One foot will smash the axe to help the door smash, and the axe gang members standing near the gate will also let Ye Zichen's spiritual power fly.

This abrupt scene made the other members of the gang amazed. Not long after, they saw Ye Zichen carrying the sword and the head, and slowly came in from outside the gate.

"It seems that here is hanging."

The corner of the mouth flashed over the haze, and Ye Zichen looked at the arrangement of the axe and couldn't help but whisper.

"There is a lot of self-knowledge, knowing that I am preparing for a funeral."

"Bold, who are you, dare to go to the axe to help trouble."

At this moment, a mid-aged man passed by in the void, wearing a mourning dress, full of breath, watching at least the mid-term strength of the land fairy.

Holding a long hook in his hand, the hook sharply flashed cold, coupled with his hazy eyes, it was particularly scary.

"Cui deacon."

The members of the surrounding axe were saluting the man, and even the eyes looked at Ye Zichen at the door.

"Is that the elder of Luo"

Just then, some of the members of the axe squirted and pointed at the head of Ye Zichen's hand, and the rest of the members looked at him in his words.


"Really are"

Someone in the group kept exclaiming, and the deacon of Cui was also frowning, no longer thinking that the long hook in his hand was hooked toward Ye Zichenโ€™s neck.


Cui deacon sternly, he mentioned his strength to the strongest. The long hook also cut the air, and the hook sharply aimed at Ye Zichen's neck.

Ye Zichen, standing in front, smiled indifferently, and even though he saw the silver of his sword in his hand flashed, he walked straight ahead.

When he passed by Cuiโ€™s deacon, Cuiโ€™s deacon was a few swordsmen.


The hooks fell on the ground, and the rest of the members were a glimpse.

"We have a lot of people. He is too strong to kill all of us, together!"

Countless axe members waved their weapons and released their spirits towards Ye Zichen. In this regard, he only set up a wall of spiritual power, letting those spiritual skills and weapons be cut on his wall.

"Can't break, how is this possible!"

The first members who rushed up were exposed to the hustle and bustle, even though they saw Ye Zichen turning back and grinning at them.

Brush brush.

The swordsman flickered. When he took back the sword, all the members were turned into pieces of meat and scattered to the ground.

Kill ten people in ten steps, not staying for miles!

Ye Zichen passed through the corpse, blood and water drenched the door of the axe, and from beginning to end he kept at a constant speed, walking toward the inside of the axe.

This scene is also to let the other families outside the axe pay attention. When you see Ye Zichen as a god of death, and constantly harvesting the life of the axe to help members, they have the same question in their hearts.

"Who is this person, dare to single-handedly help the axe!"

There are experts who keep coming out from the inside to stop Ye Zichen, no matter how many people, no matter how strong they are.

There is only one result left for them.



It was blood-stained in the sky. When the member who was preparing to sneak from behind, let Ye Zichen cut the head with a sword, the blood of the neck would splash like a spring spray.

But the blood didn't drop to Ye Zichen's body, and then the sword was smashed.


The walls of the gangs let Ye Zichen cut a sword, and after this wall, it was the place where Jin Anzhen was a yellow arrogant condolence.

When he set foot in the courtyard, Ye Zichen also stopped and threw the head in his hand.

The human head rolls on the ground until it stops at the foot of Jinโ€™an.

"This is your person, I will return it to you."

Those who let the hands and feet seal the Linghai, Wu Di, Wei Jie and others, when they saw Ye Zichen, were full of horror.

But they did not have half a surprise, and more was a fear.

"Boss, hurry, Jin Anzhen has broken through to the king in the past few days, hurry!"

Wei Jie is anxious to drink. In his opinion, Ye Zichen is probably the great strength of Tianxian. This kind of power may be able to traverse in the three regions of the earth, Xuan and Fan, but Jin Anzhen

He is the fairy king!

If it was a few days earlier, Jin Anzhen was still the peak of Tianxian. Perhaps the death of Huang proud bones is too much against him. Through this grief and indignation, he has stepped directly through the celestial beings of Tianxian and Xianwang, becoming the master of the Xianwang level.

This scene, Wu Di, Wei Jie, they saw it with their own eyes, absolutely no problem!

The same is true of the rest of the people. The sects of the gangs are all like a dead-end, let Ye Zichen hurry.

Ye Zichen has been very touched when they come here, but now Jin Anzhen is a fairy king.

"Helping the Lord to go, the gentleman revenge is not too late, we wait for you to have enough strength to avenge us. Leave us alone, go quickly"

Here, Yue Shulan shouted the loudest voice, and Ye Zichen stood in the same place, listening to the anxious resentment in their mouth, and could not help but smile.

In a flash, his eyes glanced.

"Itโ€™s too late for ten years, and some hatreds have to be reported now."

"Help the Lord!"

Wei Jie and others are eager to drink, can come here to save them, they have been very moved, but the perception between Tian Xianfeng and Xian Wang is like a gully.

Moreover, those who are level-level masters, they will stay in the chaos, is to see Ye Zichen is the identity of the alchemy. Ye Zichen is too young. They don't think that he has a very high alchemy, he is also an opponent of the gods in spiritual power.

They are afraid of death, they don't want to die

But now there is only one death in front of them, they can only accept, but they want someone to avenge them!

They don't want to, the only hope of revenge is to die here.

Luo Gaoyang's rounded disclosure fell to his feet, and Jin Anzhen did not have any emotional fluctuations. Even if he was a member of his martial art, Ye Zichen might have killed 70% or 80%, and he didn't care.

After he became a fairy king, his vision has changed.

The only thing he has to do now is to avenge Huang Ao!

"You are the one who killed the proud?"Jin An's look is indifferent, and his eyes are staring at Ye Zichen.

"Yes, that is, I killed him. This grandson is too ignorant of the lift, looking for me trouble three times and four times, I did not give him a mashed meat to feed the dog, it is very kind. โ€

"Oh, itโ€™s a big tone, then you will stay in it and give it to you!"


The fairy-level singerโ€™s pressure was released, and the majestic sorcererโ€™s pressure blew out the fires in the distance. The bundled Wei Jie and others were all anxious, but at this time Ye Zichen looked at them faintly. a smile

"Actually, I forgot to tell you that I am also a fairy king!"

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