No matter how horrible this news is, I don’t know why I don’t doubt the authenticity of Ye Zichen’s words.

The enchantment from the table, the bright eyes smashed into a slit, the lashing eyelashes trembled, and kept ringing around Ye Zichen.

"At least the ten-in-one alchemy teacher actually let me run into it."

What do you think, the enchantment feels the heart is jumping wildly. This is a big treasure. If you can give him a jealousy, then you are not making a profit.

Of course, she doesn't think she has that strength.

However, Ye Zichen said that as long as he was let go, he would be able to refine his medicine in his ability.

What is the concept of the ten-in-one alchemy teacher.

When you come out, you will let the seventy-two districts, and even the other kings under the mountain of God, break the head of the sea, and she can get it with just one mouth.

Even if it is the land of Zundan, she is afraid that she can come in a few.

It is impossible to say that it is not heart-warming, but it is still important to the tomb of the Five Elements Emperor. Can be a ten-in-one alchemy teacher, can pay well or pay good.

Ye Zichen is like a rare animal, letting the devil see hair.

He is really afraid of this woman. If he does not move, he will threaten people with death. What is more important is that he threatens that he still can't resist. This is really unbearable.

"Do you use my alchemy?"

"Of course it used."The sorrowful charm of the lips whispered, "I am not the enchanting, I think it will be blocked when I am in the sea. If I can help, I am sure."

"Then I will give you a stove now!"

Ye Zichen is also unambiguous, taking out the Dan furnace from the ring and looking for materials to refine, but it is fascinating but licking the neck.

"But you still have to go with me."

Ye Zichen, who had already caught fire, suddenly froze, and his left hand clutched his face and turned red under the flame.

"You are finished!"

"Oh, the alchemy brother is not angry."The disenchantment is very aggrieved, holding Ye Zichen's hand and swaying back and forth. "The landscape map has already recognized you as the main, even if you give the landscape map to others, people can't use it." People don't want to let the little brother get involved, but there is no way for it! ”


There is still this.

Looking at the landscape picture on the table, Ye Zichen discovered that this landscape picture really had a touch with him. But he did not know when the picture was recognized by the Lord.

"Small brother, you will go with me, I can guarantee that you will not encounter any danger. The Five Elements Emperor also said that if you don't take the creations of him, you don't have to avenge him. The little brother went to help open a grave, and went in for a tour. ”

At this time, the enchanting appearance is called a cute, Ye Zichen, who has been thinking about the landscape painting, has not noticed.

When he returned to God, he saw the enchantment of the cute wind, and the goose bumps fell to the ground.

"You give me a good job, don't make it cute with me."

"Little brother is bad, people are like this."In a delicate tone, the enchantment clutched Ye Zichen's arm and kept his bright eyes.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen's face was darker, and he pulled his eyes and smiled.

"What do you want?"

"Little brother, do you have a Taoist!" Do you look at me cute, beautiful, or how about my little brother? ”

"not so good!"

"Little brother! Little brother! ”


Under Ye Zichen's anger, the disenchantment finally turned back to normal, but her look at Ye Zichen's eyes was particularly resentful, as if he was angry with him for his own anger, or it may be that he did not become Ye Zichen's way. I am distressed.

In short, the current disenchantment is like a deep sorrowful woman, full of dead face.

Ye Zichen ignored this gaze directly. Although the value of the face is there, the temperament is too strange and changeable, so that she can be a torturer to torture the dead.

Moreover, he still has a little red waiting for her, but they have not found cocoa.

Really, there are more people who want to be their own Taoist, she is a few old!

"I will follow you in the grave of the Five Elements Emperor, but I am not alone. There are still many trivial things to arrange. Three days, give me three days to see us outside the Flame City. ”


The sorcerer took a long sound, and the dead fish eye stared straight at Ye Zichen.

"Give you three days, but I have to be with you for these three days. Otherwise, you ran in these three days, where can I go to find you. ”

Not to mention, Ye Zichen really has this idea.

Although the Five Elements of the Emperor mentioned that they did not take their creation, they would not have to avenge them. Yes, Ye Zichen still feels that it is not very secure. He wants to open this woman and run the night.

Seeing his own tricks, Ye Zichen was annoyed.

"Then you live here, anyway, I am a man, I don't lose."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen ran to the bed to rest, but he heard the enchantment in the room smiling towards his ghostly smile.

"Sleep and sleep, wait for you to fall asleep."

Ye Zichen lying in bed instantly grabbed the quilt and nervous.

"What do you want!"

I always felt that the atmosphere in the room was a bit uncomfortable. Ye Zichen swallowed and looked at the disenchantment in the distance, and found that her tongue was very enchanting and licked her lower lip.

"Little brother, people really want to be your Taoist! When you fall asleep, people have a chance! ”

Ye Zichen didn't sleep all night, he always wanted to sleep for a while, but he kept awakening from his dreams. Until he found that the enchantment had long been asleep, he realized that the woman was just joking with him and slept with peace of mind.

Three days.

The three-day demon was followed by Ye Zichen's shadow, and the buddy in the inn was a glimpse of the disenchantment, and soon began to shout.

Ye Zichen didn't dare to explain this, and he didn't dare to explain it. He was afraid of angering the nerves of the aunt and shouting to call Zhou Wu's name.

During these three days, Ye Zichen refining the life-saving jade for Wu Di and Wei Jie.

He doesn't know how long it will take to go out of this time. He can only explain the confession and deal with it cleanly. This is to let go of the new one.

When Ye Zichen really solved everything, it was three afternoons.

Outside the Flame City, Ye Zichen was followed by the disenchantment. Standing outside the city gate, he was very reluctant to look at the city. If he could not really want to leave the city.

You can see the sticky person around you, and Ye Zichen shook his head with a sloppy ball.

"Let's go."

As everyone knows, Ye Zichen left the Flame City not long after, in the 36th District of Xuan Pin District, axe help.

Help the master to go out!

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