This idea can be said to be out of control. If there is a disenchantment around him, this oil bottle will delay him here. Maybe Ye Zichen will return directly to the Flame City and go straight to the Tianpin area.

So many of the kings are waiting for the sea, and he has gone to the pot.

The color of the fans was gradually revealed in the eyes, and Ye Zichen almost saw that the unspoken coins had wings and flew toward him.


The enchanting and hateful teeth cut the teeth, and the little feet forcefully kicked the stones on the side of the road.

This action naturally falls into the eyes of Ye Zichen. He also knows that the performance is just too rich, and the disenchantment is on the air, or not to show that expression is safer.

"Cough, are we going to hurry?"

This question is very nutritious, and the stunned person turned his eyes blank, and his eyes were very disgusting.

"You still know how to hurry, I thought you made the money faint, don't know the southeast and northwest."

"Hey, if you are saying, the trick that was discussed before can be written off."


Ning Haidan is the soft underbelly of the demon, which is like Zhou Wu is the soft underbelly of Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile in the heart when he saw that the enchantment made the drug scare.

Samples, let you scare me so much before, let you taste the threat of being threatened.

Condensed Haidan is something that can't be abandoned. The demon-stricken character deliberately no longer provokes Ye Zichen, then takes the mountain river map out and reaches for Ye Zichen.


"What is it, go to the place." Give me the mountain river map, let us go directly. ”

The eyes can't help but look at the two sides of the ancient road. Around this ancient road are some old trees that don't know the age, and some strange stones.

Exploring with the fairy, I did not feel the fluctuation of the spiritual array.

The devil actually said that he had arrived at the place, and Ye Zichen couldn't help but frown, but he didn't have much doubts and handed over the mountain river map.

I saw the disenchantment of the mountain river map, and put the two pictures on a huge stone.

This boulder does not see anything special, and it is very ordinary in this ancient stone path.

Just as Ye Zichen was still watching the special features of the rock, he saw that the mountain river map placed on the stone was directly integrated into the boulder, and the boulder was also used to describe the human palm at this time, but A hill that is missing a finger.

The hill slammed, an invisible barrier instantly passed through Ye Zichen and the enchanting body, and immediately Ye Zichen felt white in front of him, and when he turned back he appeared in a sea that could not be seen at the end.

"This is the place for the boat in the landscape painting."

The horror on Ye Zichen's face is beyond words. He can only step on the clouds in the sky and look at everything in front of him.

The lake looks very clear, but the visible line is unable to see the surface below half a meter. The lake is very quiet, only a faint breeze blowing, will be a faint ripple on the lake.

When the cockroach disappears, the lake is returning to calm, as if the whole world is still.

There is a stone mountain in the middle of the lake. The light above the surface of the water is a thousand feet high, and there is no one under the water. No one knows. However, it is conceivable that if this mountain is completely on the ground, it will be a shocking scene.

There is a fiery red sun hanging over the top of the mountain. The sun exudes warm light, but for a long time it has never seen it move, hanging from the top to the top. It is as if it was in the landscape painting, it is still.

I can't see any breath of life here. The only thing I can feel is the five elements of heaven and earth, and the five lines of heaven and earth here are extremely clear. Ye Zichen is standing here, but it seems to be a bit deeper in understanding the five elements. As for other tactics, it is as if it does not exist and cannot make any sense.

"Oh, surprise."

The enchanting grasped the opportunity to hide a sentence, but she was actually in the same time as Ye Zichen when she first came here.

Heaven and earth are all still, and Wan Dao is also abandoned here. Only the power of the Five Elements can be used.

Ye Zichen nodded lightly, there was no need to pretend at this time. The reality here is too strange. Don't say that even if he is here, someone on the mountain will be in the same state as he is at this time.

"This is actually the world of painting."The faint faint opening.

"Drawing, you said that we are in the landscape painting?"

I thought that the stone mountain sent them to a separate space, but I did not expect them to be in the painting.

"Correct."Although the devil has come a few times, he still can't help but sigh. "The Five Elements Emperor is really too strong. When he is about to destroy God, he will open this picture into a world and seal the tomb here. At the same time, the outside Wuxing Avenue was sealed in this painting. The mountains, water, sun, and wind you see are actually made by the five elements. ”

Ye Zichen stunned, let the painting be a space, seal the five elements of the road, can do this step, the true strength of the Five Elements Emperor is geometric.

More importantly, what strength will the Emperor have?

Regardless of whether he sneaked into the Five Elements of the Great Emperor, did he smash the Stars, seize the fortune, and rob the orthodoxy. Since it would allow the five elements of the Great Emperor to sneak into death, even if the strength is not as good as the Five Elements, it is almost the same.

The creation here is definitely not available, and if it is, it will not live.

"Is it true that you can't touch it?"Demon seems to see through Ye Zichen's thoughts, and can't help but smile. "It's late, when you get here, you have taken it."

"Don't swear, the graves didn't go in, I didn't get a spirit coin, how did I get it?"

Ye Zichen squinted, and in her opinion, the demon was definitely the one who wanted to revenge the gods, and he would not be pulled in.

No matter how you look at it, revenge is not realistic!

"Isn't the power of the five elements here? No matter what you cultivate is one of the forces of the Five Elements, after you come here, the sentiment of that line will be deepened. Is this not a creation? ”

In the eyes of the enchanting, accompanied by a faint sneer, the eyes looked at the endless lake.

"The five elements of the emperor are actually in the pits. He said that the creation is in the tomb, but when we step into it, we must stand in line with him. The cause and effect have already been touched, and you can’t afford it. ”

Ye Zichen, standing on the cloud, kept changing, and for a long time, he stared at the stunned anger.

"Since you know everything, then you still lied to me that you are pitting me."

Feeling the anger in Ye Zichen's heart, the enchantment is a faint smile.

"Who isn't it?" Actually, it’s not that I have pitted you. It’s the five elements of the Great Emperor’s pit. Let’s go, now we are a grasshopper on a rope, and my sister will take good care of you. ”

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