Before the secret room, the axe that had just come out of the secret room helped the main Jin Anzhen to face the spring breeze. Not long ago, he finally successfully entered the peak of Tianxian, and his current strength was enough to suppress the absolute in the Xuan Pin area.

"Help the Lord."

Two elders have been waiting for a long time outside the secret room. When they felt the spiritual fluctuations around Jin’an, the two elders quickly greeted him.

“Congratulations to the Lord to help the Lord to break through the peaks of the fairy.”

"Ha ha ha, with hi hi!"

It was really pleasant to see Jin Anzhen’s mood. The followers took two medicinal herbs from their arms and threw them at the two elders.

"People Xian Dan."

The two elders are already immortals, and the immortal has lost their effect on them. But this remedy can be taken to the younger generation of the family, especially in the seventy-two district where the medicinal herbs are scarce, and the sage is already a considerable reward.

The medicinal herbs are included in the space ring, and the two Zhao Laos are in the body.

"Thank you for helping me."

Hehe waved his hand, just as he was about to leave, he saw the two elders behind him stop talking.

His life did not like others to hide it, so that his smile was also instantly sinking.

"What are you doing in this seat?"

Feeling the oppression of Jin An's breath, the two elders bite their teeth.

"You are sent to the Yellow City of the Flame City and his favorite letter Zhao Wei, the jade is broken a month ago."


In an instant, the breath of the pound was overflowing from his body, and a thunder and lightning lingered on him.


The Anglican Church used the axe to help with the daily negotiating. The layout of the lobby was not particularly luxurious, but it was extremely domineering.

The black body makes the lobby look particularly calm, and there are two dragon pillars standing in the lobby.

The dragon eye is not a point, but it is very incomparable.

The elders of the axe and the elders who were able to participate in the proceedings almost all appeared in the parliamentary hall. In front of them, Jin Anzhen sat in a chair, and the burly body was surrounded by pale white lightning. The tiger eye was very gloomy and looked at the stunned on the ground, cleaning the people of the ancestral hall.


"Reporting to help the lord, the small is to clean the ancestors of the ancestral hall, just in the past few days, I used to clean the ancestral hall."

"Say the point!"

"The soul jade that belongs to Huang Ao's yellow rudder master, and the soul jade of Zhao Zhao Zhao's captain are all broken."

The next man shivered, and at this moment, the elders on the left hand side of Jin’an also took two jade pieces from the ring and handed them over.

" proud"

Looking at the soul of the soul that belongs to the yellow proud bones, Jin Anzhen’s body is violently shaking.

In the entire axe, Huang’s character is the most appetizing for him. As long as he sees him, Jin Anzhen will think of himself as a young man.

He has no children under his knees, although Huang Aozhu does not let him be a son, but he is better than a son.

Flame City set up a rudder. Originally, there were many qualifications in the gang that were higher than Huang’s arrogance. However, Jin Anzhen pushed him to the Flame City and became the rudder master.

In order to train him, he will be eligible to inherit the position of the helper in the future.

His departure is to want to transfer Huang proud bones back, become a fairy king will go to the green to go to be an elder, he wanted to take the rest of the time to personally point out how to take care of the gang, but did not think


Jin Anzhen’s emotions of holding Jade Jane were out of control. Immediately, he put Yu Yu on the side and condensed his eyes to the people in the temple.

"Who is it, who killed the proud bones!"

This anger is like a thunder and thunder, and the power of thunder around his body is also constantly spitting out the letter.

The heart-rending pressure made the people in the hall dare not breathe, but the elder on his left hand, with this pressure, went to the center of the hall.

After the gang, the Yellow rudder, we conducted an investigation. The rudder that we set up in the Flame City has now banned the gang called the chaos. The gang's gang is a small captain who is the rudder of the Flame City Axe. The deputy lord is the second captain at the time. ”

"It's them?"Jin An sighs.

"According to the investigation, the two men said that they are now the deputy gang of the gang, but the strength is not enough to threaten the life of the Yellow rudder. After careful investigation, in the past, the favor of the Yellow Rudder master had provoked a mysterious master named Ye, and Huang Aogu found the mysterious master in order to avenge the favor. After that, the yellow rudder will die. According to the idea of ​​the next, the owner of the yellow rudder should be the mysterious master of the surname Ye. ”

"Since it has been investigated clearly, why not directly avenge the Yellow Helm?"

Jin Anzhen’s gaze suddenly sank, even if it was a gang’s elder, facing the gaze, the back was a cold sweat.

"Hey, you have never been out, we are not good."

"Where is he?"Jin Anzhen directly interrupted the elder's words.

"In the Flame City!"The elders replied.

"it is good."A touch of nod, Jin Anzhen looked at the elders and guests in the temple to open the door, "with three thousand elite, the thief who killed the proud bones, this seat to live to see him. Also, the mess does not want to see it exist. ”


The entire council was instantly deserted, and Jin Anzhen also leaned back in the chair and looked at the jade in his hand.

"Proud, don't worry, this seat will take revenge for you. The one who killed you, this seat will have to smash his bones, smashing the corpse, so that he can never live forever! ”

"Little brother, you are so slow."

The ancient road outside the Flame City, the charm is still walking cute, talking to Ye Zichen in a particularly cute tone.

To be honest, this sly voice Ye Zichen is really a blessing, only a look of helplessness.

"Can you give me normal points?"

"If you let me be your lover, I will be normal, okay, little brother."The 魑 像 是 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 放电 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

"You said that I have seen everything, I have never seen a person who is rushing to be a human being."Ye Zichen is very helpless, and he said, "Don't you wander around me?"

"I don't, people are so cute, why don't you like people!"

"I already have a Taoist, and more than one!"

"Then it will not be a bad one for me, you will charge me by the way!"

Are the protoss girls so open? When it’s Xiaohonghong, there’s no such thing as a woman. Now this disenchantment doesn’t care.

"You said how you can get back to normal."Ye Zichen is also speechless. "As long as I can do it, I will satisfy you."



"That little brother, people want to condense Haidan!"

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