When the voice fell, Ye Zichen turned into a shadow, and when everyone saw him, he discovered that he had appeared behind a mid-season master.

Grinning, the white teeth are like Shura. A fairy with a low grade is applied to his hands like an artifact. The scorpion of the sage master is chopped directly, and the blood is smashed.

This is just the beginning of everything, as long as Ye Zichen disappears and then appears

At least there will be a land fairy or a few famous people of the level of the fallen, the sword is also in his hands, it does not know how many people's body smashing, how many people defensive armor, The sword of the handle is still very sharp and cold.

"How can it be"

The master of Tianxian, headed by Luo Gaoyang, can’t help but feel mad.

Xian Wang!

Ye Zichen He turned out to be the fairy king!

What is the king of the king, the king of the immortals. Even if the fairy is perfect, in the face of so many people, the immortal attack, can not be ignored.

Can Xianwang, just rely on the body to suffocate, Ye Zichen can be completely attacked by those immortals and immortals, incarnation of Shura to harvest their lives.

This is an unquestioned massacre!


When this wrath appeared, the immortal above the sky would fall from the void like a wheat. They have almost no chance of rebellion and are directly obliterated.

Countless screams and slaughter resounded through the sky, but the strongest of them, the gods, are


Don't try to resist, the existence of the fairy king is definitely not comparable to their immortals.

Those people and the immortals became the abandoned sons of their run, they fled in desperate madness, and Ye Zichen was indifferent at this time.

"The wind is coming!"

On the sky above the Flame City, there were several tornadoes.

The tornado rises from the ground and goes straight into the sky. In the face of the tornado, the celestial beings who are escaping are crazy and will hoard the guards of the body, and throw them away without money.



Above the sky, a few thunders fell in an instant. Under this thunder, countless immortals and immortals were annihilated. Among the few immortals, there were people who could not directly kill the thunder.

As the strongest of these celestial beings, Luo Gaoyang, in the face of the tornado and the thunder, kept escaping.

The body's body was opened to the strongest, but the thunder was too dense. Even if he was careful enough, there were still a few thunders falling on him.

The smashing of his body is smashing and letting it squirt a few mouthfuls of blood.

The rest of the people and the immortals also let Ye Zichen kill the gallbladder. At the moment of life and death, anyone is selfish. These axe gang members who used to be brothers and brothers all abandoned their comrades-in-arms and fled in four directions in the southeast and northwest.

"Want to go?"

From Ye Zichen to the Flame City, they have already noticed them. In order to let them show up, Ye Zichen has endured the anger of his heart and said a lot of nonsense to the Wu family.

His only purpose is to get rid of the axe.

The meaning of one thing is that you don’t drop one

"Fire is coming!"

With his anger, the whole sky was flaming. A sea of ​​fire that was enough to cover the entire flame city burned from the sky, and countless days of fire fell from the void.

The fire is shining!

Thunder is rolling!

The wind is whistling!

Countless people, the bodies of the immortals, came from the air. These immortals can be said to have the treasures that make anyone in the Flame City full of jealousy, but no one dares to come out and touch the body.

It is really in this scene that they simply do not dare to go out.

Those who are daring to want to touch the body, all died in the process of touching the body.

The house collapsed, the earth was broken, and the river was cut off.

The energy of the Xianwang level spread to the entire city, not only the Flame City, but even a few small towns outside the Flame City, they felt the energy fluctuations that destroyed the land.

This is the last days

It is the flame city, the thirteenth district or the end of the entire mortal district!


On the wall of the city, Wang Lei spurted out blood. When Ye Zichen called for the Five Ways, he became a city for his own people and used his own strength to hold up a barrier for the city.

Not only him, but the rest of the family is also able to do it.

At this moment, the entire flame city heart has been twisted into a force.

Wang Lei, who is a strong man of Tianxian, is naturally the main force to maintain this barrier. When he spits blood, the protective cover on the city is suddenly broken.

"not good."

Wang Lei’s eyes are red, and this time is no longer a battle between the family and the family. Now he is only a city owner who wants to protect the people of Lebanon.

He bit his tongue hard and stimulated his nerves with pain to re-adjust the spirit, but at this time


I don't know where it came from, only a faint low-pitched voice was heard among the people in the Flame City. In an instant, a colorful brilliance emerged over the city walls of the Flame City, covering the entire city.

The Liu family leader on the city pond saw the mask, and the low-pitchedness just now, and looked down in the direction of the Liu family.

"The ancestors!"

Standing on the top of the Flame City is the old man who is over 100 years old. His hair and beard are white, but his spirit is awkward.

His fingers tapped on the void, and the faint sensation could be felt under him.

The next Wang Lei heard a shock, when he looked at the old man

Xian Wang!

He was full of horror and looked at the Liu family leader next to him. He never slept the strength of the Liu family, but never thought about it.

Behind them is the fairy king!

Ye Zichen didn't know that he had led to such a big panic in the Flame City. Now there is only one thing he thinks about, that is, killing them all.

In just half an hour, those people and immortals are all fallen, even if the fairy is also a fallen number of people, leaving Luo Gaoyang and another master of the middle of the fairy.


Like the ghostly odds and lows appearing behind the surviving mid-term strong man, he almost stopped his beating when he heard this low-pitched, but he still had to be separated from him before he made the person who responded to him. .

Blood madness is not enough, but Ye Zichen's clothes are not contaminated with a drop of blood.

"it's your turn."

Ye Zichen squinted and disappeared into the sky, Luo Gaoyang feared, he wanted to run but when Ye Zichen appeared again without any accident, Luo Wanyang died.

At this point, all the elites that the axe helped to deploy to the Flame City survived.

The blood stained the sky, and the city, once famous for its flames, became a blood city!

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