The sword in the hand is a glimpse, and the pale golden swordsmanship is crashing on the ground, and the ground in front of the Jinan Temple is blasted out with a few meters deep.

At the same time, there was a dark cloud on the sky, which covered the entire sky.

The confrontation between the two kings of the immortal level makes the atmosphere between heaven and earth very dignified. A boring thunder roared above the dark clouds, and even the immortals of the entire city felt that it was the end of the day.

Frightened, uneasy

The masters in the city pool who are not in the level of immortals and immortals, trembled. Even the master of the level of the fairy, it is also a dignified look at the top of the head.

The guards of the city's main government are located in the city, and the city's main city is the first to stand on the city.

The collision of the two deities kings will have a fatal blow to the city. They have no ability to stop the decision of the two deities kings, then they can only do everything they can to minimize the losses.

When Ye Zichen said that he was a fairy king, those who let the hands and feet, whether it is Wu Di and Wei Jie, have a look of horror.

So young, there is a stunning alchemy talent, and now it is a master of the fairy king level.

The few people in the hands of Xian Gao, a few people can not help but sigh, compared with Ye Zichen for the rest of their lives, but my heart is fortunate to be able to follow the world.

"Must win."

Wu Di’s hearts are all gnashing in their hearts. I don’t know, those who help the axe feel the pressure of Ye Zichen’s release, and when Jin’an is not too much, their hearts are also hung up, and the heart is secretly filled with Jin’an. Praying.

"You are good."

Feel the pressure of Ye Zichen's release, and the power of the sword. Even Jin Anzhen, who made Huang’s death fainted, had to admit that the young man who looked at him was too young to have enough reason to face him.

Now he is no longer the kind of dismissive look, but to see Ye Zichen as a complete opponent.

"I have always been very good."The praise of Jin Anzhen, Ye Zichen is just an indifferent smile.

"But you still have to die."

Suddenly, when a particularly embarrassing anger came out of the air of Jin Anzhen, he saw the power of the thunderous thunder around his body.

This thunder force communicates directly with the Thunder on the sky. In an instant, the whole piece of void is lightning and thunder.

Jin Anzhen’s hair was also turned into silvery white, and the upper body’s clothes exploded, and the tight muscles were filled with explosive power. The momentum that rises is like the ancient wilderness, staring at Ye Zichen opposite.

"The king of the king has never fallen in the seventy-two district, you will be the first. I will use your soul to pay homage to the death of the proud bones. ”


Countless days of thunder fell from the sky, Jin Anzhen is also like a beast, all with white electric light.

The thunder of the falling thunder, in an instant, is like the end of the world.


At the same time, the guards of the city that have long been scattered throughout the city are also sulking.

The city lord jumped above the void, and the palm of the hand kept printing, and the fluctuations of the spiritual power of the fairy spread toward the surrounding.

It is bound to prevent this thunder from falling into the city.

But at this time


The strength of the world's five elements is that it can forcibly reverse the power of the five elements. Although Ye Zichen is only a small attribute, it is still above the ordinary mine attribute method.

As the saying goes, when his lips are lightly opened, the thunder above the sky is bound by the rules, and it is actually wiped out.

Wipe the thunder.

This scene is absolutely shocking to anyone. The guards scattered around the city are all looking at the sky that has not heard the thunder.

It was only how strong the thunder was on that day, but it disappeared halfway.

The city owner who was almost led by the horror of his life was also stunned. Even if he was a great consummation, he did not realize how the sky thunder disappeared.

Wu Di et al., members of the axe gang are also the same.

Only Jin Anzhen, these days Leiben is that he communicated with the heavens and the earth, and the thunder disappeared. He could clearly feel that someone had wiped his thunder.

"It's you."

A short hesitation, Jin Anzhen looked at Ye Zichen's body. He didn't think his behavior caused the power of the mountain to drop Tianwei and wipe out his thunder.

He is very clear that his level is not enough to be able to involve the big man above the mountain.


Only Ye Zichen can do it.

Laughing and nodding, Ye Zichen said: "It's me, your mine property doesn't have to be a shame in front of me. I have given you a chance and can give you a last chance. You have to take good care of it. ”

When the voice fell, Ye Zichen inserted the fairy sword on the ground.

However, it is the fairy sword of the fairy level, which in his hand is actually releasing enough power to compare artifacts.

When the blade is inserted into the ground, the ground is like being cut and cracked, and the crack spreads hundreds of meters.

Jin An is stunned. He is now fully aware that he has been provoked, and he is simply unable to confront the existence.

The Ray attribute is the most overbearing attribute of the five-line attribute, and he is also so embarrassed that he is a Ray attribute. But the other party can completely erase his mine attribute, then he can not come out with a means that can be stronger than the thunder.

In fact, when Ye Zichen wiped out his thunder, he was nearly lost!

It’s not his character to sit still.


In spite of the shadows that had been erased before, Jin Anzhen was once again trying to establish contact with the sky mines of the sky. Seeing this scene, even Ye Zichen couldn't help but sigh.

"The old technique is re-applied, you are really a little surprise and have not brought it to me!"

Indifferent sighed, his eyes glanced at the sky. The rolling thunder was once again disappearing into the heavens and the earth, and Ye Zichen immediately took a photo of the sword that was inserted in the ground.

"You have no chance."

The finger turned toward the sky, and the disappearing thunder instantly rang.

In a flash, I saw a purple-red thunder like a dragon, falling from the top, and crashing on the top of Jin’an’s head.

Thunder is topping, and it is dead and shaped!

When the thunder disappeared, Jin Anzhen had turned into coke, and he still smoked black smoke on the ground. At the same time, Ye Zichen walked past the axe's lobby, and no one dared to stop it.

"Axe help?"

The corner of the mouth accompanied by an indifferent smile, looking at the plaque above the lobby, and immediately the sword in the hand slashed toward the plaque.

"There is no need to exist!"

In a hurry, the card is broken into two halves!

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