When the last scorpion spirit infiltrated Wu Di's mouth into the spirit sea, he also entered the ranks of the immortal level.

"This is the power of the human being."

Can so smoothly enter the human fairy, Ning Xian Dan provides a small role.

Holding his fist tightly, Wu Diโ€™s eyes showed a hint of excitement. Stepping into the immortal, it means that he has become one of the few top players in the Flame City.

At this time, he is enough to go to the Xuan Pin area, even if there is a place there.

"You have to tell the master quickly."

Now, Ye Zichen's position in Wu Di's heart can be said to be extremely high. He didn't want to inform the family if he broke through the news of the immortality. He wanted to tell Ye Zichen the first time, so that his master would be happy too.

Pushing open the door, the maids and waiters outside the door shouted the young master with respect and respect.

This kind of treatment has never been experienced before him. If all this is really true, it may be really brought to him by his master. This makes Wu Di even more grateful to his master.

The waiter at the courtyard nodded. Just wanted to leave the courtyard and saw several guests in the family had already waited outside their door.

"Young master, too elders have a request."

It is said that Wu Di can't help but frown. The elders of Taishang belong to the Wu family's unsuccessful existence. They are Wu Wenguang's second uncle. If they are divided into two generations, Wu Di's second grandfather.

Only from small to large, he has never seen the second grandfather, even if he became a Wu family, he did not see him.

What did he suddenly want to find himself?

Although there is doubt in my heart, this is also the elder of the family in any case. If he does not go, it is not very good.

"That's also asking the two to lead the way."

When they came to the hall, the two guests stopped and held their fists toward the hall.

"The elders are too big, and Wu Lin has brought it."

"coming? Let him come in. โ€A vigorous answer came from the direction of the hall. The two guests went back two steps to the side, and gestured for Wu Di. "Wu Shaoye, please inside."

Going down the hall, Wu Di saw that there were several elders sitting in the hall.

Among these elders, Liโ€™s people were mostly inhabited. In the front of the hall, a crane-haired old man sat in a chair with the momentum of being angry and self-defeating.

"Wu Dubai sees the elders of the elders and the elders."

After the Wu Linzi of the Wu family, Wu Di also became more confident. Even in the face of so many elders' gaze, he can still maintain a normal heart and stand in the hall.

"Not bad."

The faint opening of the elders of the elders is nothing more than a simple compliment.

"Xiao Di, I heard that you can have such a leaps and bounds thanks to your master?"

"Yes."Wu Diโ€™s answer is not humble. โ€œWu Di can have today, itโ€™s all from the cultivation of the Master.โ€

"In this case, it is better to ask your master to come to our Wu family." I have been retreating these days. If it wasnโ€™t for Wenguangโ€™s child, I would go to the Xuan Pin District. I am afraid I will not come out. After I came out, I didnโ€™t expect that Wuโ€™s family would like to be a scorpion. I also learned about you, and I want to see your master. โ€

The elders of the elders smiled, but the smiley machine seemed somewhat far-fetched.

Wu Di has long ceased to be Wu Di in the past. He knows how to look at his words and can also notice some details. The behavior of the elders is very strange, and he sees it very clearly.

"My teacher is accustomed to the wild cranes, and is not good at dealing with this kind of entertainment. In order not to let the teacher respect, I think this is still a problem. โ€

For Ye Zichen, Wu Di actually repudiated the face of the elders.

"Xiao Di"

The elders in the elders seemed to want to be comforted. At this time, the back room behind him was out of two men with two small chests and a small axe.

"True trouble!"

The younger one of the two men spoke up. The elders of the elders saw that they had quickly got up from the chair and were full of laughter.

"grown ups."

Axe help!

Wu Di, who stood in the hall, had a cluster of brows. The axe of the Flame City had already let his masters die. This is not known to others. It is known to be his apprentice.

Now these two people appear in the Wu family, apparently sent by the axe headquarters of the Xuan Pin area.

"No, they want to find a teacher to trouble."

He couldn't help him think more, but the moment when the two appeared, Wu Di was plundering outside the hall. Standing on the elders of the elders, the axe helped the older people to see it, and the right hand shook the door of the hall to close it.

The entire hall was suddenly black, and at the same time the younger axe helper also caught Wu Di.


To the young axe to help the master face a punch, this punch can be said to use his ten-power, the power of the human level instantly burst out.

The young axe who helped the shot was also in the middle of the middle of the season. In the face of this punch, he naturally did not dare to pick it up. The right hand shot was actually a few steps away from the rear.

The sly fist winds smashed the stone pillars in the hall, and the rest of the elders in the temple felt that the breath was also a sigh.


I didn't expect this to be seen for half a month. The unicorn, which is dazzling in Dabie, has now stepped into the strength of the human level.

Didn't dare to harden Wu Di's axe to help the young man still want to go forward, but let the older one shout.

"Forget it, let me come."

As soon as the voice fell, this gave the elders a direct shot toward Wu Di.

This palm seems to be unpretentious, but Wu Di, who can face this palm, is under pressure. He gritted his teeth and slammed his fists, but he heard a crisp sound and his arm was completely broken.

"Give me a sire."

With an angry drink, Wu Di felt that the surrounding world seemed to have oppressed him. Even if he resisted, he was still on the ground.

Until Wu Di uniform, the old man was a faint smile, watching the chest constantly undulating, eyes filled with anger Wu Di opened.

"You are the disciple of Ye Zichen's apprentice Wu Di? I am Feng Taihua, the deacon of the outer door of the Xuan Pin area, and the initial strength of the land fairy. I am here to ask you, where is your master now, how strong is it, but the Flame City Axe is helping him to kill? โ€

For a long time, Feng Taihua did not hear Wu Di's opening, and could not help but nodded and smiled.

"Don't say, the mouth is hard, but if you don't say it, those who don't mean chaos don't say it." You are only the first stop here. At this time, we have already gone to them. When you are sure that they will not say it? If you say it, then I might not be able to spare you, but you can also let your family think about it, you still donโ€™t say it! โ€

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