As everyone knows, at the moment of Jin’s death, the green gang of Tianpin District has already exploded.

Half a month ago, Jin Anzhen broke through the peak of Tianxian. He said that after March, he will go to Qingbang to serve as a deacon.

A few days ago, the Green Gang got the news, and Jin Anzhen actually broke through the Xian Wang.

The peak of Tianxian may not be considered as a green gang. Some people have a hard time crossing the line of Xianwang. As long as it breaks through the king of Xian, it is a qualitative change. In any power, Xian Wang is a very important existence.

The same is true for the Green Gang.

Jin Anzhen’s breakthrough, the Green Gang has decided to give him the position of the inner door deacon, this position is considered a small official position in the Green Gang.

But just now, the people in the spiritual house actually said

The soul jade of Jin Anzhen is broken!

The death of the king of the king has not appeared in the seventy-two districts for a thousand years, and this incident has caused an uproar in the interior of the green gang.

Many people can't help asking questions. In the end, who is so courageous to dare to kill the king.

Or the king of their green gang!

The elders in the sect did not hesitate, and reported the matter directly to the Green Gang.

In the hall of the House of Representatives.

The six-wheeled dragon column stands on the main hall. In this hall, there are more than a dozen green gangs. They are all coming for the death of Jin Anzhen. There is a man in the middle of the seat in front of them.

"Well, the seats you said are already clear."

The man in the seat snorted and the high-rise in the hall was also open.

"Help the Lord, Jin Anzhen's death, how do you feel about this?"

"How can I handle it? If I die, I will die. I will not mention anyone in the future." As for the axe help we set up, there is no need to pay attention to it. ”

The man's answer made the rest of the temple impossible to be shocked. The master of the king level died so dead, and even the outside forces gave up.

It is important to know that the Green Gang can have today's development, and some of them rely on the axe to help their resources.

"Help the Lord!"

"To shut up!"

Those high-level officials still have to say, but the man in the seat is sullen and angry, and the long-standing high pressure is filled in the whole hall, so that the people in the temple are quiet.

"Jin Anzhen is a fairy king. Isn't it possible to kill him? Isn't it a fairy king?" Any fairy king deserves our attention. Do you want us to find the trouble of the fairy king, stupid! Well, this matter will be done. In the future, there will be no one in the gang to delay the investigation of human and material resources. The death of Jin Anzhen is digested internally. Just go on! ”


The high-rises in the temple were carefully removed from the temple until they all disappeared. The helper of the green gang quickly put away the faces facing their majesty, and got up from the chair and walked toward the curtain.

"Adult, so you can be satisfied with this arrangement."

"Satisfaction is not to say to me."In a short time, there was a woman’s contempt after the curtain. “This time your performance is not bad, but I don’t want to see that after I left, you are still arbitrarily.”

"How dare the villain."The green helper kept on laughing.

If this scene is to let the outsiders see that they will definitely stun the chin, the green gang will be famous in the 72 districts.

The strength of a fairy king level with the last artifact is even more difficult in the entire seventy-two area.

Today's Green Gang is the peak force in the Tianpin area. Other forces can only compete with its chambers.

But this kind of existence is actually cautiously laughing!

“If Ye Zichen arrives in Tianpin District later, remember to give him some help.”

"The villain obeys."

The streamer flashed, and the people behind the curtain disappeared from the hall. For a long time, the green helpers kept their posture in a salute, and for a long time, he took a breath and sat down on the chair, staring at the front of the hall.

"Jin Anzhen, you are not dead!"

The Xuan Pin area's peak force axe helped to destroy, this disappeared one pass and passed through ten, but in a few days, almost the entire Xuan Pin area, including the land and the sky, also received the news.

Ye Zichen also made a name for himself after this war. Many forces in the Tianpin area have begun to look for Ye Zichen and want to pull it into their own power.

In the Vantage area, the Wu family, the news that the unicorns let the axe help, did not hide.

When Wu Wenguang received the news, he rushed back to Wu’s home. After learning about the actions of the elders, he couldn’t help but confuse him. He even said that Ye Zichen was alone and the axe was destroyed. Come out.

Upon hearing this news, Wu’s family was worried and worried that they would be the next axe.

In the hall of the Wu Family, Wu Wenguang’s double scorpion sits on the seat of the patriarch, and almost all of the high-level members of the Wu family are present in the hall.

Wu Honghua, the elder of the elders, sat in a chair like a sinner. It is undeniable that he was the decision and act of the moment, and the Wu family is now in an absolute critical moment.

"The patriarch, Xiao Di, he is a disciple of Ye’s predecessors. Looking at Xiaodi’s face, he should not be against us. Although the behavior of the elders of the elders is indeed angered to the predecessors of the leaves, but that is also the undecidable decision made for the survival of the family! ”

"Yes, as long as Xiaodi and Ye’s predecessors pleaded, maybe there is a turn for the family."

The high-ranking people in the family said with a slap in the face that Wu Wenguang, who was sitting in a chair, could not listen to one sentence. All of their current ideas are based on Wu Di’s good words for them, but what if Wu Di does not say?

The Wu family is quite harsh on Wu Di, and it is almost harsh in the harshest. It should be said to be a ruin.

Although Wu Di became a unicorn, he sent his mother's spiritual position back to the clan ancestral hall, so that the relationship between them was somewhat relieved, but Wu Di's heart knot could not be solved.

"It's all you!"

Evilly glanced at Li Na, if it wasn’t for Li Jiafei’s, the current problem would not be so headache.

Li Na, who had stunned Wu Wenguang, also bit his lip and dared not speak. After knowing that Ye Zichen was the news of the fairy king, their Li family was the most fearful.

When it was against Wu Di, they could always be the people of their Li family.

"There is only one way to save the family now."For a long time, after silent thoughts, Wu Wenguang stared at the people on the hall. "Cancel the marriage with the Cai family in the Xuan Pin area, and let Yu Nan marry Wu Di."


The people in the temple are all shocked, and some people say something.

"The patriarch, we have already provoked the predecessors of Ye, and now I am still tempted to get into the Cai family?"

"stupid!"Wu Wenguang’s stunned them and glanced at them. “Is Cai’s power in the power? As long as Wu Di, he really became a Wu family, taken in the strength of the predecessors, Cai Jia dare to move us Wu family? This matter is fixed. I will send someone a letter to Cai’s letter later, and I will retire! ”

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