leaf predecessor living here?"

After a few thoughts, Wu Di came to Baixiao Inn and found a guy to ask.

"Take him up."

Not waiting for the buddy to speak, there was a deep echo in my mind. The man is not suspicious of him, laughing and posing a gesture to bring Wu Di to the fifth floor of the inn.

The door was nudged. When Wu Di entered the room, she saw Ye Zichen sitting at the tea table and filling him with champagne.


Standing in front of the door arched, Ye Zichen also smiled at him and waved.

"Come and sit."

The table is full of hot air and a touch of fragrance. This is a kind of fragrant tea that is only available in the region.

Tea, as its name suggests, can be a sigh of scent.

Drinking tea into the throat can make people flutter and forget the hardships.

This tea was given by the deacon of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce when Ye Zichen left Wu. As for the reason for the tea, Ye Zichen didn't think about it, and he didn't think about it.

"Try it, good tea."

Ye Zichen, who took a light drink, pointed to Wu Di's scent in front of him. After seeing him sitting opposite, he smiled and put the cup in his hand on the table.

"I almost forgot to congratulate you. Congratulations on your becoming a Wu Jiayu Linzi, and the mother's spiritual position also returned to the clan ancestral hall. Wishing, congratulations. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen looked up and noticed Wu Di's face. I saw him forcedly smiled, holding the cup on the table with his right hand and trying to pick it up but halfway down.

For a long time, he was not saying a word.

"The night is deep, I am ready to rest."


Just as Ye Zichen was about to go to rest, Wu Di, who had been silent, suddenly opened his mouth. Itโ€™s just that after he said the words, he always squirmed his lips and looked like it was very tangled.

"What I want to say is that I am your teacher, nothing can be opened."

Ye Zichen, who stopped, smiled a little, and Wu Diโ€™s hand on the tea table repeatedly changed several times, but in the end it was a sigh, Christine.

"The teacher must rest, and the apprentice will retire."

Looking at the back of the bleak, Ye Zichen, who was parked in the same place, was open.

"Do you know why I haven't had a break yet, but have you waited at the tea table for so long?"

"I don't know."Wu Di replied.

"Zheng Yunan became a victim of the marriage between Wu and Cai. I am not worthy for her."Said Ye Zichen.

Wu Di, who was holding the fist and bowing his waist, suddenly shook a few times, and a jade slipped to the ground between his sleeves. At the time of its imminent landing, Ye Zichen took a picture of Yuxi and took it in his hands.

"Itโ€™s all married, why not keep it, itโ€™s better to ruin it for you.โ€

Wu Di, standing at the door, suddenly reached out and tried to stop the road.

"Do not"

"Oh," he chuckled and walked over to Wu Di, putting the jade back into his arms. Immediately, Ye Zichen patted Wu Di's shoulder and looked very deep in the window. "Do you know that a real man has to hold those two things for a lifetime?"

Wu Di is silent, and Ye Zichen is another channel.

"One hand is holding the power of the world, holding the woman's hand in one hand."

Wu Di, who was silent, shook his body a few times. He looked up and said something, but saw Ye Zichen have left him.

"If you want to go, don't let yourself live in this life." Don't worry, the teacher will always support you. Ok, don't go back early, don't forget to bring the door to me when I am leaving. โ€

Wu Di, who was in front of the door, left the room with respect and respect. At the moment he closed the door, his fists clenched hard and slammed into the door of Ye Zichen.

"Master, thank you."

Ye Zichen, standing by the window of the room, couldn't help but smile, but then sighed.

I can support him, but who can support himself?

Power of the world, woman's hand

He didn't hold it!

"A good one is waking up to the world, and I am drunk in the beauty of my knees. I canโ€™t think that Ye Xiong is actually a temper."Just then, a woman appeared in the room of Ye Zichen before the ancient sitting position.

The women's eyes are bright and the willows are bent. Qiongโ€™s nose is high and her lips are pink and tender. It looks like a beautiful Iraqi, but it is very popular.

The upper body only used a few pieces of white cloth to wrap important positions, and the lower body was wearing tight leather pants.

The reddish-brown hair was scattered on both shoulders, and there was a pendant on the white goose neck, and the pendant was just hanging on the chest.

She held a teacup in her white hand, and there was a fragrant scent of Ye Zichen in the cup.

"I thought you wanted to peek at me to sleep."

Seeing the woman who suddenly appeared in the room, Ye Zichen didn't have a slight difference. Instead, she knew that she was here.

The woman did not answer, but put the tea cup on her lips and drink it lightly.

"I didn't expect to be able to taste the ** here, really!"

The pink tongue licked his lower lip. This enchanting action was matched with the pure face. The strong visual contrast could easily evoke the heat in the man's heart.

Ye Zichen is naturally the same, he jumped to the woman's side, the right hand grabbed the woman's delicate chin, and put her pretty face in front of her.

"In the middle of the night, you and I are alone in a room, and I use such a charming action. Can I doubt that you are seduce me? โ€

Instead of showing fear, the woman deliberately put her face to Ye Zichen and almost touched her lips.

"You can think like this."

The faint fragrance of the orchids permeated the woman's body, but at this time Ye Zichen pushed it backwards.

"I am really sorry, even though I know that my charm makes you obsessed. But you are not the type I like, there is something to say that there is a fart, I am still anxious to sleep! โ€

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