From the time of Wu's family, Ye Zichen felt that the woman followed him. At the beginning, he was very vigilant, but he saw that the other party had never appeared, and he was not malicious. He simply ignored him. .

What he didn't think of was that the woman had been with him until the inn.

Now suddenly he is seduce him with a seductive technique. Although Ye Zichen has a bottom line, he is still a woman who is inexplicable.

"For the lady to use the fart, Ye Gongzi is a loss of style."

This Jiaojiao is like a sacred voice, and the sound is endless. Even though Ye Zichen had been wary in advance, she still swayed her heart and showed her down.

"The gentleman loves money and has a proper way. The villain loves money is inexplicably wrong. It seems to have nothing to do with money."

Ye Zichen, standing by the window, is full of nonsense, like Tang Yan, in order to pass attention to other positions, and to abandon the mysterious magic sound.


The slyness of the cockroach came from behind, and this delicate moment broke through all the psychological defenses of Ye Zichen, and both of them were red and at the same time undressed and rushed toward the woman.

The woman who let Ye Zichen fall down did not see the slightest resistance. She also wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed hard as if to let the two people get together.

"The son, come on!"

The charming lingering lingering, the woman's Ye Zichen snorted, and the hand touched the woman's face at this time.

Just as his hand was about to fall on his woman's cheek, the pair of eyes that seemed to make the faint stunned head screamed, and the tender caress of the water also turned into a heavy fist and swung toward the woman's face. .

When the fist fell, the woman lying under her body turned into a bubble to dissipate.

At the same time as the two scorpions recovered, Ye Zichen also put on the untied clothes, and sat down against the wall and stared down and stood not far away, like a woman who looked like a pair of shoulders.

"Good illusion."

Lezi smiled at the woman, and Ye Zichen took a jug of wine from her arms and poured a few mouthfuls into her mouth.

Although he has already broken the illusion, his heart is still swaying. It is difficult to stabilize the mind with his own strength. He can only use the foreign spirits to burn the smear of his heart.

"Ye is really extraordinary."

The illusion made people break, and the woman looked a little more satisfied when she looked at Ye Zichen.

"Since Ye Xiong can break my illusion, then it seems that we can be a good partner. Introduce yourself, disenchantment. ”

If ordinary people hear the name of a woman, they will be shocked and disenchanted, even in the entire seventy-two districts and even other mountains.

One hand illusion passes through the heavens and the earth, ordinary ordinary fairy into its environment must be self-returning, and lingering in the dream of life. This is not the main reason for her fame, she was famous for being more than a decade ago.

The Tiantianmen Gate of Tianpin District is mainly composed of more than 300 people, including several immortals, with illusion, and there are also the gates of Tongtianmen in the middle, which are trapped in the illusion for more than ten years. Only release them.

Since then, the main door of Tongtianmen has closed his death. No one knows what he experienced in the illusion, but he can't hear the news that Tongtianmen is mainly stunned.

Ye Zichen is also a person, but it is just less than two months in the seventy-two district.


do not know!

Le Zichen turned a blind eye at the woman, and Ye Zichen spit with alcohol.

"Who do you love who goes, shut me down!" I seduce me when I came up, my pants were off, and finally gave me the whole fantasy. Now tell me that I want to be a partner, little sister, I think you are lost, go back and eat some walnuts to supplement your brain! ”

There are thorns in the words, but the charm is not annoying. There was a little seductiveness on the pure face, and the soft petite body was also posted to Ye Zichen.

"If the son is not satisfied, then it is not impossible to use this body to serve the son to satisfaction."

"Returning" the fist's subconscious grip will be swept away, you can feel the warmth around him, his hand is stopped in midair, "real people."

"Of course it's a real person. The illusion of the whole body is useless to the son. Then I have to use this real body to satisfy the son."

Between the words, the disenchantment kept licking Ye Zichen's arm, and the one that made him jealous was a heart.

Not long after, Ye Zichen's face was a smirk-like smile. He stretched his hand and touched the face of the enchanting face, but stopped the disenchantment halfway.

"But before this, the son has to promise to be one thing?"

"Talk about it, don't say one thing, 10,000 pieces will do."

"I want to let the son accompany me to the tomb of the Five Elements."

"Take your throat, you."

Pushing away the disenchantment around him, Ye Zichen rolled out a few meters and looked at her with vigilance.

Five elements of the Great.

This woman has landscape painting!

"Don't the son, isn't it enough to satisfy the son?" That's okay, as long as you promised the son, there are still many sisters who can serve the son together. ”

The enchanted sex that was pushed away was lying on the side, and the graceful curve was like a catalyst, so the man who saw him was dry.

But such a fascinating scene has quite tempting conditions, but it seems to be a red powder in Ye Zichen's eyes.

"Don't fart with me here, who are you, what do you want to do here!"

"Isn't that said that it's all over, it's called enchanting, come here to find a son to have something to do."The enchanting smile lies on the ground.

"Okay, then I will tell you now, I can't do what you ask for, and ask you to find another clever one."

In the swing, Ye Zichen will push the enchantment out of the room. The appearance of this woman is really strange. He just got the landscape painting and the cause and effect of the Five Elements and the Emperor.

It took him only half a day from the painting, and the woman came up.

"That can't be done."

Suddenly, the disenchantment got up from the ground, and the previous charming moments swept away. She looked indifferently at the tea table and took a picture from her arms.

landscape painting!

When he saw the picture, Ye Zichen's face suddenly changed.

Sure enough, the demon is a landscape painting.

"You recognize this landscape painting, you are a good person. Ordinary people see this painting as an ordinary landscape map, but I believe you see the interior of the landscape painting. Since you saw the Five Stars Emperor and Zhou Wei"

When she said half of the disenchantment, she felt that a pair of big hands grabbed her mouth, and finally broke the big hands and heard Ye Zichen lock the eyebrows.

"You are crazy, you want to die, I don't want to die!"

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