They all said that they have no brains. Yesterday Ye Zichen didn't believe it, now he believes!

The enchantment became an idiot in the eyes of Ye Zichen. What she was doing, if he didn't stop it, she was afraid that she would have said Zhou Wu.

Zhou Wu is the god of the gods, the leader of the gods.

I want to kill them, these small fish and shrimp, I am afraid that they will solve them all by one thought.

What is this brainless woman doing, she is really not afraid of death?

Feel the nervousness of Ye Zichen's emotions, and the fascinating bright eyes flashed a glimpse.

The tomb of the Five Elements Emperor wants to open, and three landscapes are indispensable. Ye Zichen has already been recognized by the Five Elements, even if it is the enchantment of grabbing his landscape map here, it will not help.

She wanted to move with emotion and to impress Ye Zichen to let him follow the past.

But now she is thinking of a great countermeasure.

For a long time, I didn't feel the discoloration of the sky, Ye Zichen just let go of it. But thinking of the practice of this idiot woman, he is a mad jump.

"Get out of the way and stop appearing in front of me." Tell you, the tomb of the Five Elements Emperor is still not going to go, but I haven’t thought about it. Even if I go, it is definitely not going now. Also, if you want to die and find a place where no one is dead, I have not lived enough! ”

In the panic, Ye Zichen vented his grievances to the disenchanted body.

What he couldn't think of was that the enchantment was a smile at this moment. This smile seemed to eclipse the heavens and the earth, letting the flowers hang down.

There are ghosts.

This laugh is definitely a ghost!

Ye Zichen’s fears just came out and I heard

"The Five Elements of the Great Tai Ren Da Yi, Zhou Wei"

The hand is covered with a sly cover, and Ye Zichen is red-eyed and the whole person's momentum is pulled up.

"You deliberately, Lao Tzu tells you not to mention the name, you are still here. I repeat it, don't say his name, at least don't say it to me. If you understand, just nod. ”

Unconsciously nodded, Ye Zichen looked at her and released her hand after hesitating for a while.


This is just loose, and the disenchantment is shouting again. I thought it would be the result, and Ye Zichen's hand covered her mouth again.

"Don't shout again, then don't believe me or not."

"How are you, how!"Pushing away the enchantment of Ye Zichen's hand, holding his chest and rolling his eyes, "Tell you, the tomb of the five elements of the Great, you have to go, you have to go." If you don't go, then I will call the name of the guy. Even if I am dead, he will definitely see that you have a landscape painting of the Five Elements, and you will die when you are. Trick, see you in the river! ”

"Don't be afraid that I am afraid of you." Landscape map, I will give you! Why do you want to go with the landscape map, and you have never seen it before, how? ”

The landscape map was taken out of the ring. When the two landscape maps met together, the two landscape maps were actually a faint multicolored light.

The enchanting gaze took a glance at the landscape, then shook his head indifferently.

"No, you have to follow."

The landscape map recognizes the Lord, even if it is not used for her, I want to open the grave only Ye Zichen and the past.


Listening to the disenchantment, Ye Zichen broke out in English.

Is there any such thing, there is no heaven in this world. He has given out the landscape map, but this woman actually wants him to follow.

He doesn't want to go!

"You are not a bit unreasonable."

Ye Zichen, who had already caught fire in his heart, patted the table and pointed at the landscape on the table.

"You want to pick up treasure, I don't stop you. I also handed you the landscape map, this is the limit I can do. But you also forced me to go, girls, people have their own aspirations, I have no great ambition, just want to live quietly. ”

"The grudge between the Five Elements Emperor and the Emperor, I am too lazy to care, and I do not want to take care of it. Of course, I also feel pity for the Five-Star Emperor. I did think about revenge for him. Revenge is also about knowing my own strength. God Emperor, that is the highest peak in the realm of the gods. I am a person who has not gone up in the mountains. You let me take revenge for the five-star emperor. Am I crazy? ”

"Landscape map, you take it away. The tomb of the Five Elements Emperor, I will not die. ”

This is definitely a matter of heart and soul, of course, there is Ye Zichen's interpretation in the middle. Such a sincere emotion is revealed, and it is time to let him go.

Although some of my heart is reluctant to make a landscape map, it is better for my own life.

Ye Zichen has already prepared for the other party to take the landscape map, but did not think about it.

Listening to such a sincere catharsis, she looked at her with a dead face, and then she nodded.

"Okay, let's die together, Zhou Wei"

I thought I could impress it, but I didn't expect it to be the result. Ye Zichen almost cried out with a stunned mouth, smiled bitterly.

"Grandma, no, Grandma, I have said so much, I have expressed the expression, can you still let me go?" Then you said, how are you going to let me go? Want money? I immediately let my hand go down, as long as it is not too much to satisfy you! Want medicinal herbs? As long as you give me a prescription and can refine it within my ability, I will definitely give it to you. How can you let me go, you said?"

The disenchantment that has not been in the oil and salt, there was a wave of emotional fluctuations when I heard Ye Zichen say alchemy.

"You are an alchemy teacher?"

As soon as the voice fell, she seemed to be somewhat unbelievable, looking up and down Ye Zichen for several laps. She has also been exposed to a number of alchemists, one by one, with a high-spirited and two-five-like, and still have a mustache.

Ye Zichen, it doesn't look like an alchemy teacher!

"Yes, yes, the small talent is indeed an alchemy teacher."Ye Zichen nodded.

"Several products?"

"It looks like nine products. If I am refining, the success rate is about 80%!"

Ye Zichen said that this time is not very emboldened. He has an understanding of the alchemy system here. He can refine the alchemy division used by the king to break through the sea. It is the nine-inner alchemy, although he has never refining it. But he has deduced that if he came to refine, it seems that the success rate is 80%.

The charm is stunned, and Haidan has a success rate of 80%.

This is not the level of the nine-integrated alchemy teacher. It is difficult to achieve this level even if it is a ten-in-one alchemy teacher.

She met the six alchemy divisions, which are already quite powerful in the 72 districts. But now there are ten products, and maybe even the eleventh alchemy teacher is standing in front of her.

Does this alchemy teacher really exist in the 72nd district?

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