When Ye Zichen returned to God, he was already out of the painting and was placed on the ancient road outside the Flame City. When he appeared, the landscape painting that belonged to him was also separated from the rock and flew back into his hands.


Looking at some familiar environments, as well as landscape paintings in hand, Ye Zichen's look is a little bit worried.

Take the town demon tower, the ghost directly bombed him from the painting. He thought it was the weapon room, and there seemed to be a drug and a spell room in the palace. He was still ready to go out and look at the other two rooms.

"Small ghosts."

Grabbing at the rock, but Ye Zichen is not so resentful. He will not be the successor of the mausoleum, even if he went to the medicinal herbs and spells, he was afraid that he could only return without success.

Staying there is also a fear, and now I can go back to reality and it feels good.

He is not too white, but at least he got one of the ten treasures of the town demon tower, although he is not particularly optimistic about the town demon tower.

"What the ghost of this town demon tower is."

At the same time, Ye Zichen was trying to study the town demon tower carefully, but at this time he felt the news of the jade in the space ring.

Knowing the sea and deepening the ring, Yu Jian took out the news and looked at the news of Yu Jian.

Standing in front of the boulder, Ye Zichen's body slammed in a moment, and the flashing pupil was accompanied by a faint dignity. In a flash, he turned into a ray of light and disappeared from the ancient road.

Flame City.

In nearly half a month, the biggest news in the Flame City was that the mess was destroyed.

Just as it was a gang to ban the axe, the name of the gang became a hot topic in the Flame City. But now, the chaos has been destroyed but it has once again become a hot topic in the Flame City.

When the surrounding space became distorted, Ye Zichen appeared in the chaos

The glimpse of the heart is the ruin of the heart, the door of the gang is destroyed, and there are traces of fighting that have been extremely fierce here.

Even though it has been a few days, here still can feel the fluctuations of the Dao.

For a long time, Ye Zichen looked at the chaos that had been created by him. Now he appears in his eyes in this disintegrating state. The fists of the fists are firmly gripped, and the whole body is violently shaking. .

"Axe help."

These three words were Ye Zichen squeezing out of the teeth, and looked at the ruined gang in the blink of an eye, and Ye Zichen disappeared into the gang.

When he appeared again, he had already arrived in the courtyard of the Wu family.


The strong fairy pressure instantly enveloped the entire Wujia Mansion. In the meantime, Wu Jiazhongโ€™s oppression of the emperor was like the elders, the guest, or the Wu family. Malaria is shivering.

The wind and the clouds are rewinding, and the world is changing.

The whistling wind blew up the flowers and trees on both sides of the courtyard, and the bright and clear sky was also covered with clouds of ink in this time, and the roar of the ears came from time to time in the clouds.

Ye Zichen stood in the center of the courtyard, looking at the hall in front of him coldly.

"Wu Wenguang, come out and see me!"

This anger is like a rushing thunder, and almost the entire Flame City hears the raging anger in this voice.

Many families in the Flame City sent people to inquire, and above the Flame City Tower.

The city owner Wang Lei stared at the position of the Wu family in the north, and stood next to him the patriarch of the Liu family. Since the clan ratio, their two families have been close.

Faced with the threat of Cai Jia and Wu Jiaqi Linzi, they only want to stand still.

"It's so strong."

After a lengthy silence, Wang Leiโ€™s eyes were dignified. Although Xian pressure did not cover them, he could be angered by Dandan. After listening to him, he used the strength of his early days to have a feeling of blood and blood.

Can make him like this, the person who appeared in the Wu family is at least the master of the fairy peak and even the king of the fairy king.

Liu Jiaโ€™s family also silently nodded, but Wang Lei did not care so much. As a city owner, he naturally wants to ensure the safety of the city. With such a big master, even if he is looking for trouble with Wu, he will feel heavy pressure on his shoulder.

In contrast, Liu family does not have so many concerns.

"Wu Wenguang."

It was a dull anger that rang through the entire flame city. Ye Zichen stared at the front. Not long after, the Wuโ€™s elder grand elder was running out of the hall and rushing from the hall.

"When I met my predecessors, I didn't know where my Wu family had angered the predecessors, and the predecessors of this anger were furious and asked the seniors to say."

The head is white and looks at the old man who is about to enter the earth. He respectfully stands in front of people who are younger than him, a senior.

Itโ€™s very interesting to watch this scene.

Ye Zichen squinted and raised a glimpse of the corner of his mouth, looking at Wu Honghua, who was worried about the front.

"Who are you, I am looking for Wu Wenguang, can't he come out to see me."

"The predecessors, the younger generation is Wu Honghua, the elder of the Wu family." The owner, Wu Wenguang, went to the Cai family in the Xuan Pin area. These days are the days when my Wu family and Cai family are happy. โ€

Although Wu Honghua is the strongest person in the family, he is just a human peak. Otherwise, it would be a master of the axe to help the immortals, and it is impossible to be so unscrupulous in their families.

He couldn't judge the strength of Ye Zichen standing in front of him, he could feel the shudder of deep bones.

"I almost forgot, your Wu family has a marriage with Cai."

Ye Zichen squinted at the corner of his mouth with a smile like a smile. This smile saw Wu Honghua's scalp numb. He lived for so long. This feeling was the first time he encountered it.

He cautiously hangs his head, and the old pupil's eyes sparkle with fear.

Now he can be said to be in the most powerful position of the release of Ye Zichen, the suffocating sense of oppression has made his heart broken.


"Don't be nervous, I am not a killer."

I chuckled and patted Wu Honghuaโ€™s shoulder. The warm palm and the smiling smile fell in Wu Honghuaโ€™s eyes but it was not so friendly and friendly. He nodded and heard.

"Wu Di asked him to come out to see me."

In an instant, Wu Honghua's entire face was a condensation. He looked at Ye Zichen standing in front of him with horror. Suddenly there was a particularly bad premonition in his mind that grew from his heart.

"Predecessors, you are"

"I" Ye Zichen's face showed a ghostly smile, and immediately his pupil was a deep look at Wu Honghua, "I am Wu Di's master!"

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