Eyes look at those fairy medicines but can't move. If you don't say anything else, you can use Ye Zichen's understanding of pharmacology. The herbs in this area are enough to make Haidan's materials enough to make dozens of copies.

There are still a lot of fairy medicines that he can't name, and the scent of the mellow is only a light sniff, it will make people feel relaxed, and the pores are all refreshingly stretched out.

"Resist, be sure to hold back."

Forcibly curbing the hands of his own wealthy fans, full of reluctance to follow the black-faced blame and walked forward. These fairy medicines can't be taken indiscriminately. The demon has already been shown to him. As long as he dares to extend his hand, he fears that his hand will be like the stone and say goodbye to him.

However, the gravel road of 100 meters was actually more than half an hour away.

When the black-faced monster stopped at the end of the gravel road, the rain that fell in the courtyard disappeared here. Just a few steps away, the rain was still pattering.

The room at the end of this gravel road is different from the ordinary house. In general, the house in the front yard is a lobby. But here is actually a long wing room with five doors in front of the house, with wind, rain, thunder, electricity and fire on the door.

The black-faced blame said nothing, went straight to the room with the thunder and walked over, and pushed directly into the door without saying anything.

"Is it also going in?"

Ye Zichen couldn't help but see the black-faced blame. Now he can only ask about the disenchantment, and the charm of this road is indeed a questionable type.

"He went into thunder because he is a Ray attribute. Are you also? If you are also, then follow up. ”

""Ye Zichen is a bit puzzled.

Looking at him, he was a little bit stunned. He couldn’t help but lick his mouth and carry his little hand.

"From here on, we have to separate and get the one that belongs to us." The five-door door here corresponds to the five elements of the heavens and the earth, and also corresponds to the five attributes. What type of you are going directly inside the door is gone, no need to worry, there will be no danger inside, probably"

Ye Zichen, who was said before, all understood it. Now they don’t have to hug their group. They have to start looking for their own creations.

But the last sentence of the enchantment is probably letting him hang up the whole heart.

Can you say that you may be in danger when you go inside?

"Don't scare me."This time is definitely not a time to install a man, the trick is to succeed. Ye Zichen was nervously watching the disenchantment beside him, and frowned. "I am quite a man, and I told you when I came. I can't take the creation here, but I can't die. If you don't want to go out, you have to go out from here. Then you tell me how to leave, this is not what I want. ”

"Then go in."

The enchanting stunned the door toward the door, holding his shoulders and flattening his mouth.

"The corresponding behind these five doors is the exit, of course, if you can live out of this room."

The enchanting tone is always accompanied by the danger of ignorance, and it is still deliberately magnified.

Staring at the enchanting face for a long time, Ye Zichen licked her lips and reached out to grab the enchanting arm. Just like she had been cute with her, she kept shaking her eyes.

"Miss sister, you are more familiar with this, don't scare me, okay!" Seeing that you are so beautiful, you can see me as a good-hearted angel. Can you give me some advice? ”

At the end, Ye Zichen was still blinking his eyes, and there seemed to be a few more stars in his eyes.

Seeing this scene is disgusting and funny, this guy is deliberate, even learn her! Even if you study, you still learn so much.

When he is cute, is he so disgusting?

But before I thought of Ye Zichen's indifference to her, the demon charm opened his hand.

"Play yourself!"

"Miss sister! Miss sister! ”

Ye Zichen grabbed the disenchanted arm and shook it like a spoiled. It wasn't originally the disenchantment of the heart of the stone, so that his heart was a little bit flustered. When I thought about it, I didn’t care about him. I sighed and pointed to the five doorways in front.

"These rooms are actually dangerous, but the level of danger is different. Ray is the most dangerous, and it is also the biggest. The fire is second, the wind is the gentlest inside, it should be rain, what is your property? ”

What attributes?

Full attribute!

All five rooms, Ye Zichen, can enter, and they can stay away from the outside, and smile and smile at the unanswerable questions.

Know that the other party does not want to say, the demon does not ask, open the way.

"You have your own secrets, then I will not force you to say. In the end, I still want to go here. You want to think about it for a while. The black-faced geek has been in it for so long, and I have to hurry in. ”

Between words, the enchantment is to push away the room on which the "fire" is written and disappear.

Ye Zichen, who stayed in the room, looked at the room for a long time. If it was safety first, then he must go to the rain room. The enchantment said that the rain room is the safest of these rooms.

If you want to fight a wave, then it is natural to go to the mine, the dangers and benefits coexist, as long as you can live out, you can definitely be an adult.

Ye Zichen thinks that it is not the kind of extreme route, or it is better to go to the rain room.

But at the moment when his hand touched the door, these doors were all abruptly disappeared. Ye Zichen stupidly looked at the room that disappeared, squinting

"Oh, no"

There is nothing wrong with this door, so how can he go out!

Just as he was a little scared, there was another door in the long wing, and there was nothing left on the door, which made it impossible to know which one of the five elements.

Especially when the door disappeared, it suddenly appeared, as if the door was specially prepared for Ye Zichen.

Tai Nima is weird.

Ye Zichen, standing in front of the door, licking his lips, this unknown danger, he did not want to touch. Demon and Wu Yi have already entered, if they can come out, especially the disenchantment

If she wants to condense Haidan, she will definitely pick him up.

In this case, Ye Zichen simply does not enter, he does not want to face the unknown danger, after entering a bunch of strange things.

Sitting back to the floor with his back facing the door, Ye Zichen’s eyes kept looking at the medicine garden in front of him, and his eyes turned a few laps in his eyelids.

If the demon and Wu Yi who got the inheritance of the courtyard will be banned, he will go in and steal the fairy medicine at the moment of the ban, and all of them will not know what to do.

As everyone knows, when he wondered how many stolen drugs he had stolen, he did not find the door behind him.


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