Looking at Ye Zichen and the disenchantment, it was a playful, black-faced face turned darker and sullen.

The sharp breath broke out, and the sharp air was like a sharp-edged sword. Le Zichen, who is facing him, feels that the breath can't help but raise his eyebrows.

It’s just that the breath is only a moment, it is dissipated. But he is still black-faced, just like who owes him money.

"It turned out to be a fairy king."

Even though the black-faced blame was only a short-lived, Ye Zichen still felt the power of his celestial level.

The enchantment obviously did not put this swearing in the eyes, and spit out his tongue and ignored it.

"Don't play, don't you play now, is it time for you to mess around!"

This sounds like a half sentence, or there is a hidden word in this sentence, you can avoid Ye Zichen here, the black face blame did not say.

His brows are always clustered, and the stunned moments. When I noticed the look of the black-faced monster, she seemed to realize that he was really angry. He had to lick his mouth and put the landscape painting on the giant mountain in front. The sun was thrown over and it was carefully explained by Ye Zichen.

"We are indeed in the painting now. The painting I just thrown out is actually the illusion of the scroll. It is necessary to have a giant mountain that evolved from the land of the Five Elements. The grave buried under the mountain is the tomb of the Five Elements, and the shadow of the painting is the key to opening the door. ”

When the voice did not fall, Ye Zichen had already seen that the three landscape paintings were merged into a complete mountain river map when they were thrown to the top of the mountain.

Under the roasting of the hot sun on the top of the mountain, the mountain river map began to burn from the middle position. When the scroll disappeared, three keys appeared and directly drilled into the foothills of the giant mountain.


The wind and the beautiful mountain river map suddenly clouded and the rain fell sharply. However, the strange thing is that the rainstorm only fell within the range of the mountains. As for the surrounding lake, there was no raindrop on it.


Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh, and the mountain changed when the rain fell.

The whole mountain was actually split directly from the middle and cracked a gap. Even though the gap was in front of Ye Zichen, no matter how he looked inside, he saw only one piece of darkness.


The black-faced geek is easy to show the excitement of the color. At the moment when the mountain gate is wide open, he can't wait to fly toward the crack.

"Let's go."

The enchantment is also a faint smile, flying to the crack. Ye Zichen, who stayed in the place, was hesitant, and it was the most important thing for him.

The crack did not know what was inside, what would happen if I entered it?

What about?

Only to make him feel tangled is that even if he stays here, he does not know how to get out of this painting.

Don't underestimate him, but he is the immortal king who will completely transform his power.

With his knowledge, whether it is calculations or finding details, it is quite strong. But when he entered this landscape painting, he did not see the doorway.

In contrast, Wu Yi and the disenchantment seem to know everything about everything.

Although they have said that they have been here for more than ten years, if they can find Ye Zichen to be sure, these times are enough to find the secret here, but he has not found it yet, then

Demon and Wu Yi are very problematic!

Especially here is a completely strange environment, the crack of the mountain is just opened, they face the crack that can not detect the inside, there is no sense of crisis.

It is as if this is their home.

"The little brother is gone. If you close the crack, you will never get out." I want to go out from the picture and go out from the tomb. ”

Arriving at the crack enchantment stopped and shouted at Ye Zichen, the little brother could not be lost, and her condensed Haidan also pointed to his refining.

Ye Zichen, who stayed where he was, drifted to his level, and countless ideas were only in one mind.

When it comes to it, the soldiers will block the water and cover it.

From the time he opened the landscape painting, to the enchantment directly to find him, after entering here, the two brothers and sisters are indifferent, and the brothers and sisters of Wu Yi and the demon are both suspected.

Yes, Ye Zichen is not a soft persimmon, not a lamb that is slaughtered.

Take a step and see it!

"coming."Slightly smirked, Ye Zichen rushed to the side of the enchanting, asked like a casual smile. "The crack seems to have some kind of prohibition, and it is impossible to find out the internal situation. Your brother will go in, will there be any problem? ”

"It shouldn't be. The five elements of the emperor left the tomb to leave it artificial, so that they can avenge it." If there is danger inside, what is the significance of leaving this tomb? ”

The interpretation of the enchantment is simple, but people can't find anything wrong. Carefully put her eyes into the eyes of these words, Ye Zichen also nodded.

"I think too much."

"Be careful, there is no problem, let's go in, or the black-faced monster will have a stinky face for a while."

Drilling into the crack, and sure enough there is a hole in the crack.

The existence of the crack is a mausoleum, and they are entering the entrance of the mausoleum.

At the entrance of the two lions depicted lifelike, Ye Zichen can not help but see a few stone lions, but when he looked at the lion's eyes, he was actually see that the lion alive, into hundred feet more than prostrate in the tomb of the House, a pair of Red Lion MoU stare at him, After the hoof rub a few ground unexpectedly toward him directly flutter over.

"Is it not dangerous?"

Seeing that the lion was about to throw it down, Ye Zichen hurried back to the back, and the claws that happened to fall on his chest left a few blood marks on his chest.

The pale blond blood ran down his chest and smelled the bloody smell. The lion became more bloodthirsty and more aggressive towards his offensive.

"Disenchantment, you are not saying that there is no danger here!"

Anxie screamed at the enchantment, and Ye Zichen found that the stunned man was staying in the same place, no matter how he shouted, he could not do anything.

At this moment, the lion that was turned into a body was actually biting the bloody mouth and directly biting it toward the sorcerer. Ye Zichen had the heart to save, but the lion in front of him would stare at him.


The big mouth is closed, and the head of the demon is actually letting the lion bite directly. The blood of the neck squirted like a fountain, but the enchantment still remained in a standing position, letting the lion smother her.

At the same time, there was a scream of screaming in the distance. I saw a black lion behind a lion. After losing his resistance, he left it directly to the teacher behind him. I walked over to Ye Zichen.

In an instant, in front of Ye Zichen, there were several lion lions with a height of a hundred feet, surrounded by a group of people, life and death hanging between the lines!

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