"Ha ha ha, you are finally here."

With a sly laugh, just in the moment when Ye Zichen's voice fell, there were more than a dozen men and women in the Wu family's house wearing black robe and a small axe on their chest.

These people's momentum is very strong, even if Ye Zichen's immortal pressure can not drop a few points, looming can still feel the trend of the chamber against.

"You adults."

At this moment, Wu Honghua, who was very worried about the situation, was also rushing toward those people at this time, with a smile on his face.

"Adult, this is what you want."

"Yes, there is nothing wrong with you here, go on."

The middle-aged man standing in the forefront of these dozens of people nodded faintly, and Wu Honghua was as if he was a big man. He did not hesitate and he withdrew from them.

When Wu Honghua leaves, the middle-aged man is taking a step toward the front.


The power of the middle of the fairy was suddenly released from his body. This majestic fairy power was actually suppressed by the pressure of Ye Zichen.

"Who are you?"

Ye Zichen smiled and looked at the middle-aged man.

"I am the three elders Luo Gaoyang who is in charge of the axe, but you are Ye Zichen."

In the eyes of the axe, everything is under their control. There are several masters of the fairy in here, and there are countless people around them. In order to catch Ye Zichen, they have an axe to help most of the elite, even if Ye Zichen just released the breath of the power of the fairy, they can face their encirclement and fear that it is also difficult to fly.

"Who am I, you don't know."Ye Zichen is cold.

"It's very tempered."Luo Gaoyang nodded, even if he changed the question, "I will ask you, the rudder rudder we have here is the main arrogant, but you kill."

"Yes."Ye Zichen nodded indifferently. "Then I have a question to ask you, my apprentice, but let you go."

"Yes."This time it was changed to Luo Gaoyang to answer this.

"So, best."

I couldn't understand what Ye Zichen meant. They could only see Ye Zichen's feelings of subtle changes when he said this.

"Go to the top, here is my apprentice's family. The grass and wood here are my apprentices. I don't want him to inherit a ruined family in the future."

"Inherit the family, you won't think that your apprentice is still coming back."

"Who knows?"

Ye Zichen did not deliberately say something, but it has already drifted up into the void.

Several Tianxian masters standing in the courtyard are looking at the sky, and one of them, who was in the early days of Tianxian, said at this time.

"Ronal elders, this kid will not have a bomb."

From the beginning to the end, Ye Zichen gave them too little performance, as if they didn't put them in the eye.

This is not to pretend, but to have confidence in the heart.

Luo Gaoyang is also a brow, and his eyes can't see the depth of Ye Zichen. I have to say that I have to guard against bombing. In fact, he also thought of these.

Only they are here to be the elite of the axe, just because they are the entire family of the Xuan Pin area do not dare to compete with them, Ye Zichen from where to have this kind of emboldened.

He is so disguised as he is. It’s just that his disguise is so high that it’s hard to see through.

"Don't worry if he has not bombed, we thousands of people have been ambushing in the city as early as half a month ago. Is there any acquaintance in the end? Can we not know? Now he is already in the middle of the shackles. When he is jealous of him, remember to keep alive. The helper can say that he has to live and see. ”


These masters of the fairy level are all in the air under the order of Luo Gaoyang, they stand in a circle and enclose Ye Zichen in the middle. In addition to them, there are countless immortals and immortals, dense and dense.

The release of the fairy pressure is even more so that the flames of the Flame City are stained with dignified ink.

"Is this the power of the top power of the Xuan Pin area?"

On the city pool, Wang Lei looked at the sky and was very dense, at least a few thousand people of the strength of the masters of the immortals, could not help but sigh.

He is a master of the flame city, and he is also a master of the fairy level.

There are so many Tian Xian, Xian Xian, and Xian Xian, but there is no way to mobilize him, and his family is actually not in the green. The strongest person under his antenna is the peak of the human being, and it is impossible to find out like this. The master of the axe is the same.

"Now everything is clear, and the axe of Flame City is afraid to get rid of the master of the surname Ye. I have to say that he is really too impulsive, even though he is strong, but the axe of the Flame City is standing behind the axe of the Xuan Pin area. Now the other person is looking for him, facing so many masters. I am afraid that there are fewer brothers and more brothers. ”

"I can't agree with this point."

At this moment, the Liujia family smirked and shook their heads. "Dare to provoke the axe to help, then he naturally has the ability to solve the axe to help trouble. Maybe the master will give us a surprise."

Looking suspiciously, I saw the eyes of the Liu family. The Liu family’s presence in the Flame City is the most mysterious. The people in the city only know Liu Jiaqiang, but no one knows how strong the Liu family is.

When I heard that the Liu family’s lord had such an opening, the city owner Wang Lei also subconsciously moved his eyes to the sky.

In this case, I will really surprise them!

"Kid, now you are not able to fly, I advise you to squat."On the top of the sky, when the Ye Zichen group was surrounded, Luo Gaoyang’s eyes showed an indifferent smile.

"People should all come out."

Unexpectedly, even at this time Ye Zichen is still a light face. He just looked at the master who surrounded him in a circle, without any moving color.


Luo Gaoyang sneered, he did admit that Ye Zichen disguised well, but at this time it was a little disguised.

"To tell you the truth, in fact, you should be glorious for yourself. In order to invite you to join us, we have been waiting for you for half a month in the Flame City. Your courage is really big enough, even dare to kill Huang proud, you know how high he is in our gang position? ”

"Yes, then I should be very honored!"

Ye Zichen, who was parked in the void, smiled lightly, and his gaze instantly blinked, and a strong spiritual power was released from his body. At the same time, he also grinned.

"But how do you know, isn't you in my jealousy?"

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