The situation was in jeopardy, and Ye Zichen stood in front of the group of lions.

The screams of the black-faced monster in the ear have become weaker and weaker, and the enchantment is that the lion's root hair is not left.

Outside the mausoleum, there is a pungent bloody smell, which stimulates Ye Zichen and stimulates the surrounding lions.

"Hey, brother, can we talk about it?"

I don't know how the mausoleum was set up. When Ye Zichen quits a few tens of meters, his back is actually an abyss.

It is even more impossible to be empty here. Now he has forced the group of lions to a desperate situation.

The lion, like the leader of the lion, greeted him, but what made him feel desperate was that his friendly smile was in exchange for the roar of the lions.

"This is too unfriendly. You should be the guardian of the Five Elements." Hey, look closely, I am a good friend of the Five Elements. โ€

Itโ€™s still the roar of the vibrating, and the lionsโ€™ approaching.

Subconsciously withdrawing one step backwards, the gravel falls into the abyss when stepping on the edge of the cliff. There is no half-point response to it, so it can be seen how deep the abyss is.

Ye Zichen swallowed his mouth and watched the lion around him with vigilance.

It is not possible to want to communicate with them. If you make a breakthrough, you hope that you will still be embarrassed. Even if Ye Zichen was too flexible, he couldn't see the possibility of surviving at this point.

"The devil is right, the five elements of the emperor will let them come over, and should not let them die. Or, in fact, the establishment of this tomb is to keep the descendants coming to death, so that he does not feel lonely in the long sleep? If this is the case, then the Five Elements Emperor is too badly fun! โ€

The mind keeps changing. In Ye Zichen's opinion, this is definitely a way to crack, but he just can't find the way to crack.

The lion is closer to Ye Zichen's position, and the lion seems to be eager to swallow him, more to play with him. Their pace is particularly slow, but this slow pace is like a death knell, constantly reminding Ye Zichen that life is about to come to an end.

"I really thought that I was bullied."

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen greeted the lions directly, and there were several fireballs with five lengths in his back.

When the fireball appeared, he did not expect to be able to respond instantly. As for the power of the five elements of his half-hanger, it can be instant, it seems that the law of the world is quite clear.

"Maybe this is the way to break the game."

Thinking of Ye Zichen's heart is a bit hot, in the blink of an eye, there are more and more fireballs behind him, and the fusion between them is turned into a sea of โ€‹โ€‹several hundred feet.

The beasts are afraid of fire. When they see such a glaring fire, the lions who reveal the fierceness are actually stepping back from the back.

"Little sisters, have you not been very arrogant?"

The fire behind it is all the yoke of Ye Zichen. Seeing that these murderers are retreating, Ye Zichen suddenly regrets why he didn't think of it at first, so he might save them.

"Disenchantment, although you are wearing a cute dress is very bad, but if you die, I will avenge you. There are also black faces, I will avenge you. โ€


The sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire behind it rushed toward the group of lions, and the lions took the fear of the flames and kept going backwards.

But when they retreated to the front of the mausoleum, they seemed to have retreated to the limit of retreat, all of which stopped in the mouth with uneasiness.


At this moment, the screaming lions of the lions of the lions rushed toward the sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire. After him, there were several lions following it and rushing to the sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire.

"court death."

The flame of the sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire did not end the addition, but did not expect


In the sea of โ€‹โ€‹fire, the lion's lord rushed out of it, and its body burned with raging fire, and the flame burned almost all of its brown hair to burnt black.

Its eyes were accompanied by resentment, and a lion slammed Ye Zichen down.

Its strength was strong when Ye Zichen fell to the ground, and all the bones were crushed. In the pain of the heart, Ye Zichen barely kept the consciousness awake, watching the leader's blood basin biting towards it. Come over.

"I am going to die again?"

Itโ€™s ridiculous to think about it, itโ€™s hard to reincarnate, and finally decided to fly to the realm of God, but I didnโ€™t go up to my own mountain. The news of Xia Keke has not been seriously discriminated. The sea of โ€‹โ€‹Su Yiyunโ€™s soul may have been visited. Su Yan's misunderstanding has not been lifted yet, Xiao Honghong has not yet married.

He has too many unfinished obsessions, but now he is going to die.

He doesn't blame the enchantment, it's all this time, not to mention the enchantment is dead, he can still have any complaints. What he hates is the Five Elements.

"Five elements of the Great, you play us!"

There was a weak smile in the mouth, and he had no strength to roar at this time. He just smiled bleakly and looked at the bloody mouth of the lion.

"Hey, Ye Zichen, you wake up."

Ye Zichen, who has already been in the heart of death, suddenly opened his eyes. He was full of mistakes and looked at him. It was not a lion, but a disenchantment that had already killed the lion.

"You, me, I am already dead?"

The lion's work was quite crisp and neat, but he did not suffer too much sin and gave him a good time.

Dead, everything is free.

Sitting on the ground with bitterness, he found that the black-faced monster that killed the young lion was also in front of his eyes.

Still black face, just like when he was alive.

"Black face blame, you said that you are all dead, still doing a stretch on this face? What's the matter, is this your style? I want to keep this style in my life? Tell you that a girl like you won't like you, change your style, or I will worry that you are lonely. โ€

The face of the black-faced monster is almost iron-blue, and he stares at Ye Zichen, his eyes seem to be killing Ye Zichen.

"Why, scare who? If you really fight, you are enough to beat me, do I know? Looking at your little arms and calves, I am afraid that I will give you a bone stick to die. โ€

They are all dead, and some don't care if they have scruples before they were born. Ye Zichen, who is very guilty of death, also opened his voice, this time he said directly to the disenchantment.

"There is no brain in your chest. It is your example." Still cute, tell you, you are so cute when you are cute, I can't help but hold my fist as soon as I see it, I want to punch a punch on your face. However, it makes sense. If you look at it from the point of view of appearance and size, you are actually enough to be a standard. โ€

Ben was still laughing at Ye Zichen's black-faced singularity, and at this time he collapsed. However, she was not as friendly as the black-faced blame, and she took a direct slap in the face of Ye Zichen.

Grabbing the enchanting arm, Ye Zichen is very disdainful.

"You still want to hit me, me."

Halfway through, he stopped, if he didnโ€™t feel wrong

Hand, it's hot!

Some don't believe in their feelings, Ye Zichen raises his hand and takes a shot of his thigh

Legs are painful!

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