Sharply destroyed.

The flame city monks who lived under the protection of the Liu family ancestors were all trembled in their hearts, and the pupils were beating the bloody red city.

Ye Zichen also fell from the sky at this time, and his right hand holding the sword dripping blood drops continued to follow the Jianfeng. In his left hand holding a person's head, when everyone looked at it and found that the head was suddenly the head of Luo Gaoyang.

From his gaze, he can feel what he experienced before he died. The shackles were accompanied by unspeakable sorrows, and the face was full of horror and despair.

Strolling through the city, he left a bloody red footprint. At the same time, countless space rings, including treasures, turned into a long river of Lingbao to Ye Zichen.

It’s hard to imagine that these are at least the masters of the immortal level, and the wealth after death will be geometric. Only they can only be hot, but they dare not have anyone to grab, including the ancestor of the Liu family, he just nodded to Ye Zichen, and disappeared into the flame city.


Numerous bloody footprints remained behind Ye Zichen, and as he walked straight into the transmission front of the Flame City, he reached out to a guard at the transfer line.

The guard's heart suddenly shrank, and the sorrow shivered and swallowed.

The guards feared, but he saw Ye Zichen's incarnation of death and harvested the lives of countless people and immortals.

He is very worried that he will be the next soul of Ye Zichen.

"Don't be afraid, I am not a killer."

The fairy in his hand circled a few laps, and the cockroach was inserted on the ground, and Ye Zichen placed his hand on the shoulder of the guard.

"Do you know which area the axe of the Xuan Pin area is helping?"

"In the 36th district."The guards were cold and sweaty, and their faces were white.

"That will light you to send me to the city of the 36-zone axe, this is the toll."

I took a ring from the long river of Lingbao and handed it over to the guard. The ring was stained with bright red blood, and the guard did not dare to take the ring.

"Don't you have money?"

Faintly nodded, Ye Zichen did not insist too much, and the long river that was made into Lingbao was received in the mustard bag and walked toward the bottom of the line.


The fairy sword allowed Ye Zichen to take it to the hand. In a short time, the transmission line was the blood that dripped the sword body, and the blood dropped by Luo Gaoyang’s head gave it red.

Did not dare to have any hesitation, the guard's hand shook a few times under the button near the transmission array.

Just as the transmission of the spiritual light appeared, the figure of Ye Zichen in the formation became distorted and disappeared.

Until he was sent away, the guard's foot was soft and sat directly on the ground, sweating all over the body, and there was a pool of water in the meantime. The whole person looked at the front with a dull look.

At the same time, the city owners Wang Lei and the Liu family also fell to the transmission line here.

When he saw that the guard was incontinent, Wang Lei’s face could not be hanged. This was the soldier he personally trained. It is conceivable that his strength is limited. In the face of the pressure that has reached the level of the king, it will not be forgiven.

Sighing a sigh of relief toward the guard, Wang Lei could not help but open the door.

"Where did the seniors go?"

The guards apparently had lost their souls, and the Liujia family had a spiritual power to hit the body of the guards. The guards recovered some of their consciousness, but they could still sit on the ground and whisper.

"Going to the 36th district"

As soon as the voice fell, Wang Lei and Liu Jia’s family couldn’t help but look at each other. At this time, the ancestor of the Liu family’s ancestors also fell to them.

"Old ancestors!"


Wang Lei and Liu Jia’s family members also handed over at the same time, and the ancestors couldn’t help but sigh.

"It's going to change!"

This ancestor is absolutely out of existence, but the flame city is obviously destroyed. He has to come out of the retreat and protect the city.

The format of Shenshan 72 District has not changed for a long time, Ye Zichen takes the strength of Xianwang

I am afraid that the dead water in the 72 districts will be overturned!

"Liu Qing, remember, if the chaos is re-established, we will definitely support and take the initiative."

When the voice fell, the ancestor disappeared. Although he said this to the Liu family, he did not avoid Wang Lei. As for how much they can comprehend, look at themselves.

Ye Zichen, I am afraid that I am already going to be supreme!

"Proud, this seat will definitely avenge you."

The axe helped the lord Jin Anzhen to wear a mourning dress, and the axe members around him were all wearing mourning clothes. This is the request of Jin Anzhen, to hang on the yellow proud bones.

In front of the gang lobby, many people wearing mourning clothes are on fire, and the fire is rising.

In front of this fire, Wu Di, Wei Jie and others all tied hands and feet, sealed Linghai, knees on the ground.

This fire is prepared for them, and Jin Anzhen wants them to be buried with Huang Ao.

"Say, where is Ye Zichen?"

Jin Anzhen screamed at Wu Di and other people. These people were all wounded with no light injuries. In particular, Wu Di was bathed in blood, and his head was particularly weak.

"I do not know."

Through the scattered hair, Wu Di looked fiercely indifferent.

"There is a kind of killing me, and my master will definitely avenge me." You axe help, and the green gang behind you, have to be buried with me, worth it! ”

"The mouth is hard, so the seat will let you die!"

When the voice fell, Jin Anzhen was angry and shouted.

"Come, come over to me!"

"They just started, the thief who killed you, I will never let him go."

Jin Anzhen indifferently smashed Wu Di and others who were lying on the ground. Just as he was preparing to let them still go in, the next person who cleaned the hall was stumbling and ran over.

"Help the Lord."


Jin An's indifference glanced at him, and the next man spread his hand, and countless broken spirits appeared in front of him.

"what is this"

Looking at those broken cards, Jin An's pupils are shrinking. From the broken spirit, he seemed to see a few familiar names.

Even if I heard that the next person swallowed, the voice began to panic.

"This is the elder card of Elder Luo. This is only a part of it. There is a mourning hall of elite members, and it is almost completely broken! ”

Not waiting for the people around to react, there is an axe member in the distance, the look of a hurriedly lost an arm, and constantly oozing blood to the outside, his face full of panic, squatting in front of Jin’an, looking painful The opening road.

"Help the Lord, there is a man outside the door who carries the old man, and he has come in!"

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