Most afraid of the sudden silence of the air, when feeling the warmth of the body temperature and the pain in the legs, Ye Zichen's face inexplicably appeared a little cramped smile.

The look of the black-faced blame is still like a sharp sword from a broken sheath, and the back of the ridge is cold.

There was no good demon in the devil, and the eyes were full of anger, staring at him.

Just in this silence without words, time passes by.

"Ha ha ha"

In this awkward atmosphere, Ye Zichen broke this dull silence. There was a light smile on his face, and he looked at the disenchantment and the black-faced monster and smirked.

"Is it a lot easier, I am afraid that you are nervous before entering the mausoleum, this is all for your sake. It's not too late, let's go in earlier? ”

His words did not affect the eyes of Wu Yi and the demon, and the smile on the face of Ye Zichen gradually smashed, and his heart was full of words while holding his head and his eyes closed.

Still alive!

It is obvious that the lion just ate him, and the enchantment and Wu Yi also let the lions eat it. It’s all he’s witnessing, and now it’s all changed.

Looking at the past in front of the mausoleum, the lions are still stone statues, and they have not become the size of the size that Ye Zichen saw.

"There is no brain, no sorrow, and a cute costume. I used to have this image in the eyes of my little brother."

The stunned man held his shoulder and smiled, but when she smiled, the biting lower lip could feel her teeth.

"Don't be like this, just make a joke with you, why are you doing so seriously?"

It’s really awkward now, Ye Zichen thought they were all dead, and they would say that they are so unobtrusive, who can think that they are still alive.

In order to avoid continuing this topic, I licked my lips Ye Zichen and raised my eyebrows.

"The goddess of enchantment, just now I seem to see you and the black-faced blame let the lion eat, what is the situation. To say illusion, when I did not realize that it was the existence of illusion, everything was real and terrible. ”

Let Ye Zichen shout as a goddess, the enchanting look is a little better, but his face is still deep.

"You look at the stone lion in front of the mausoleum. This stone lion was a guardian of the Five Elements of the Emperor. Although the five elements of the Great Emperor fell, they were also turned into stone carvings and guarded the mausoleum, but in fact they did not die. Now they are alive and dead, and they are not distinguishable. But what is certain is that they are all spiritual. You should have attacked their souls and evolved the scene you saw in the soul world. ”

"It turns out to be."

Ye Zichen nodded and dared not look at the lion's eyes. The scene he experienced just now is really scary. It is too scary.

"Don't delay your time, let's go to the government."

At this moment, the black-faced monster also held the rusted sword in his arms, and glanced at Ye Zichen indifferently, but he was too lazy to pay attention and walked toward the gate of the mausoleum.

Ye Zichen smiled at him as he watched the black-faced look.

Until the other side did not look at him, and went straight to the front door of the mausoleum, he only scratched his head and scratched his head, his eyes and expressions could not change.

This is really too embarrassing, they are here.

The words I just said directly offended both of them. Ye Zichen couldn't help but slammed his mouth and shouted.

"Ye Zichen, why is your mouth so owed, even if it is really dead, can't you stop?" This time, it’s good to have doubts about this brother and sister. If there is a problem, you can’t play with you after you go in! ”

Awkwardly, he licked himself a few words, and Ye Zichen put his gaze on the black-faced monster.

At this time, he had stood in front of the gate of the mausoleum, but he did not directly push the door open, but the two stone lions in front of the door were deeply envious.

After that, he reached out to the door.

The gates of the mausoleum are bronzed, with a lion head on each side of the door and two metal rings under the lion's mouth.

The black-faced monster grabbed the ring and knocked it toward the door a few times, then returned to the steps.

Suddenly, the gates of the Mausoleum were directly open to themselves. Ye Zichen, who has been staring at the gate of the mausoleum, is smashing in the door of the door. He seems to see someone open the door in the future, and the person who opens the door is still fighting.


There is an image in the mind and a faint body overlap just seen. Ye Zichen's heartbeat is also accelerating, and he finds that since he has been here, he has not lived. Everything here made him feel terrified, but he was watching the disenchantment and Wu Yi. They were still like nothing. After the door was pushed open, the stone lion walked deep into the gate and walked in.

Ye Zichen, who is behind them, is also a kind of student. They worship the stone lion, and he also worships.

Don't worry about what it is for, but you can't go wrong with it.

Entering the inside of the gate, there is another hole in the sky.

At this time, they appeared to be the front yard of the mausoleum. The rain of the patter did not end. The front, left and right of the courtyard had a gravel path with a length of about 100 meters and a width of about three meters. On both sides of the road. Planted with a vibrant grass.

If these fairy grasses are placed outside, they are afraid that they will be worthy of a city. If they can bring all these grasses out, it will be an amazing wealth.

Ye Zichen’s eyes were straight, and he licked his lips and reached out to the grass.


The outstretched hand let the slap in the face of the slap, and said: "Don't move."

The black-faced monster standing at the forefront also looked at Ye Zichen with a lock eyebrow. Very rarely, he actually took the initiative to open his mouth.

"If you don't want to die, you should not tamper with everything in this courtyard."

When the voice fell, the black-faced monster turned his gaze back. Ye Zichen let the two of them give the whole part some unclear thoughts. Since they all said that they were reserved for the generations of the younger generations, why not let them go. As if I felt Ye Zichen's incomprehensibility, the disenchantment was actually taking a stone from the road and throwing it at the grass.


The stone has not yet fallen into the medicine potion, and in the midair, it directly burns the fire to the end.

"Did you see it?"The sorrowful grin smiled and said, "These medicinal herbs are indeed real, and there are prohibitions left by the emperor on them. The entire courtyard is full of bans, but these three gravel roads are safe. If you want to get everything here, you can only get approval from this mausoleum. ”


The black face in front of him was cold and cold, and he immediately turned his head back to the air.

"If you don't want to die, keep up."

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