The collapse of the peak force axe, in the Xuan Pin area is like a blockbuster bombing.

The entire Xuan Pin area knows this news, and after several turns, it also knows its internal news.

It is rumored that the axe gang is the Wu Linโ€™s unicorn son Wu Di, whose master has erased the entire gang with his own power. The entire Xuan Pin area or the 72 districts know that the axe is a subsidiary of the Qing gang, and other families are waiting for the gang to kill them.

After half a month's time has passed, the Green Gang is dying, without any action.

This invisibly expands the power of Ye Zichen indefinitely, the name of Ye Zichen, no one knows under the mountain of God, no one knows.

In almost all the families of the seventy-two districts, Ye Zichen is regarded as a non-inviting object. Among these families, the situation of the Cai family in the Xuan Pin area is the most embarrassing.

Not to mention that the Caijiawu leaks even the night rain, in fact, it is not too much.

On the same day, when the Wu family was in the Daban, Cai Tong had thought about taking Wu Diโ€™s life. Now Ye Zichen has defeated the axe with the strength of the Xianwang level. This makes the Cai family feel at risk, for fear that the other party will anger and anger to their family.

Just now

The Wu family also came to retreat, and the two marriages ended up!

"This Wu family is too much. When they were in the position of the Flame City, they asked our Cai family to marry them. Now itโ€™s good, he actually gave the wedding back directly. The womanโ€™s retirement, this is not obviously the face of the Cai family. โ€

The Cai family were old and indignant. Among them, the clan family leader, who was so fierce, looked at the front of the house.

Just now, the person who Wu Jia sent to remarriage was going out from here.

One finger of the retired marriage book is placed on the stone table, although in this letter Wu Wenguang put his own attitude very low, the words in the letter also tells his own difficulties, and there are people who are unruly.


After the retirement, it is a retirement!

The surrounding tribes still accuse the Wu family of their actions. At this time, the Cai family chiefs ignited a fire.

The temperature of the fire seemed to melt the people, and the surrounding tribes all stepped aside in the distance.

Immediately, I saw the Cai familyโ€™s long palms slap in front of the stone table.

The seal records the Wu family's remarriage, and the letter that records the humiliation of Cai's family makes him a gray hand, and the stone table also left a handprint.

The old people were ashamed, although the Cai family did not say anything, but they still felt the anger in his heart.

"There is no need to say anything about this matter. In the choice of Xian Wang and Cai Jia, if I change it, I will still do it."

The honor of the king in the seventy-two district, any family can have the support of the king, is the qualitative transformation of the fish gantry.

Wuโ€™s choice to make this choice is understandable, he understands.

Even if Wu Jia really wants to retire, he should also discuss with Cai Jia in advance. Cai Nan asked himself not to understand the person who is flexible. Wu wants to hold the thigh of the king. He can withdraw the marriage.

At present, the Wu family is doing this, but it is simply to please the fairy king.

I want to use the Cai family to move closer to the king of the fairy, which he cannot tolerate.

"We have already provoked the existence of the king of the king, regardless of whether he will be self-destructive or not, to deal with our Cai family, we must all respond."

As soon as the voice fell, Cai Nan looked at the front of the road.

"Let Ren Fei, they wait for the younger generation, and go to Li Wei for a few days."

Several ethnic groups are always heard, Li Wei is the ex-wife of Cai Nan.

At the time of Cai Renfei's birth, Cai Nan was separated by Li Wei on the grounds of emotional disharmony. What is hard to believe is that his wife, Jia, also married directly to the Tianjiao District Gaojia in less than half a month.

At that time, it was not only the entire Cai family, but even the entire Xuan Pin area was a sensation.

Cai Nan also retired for several years after the incident occurred. After the customs clearance, he became a fairy, and after the order was ordered, Caiโ€™s family would not allow anyone to mention the word Li Wei.

In these twenty years, Cai Renfei has never seen his mother side.

Now Cai Nan actually let Cai Renfei go to Li Wei, and several ethnic groups can't help but open the door.

"patriarch, this matter"

"I have decided, Li Wei's person is clear, although she and I have no hospice, but she will not sit idly by Ren Fei. Looking at Ren Feiโ€™s face, letโ€™s send a few people to live in a small place, and it wonโ€™t be like it. Do it now, don't delay time. โ€

When the voice fell, Cai Nan was condensed and returned to the room, and could not help but sigh.

"After all, I still ask you!"

All the movements of the parties continued, all of which was caused by Ye Zichen's axe help, but the green help was ignored. Numerous people acted for the name Ye Zichen, and Ye Zichen, who caused all of this, sat at the site of the front axe and looked at the town demon tower that was taken from the tomb of the Five Elements.

Wei Jie They have returned to the Van Gogh area for reconstruction, and Wu Di also brought him back to heal.

The reason why Ye Zichen has stayed here is actually to wait for the people of the Green Gang to come over, and if they come, they will simply come to the fore.

But this has been waiting for half a month, but the Green Gang has never been here. Under the boring, Ye Zichen thought of the town demon tower he had taken from the tomb of the Five Elements.

The town demon tower is only slap in the palm of the hand, and there is a little rust on it.

From the appearance of light, this pagoda does not see anything special. However, when he hunted the axe to help members, he clearly felt that the pagoda had changed.

Drop blood.

Instill spiritual power.

He has tried these common methods of confession, but this pagoda still has no signs of acknowledging the Lord.

"Itโ€™s weird."

Ye Zichen, sitting cross-legged on the ground, holding the town demon tower can not help but whisper.

This town demon tower must have its special features, otherwise it will not be possible to put together with the ten treasures. Moreover, in the past few days, he also felt that the town demon tower had changed.

It is reasonable to say that the means of acknowledging the Lord have been tried, but this pagoda still has not had any connection with him.

"He has taken a heavy treasure from the heart, but it will not be used." The five elements of the Great Emperor are a bit pitted, and why should I attach a instructions for use! โ€

The hands of the town demon tower are constantly playing, and suddenly Ye Zichen is shining.

Maybe this pagoda must be infused with the full five elements.

Not much hesitation, Ye Zichen has wasted too much time on this town demon tower. If this is not the case, then he is ready to give up this pagoda.

The power of the five elements in the palm of the hand kept pouring into the pagoda. When the power of the five elements entered the tower, the pagoda flashed a glimmer of light.

A loud bang, Ye Zichen felt that the whole person's mind was swallowing the pagoda, and a particularly low whisper appeared in the ear.

"Is it you!"

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