"Wu Di, you have said it. In the final analysis, your master is a surname, your surname is Wu, you have the blood of Wu family, Wu Di, for our family, you will do as adults say. โ€

The elders of the elders are so eager to comfort, the people who help the axe really can't afford it, this is the master of the immortal level, and they can make their Wu family fall.

The rest of the elders also followed the help, and the words of the seven-worded words fell in Wu Di's ears, but they were upset with the flies.

"Give me shut up."

This anger drunk Wu Di used the fairy level of the immortal level, when the group of flies like the flies were drunk, Wu Di was full of disdain to see the elders, and the elders around the laughter.

"What are you? And you, Wu Honghua! โ€

Wu Honghua is the real name of the elders of Taishang. When he heard that Wu Di was calling his name, the face of the elders of the elders suddenly changed.

"You said that my master is a foreign surname. You said that I have blood in the Wu family. You said that I have passed them for the family?" I am, Wu Honghua, I tell you, I want to let Wu Di sacrifice for the family to give me the second life of the Master, you are delusional. โ€

Feng Taihua, the master of the immortal level, looked at it all coldly, and Wu Di was also a ghostly smile.

"Don't talk to me about family affair, family life is in my eyes, you are not a shit." Now you talk to me about what family is going on, and I am bleeding from Wuโ€™s family. Then, when I was letting you out of Wuโ€™s land, why didnโ€™t you say that? When my mother was going to die, I tried to get a remedy for a month in your Wu family. Until the end of my mother's illness, you didn't even look at me. โ€

"Now you say that my teacher is a surname, but my master has saved me from the time of my death. It is my master who has given me everything I have now. Family, itโ€™s ridiculous! โ€

"Recalling this, in fact, Wu Wenguang and my mother were you who opened it. When Wu Wenguang and Li Na were engaged, it was your best. Because you think that my mother is a prostitute and her status is low. Li Na is the Miss Li family. She married Wu Wenguang to make the Wu family's power further. To put it bluntly, what you see in the eyes of the old guys is only the immediate interests. โ€

Wu Diโ€™s words were sharp and ridiculous. He angered everyone in the hall with his fingers, and the pores in his body seemed to open his anger.

"My wish is gone, I have nothing to ask for. If you really have it"

The tone suddenly became low, but after a few bitter smiles, Wu Di shook his head and smiled.

"No, I have no regrets! I have lived freely and freely these months, and although the time is short and dreamy, it seems to me enough. Is it very worried, is it very scared that your life is now in my hands, but I will not give you this hope. โ€

In an instant, Wu Di took out the jade and sent a dangerous signal to Ye Zichen, and his body was actually inflated.

"Want to blew, oh"

Feng Taihua has been staring at him all the time, just to avoid Wu Di's self-destruction. The big hand pressed down against him, and the spiritual power of the inexhaustible line was directly sealed by Wu Diโ€™s Linghai.

Wu Diโ€™s eyes in the face of self-destruction revealed despair, and the jade in his hand also let Feng Taihua rob the past.

โ€œSend a message to Ye Zichen?โ€

With a grin, he also wrote a message and sent it out.

"I want to save your apprentice, come to the axe!"

Throwing jade slips on the ground and smashing it, Feng Taihua is opening the way to younger people.

"Bring him back."

Wu Di, who sealed the Linghai, is an ordinary person. Even if he resists, he may not be the opponent of the master level. When a palm fell on his neck, he lost his consciousness and passed out.

"grown ups."At this moment, the elders of the elders took a few steps forward. "You are not saying, will not hurt the scorpion of my family, we are with the Cai family."

"Shut up, and then mention that Cai Jiaxin does not believe that I will destroy your Wu family now."

Feng Taihua glared at him with a cold look. "You will not kill your unicorns. As long as Ye Zichen comes to our axe, we will let your unicorns." If you want to change the ้บ’้บŸๅญ, take Ye Zichen to change it. โ€

Almost at the same time, the flame city help also suffered a fatal blow.

However, on the third day, the new gangsters were completely destroyed.

The gang and the deputy lord were all shackled, and the sects in the gang were seriously injured and fled. The gang resources were all plundered, and the rest of the gangs were all escaping from the macaque.

What makes the axe feel embarrassing is that whether it is chaos or Wu Di is a hard bone, nothing to mention about Ye Zichen.

"How do you feel that you are always hurt?"

Ye Zichen walked in the boundless desert with a sullen face. He didn't know how long he would walk in the desert. The only thing he knew was that half of the space ring's wine made him drink almost.

The yellow sand is full of days and you can't see the end.

Ye Zichen was aware after the door opened. He ran without saying anything about his legs, but he felt that there was an invisible hand inside the door, and he gave him a hard life.

In this way, he fell into this yellow sand area.

"How can this door be opened by myself? I said that I wouldnโ€™t come in and not come in, but also brought me in hard? I really"

Now the anger in Ye Zichenโ€™s heart canโ€™t be described in words, and heโ€™s noticed a little after he came in.

In fact, if you don't enter this door, you can definitely go out. Otherwise, how do you go out?

There is no third landscape painting that can't open their present here. How do they travel back and forth in this painting world? In particular, they are too familiar with this, as long as Ye Zichen asks, they can answer it.

"I really are the last thief boat!"

The heart is constantly spit, the most angry thing for Ye Zichen is that this broken place can't be empty. He can only walk on this yellow sand, but walking on this sand is the most tiring.

"Don't let Laozi go out, if you let Laozi go out, you must make your little girl look good!"

Looking for revenge, may be the only way Ye Zichen can bring up the spirit, dragging the heavy steps and aimlessly walking, just then he saw a vortex in the desert.

Flowing sand pit!

This is the first breeze pit he found in this desert. He couldnโ€™t resist the curiosity Ye Zichen found a safe place to look at, but did not think about it.

"Nima, play me!"

The sand bunker appeared at the foot of Ye Zichen!

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