Although there are countless strong men in the town demon tower, as long as they are released, they are on the top of the mountain, and they are counted as the top power.

But this is the territory of the Protoss, and the power of the monsters in the town demon tower is still not orthodox.

What's more, Ye Zichen is the one who has the beginning and the end. The establishment of chaos has his original intention. He can't give up his gangs who have worked hard since they got the town demon tower.

He will use chaos to help the Protoss's stagnant waters completely mess up.

Of course, the demon of the town demon tower can still be used. Even if the Supreme is, now he is under the mountain of God. If the Supreme is afraid, it is very likely to fly up to the mountain of God, or directly to the demon world.

Steady, Ye Zichen doesn't use them, but even if he only uses the fairy king level demon, so many fairy king level demon, who dare to provoke him in his gang.

Thousands of fairy king-level demon people, afraid that the entire seventy-two districts are difficult to come together.

Don't say that it is a green gang, even if the people in the 72nd district attacked him and attacked him, he was not afraid!

It was a fiery heat to think of Ye Zichen's heart here. Suddenly he thought of the Xiao family who controlled the Leiren.

"Wait a minute, I will come to visit you one day soon, thank you for your love for me!"

That completely overcast the eyes let the town Demon Tower A group of demons are all can not help but a shiver, even if it is the best of the nine, they see ye zichen real strength but the peak of the immortal king, but when they feel this ray of sight, they are from the depths of the heart issued an irresistible trembling.

Qi Qi, Lei Zhen and others looked at each other and it seems that their new owner is not as simple as they thought.

Without paying attention to the different colors of the Yaozu, Ye Zichen gaze at her eyes and speaks with a very kind smile.

"You can go out with me."

"of course!"

Having said that, Ye Zichen can clearly feel the urgency of their tone.

They have been here for a long time, for example, Qi Qi, when he caught him, he was only a fairy of the personal fairy level, but now he has become a master of the highest level.

Although here he is the leader of the demon, there is no dispute and war here, no food and clothing.

He even got married here, and he gave birth to a child, but he also wanted to go back to the world outside.

Especially the demon world, he is too homesick!

The demon is almost here, they want to go out!

The previous five elements of the Great Emperor caught them, perhaps only to let them refine the spells or take care of the herbs, and at his level do not need them to do for him.

The new owner is different now, the new master, Xian Wang

They have a chance to go out and have a look!

"If you can go out, I know that you are too tired to stay here. If you do well, you will have the opportunity to go out." So, you will stay here, I will take a few fairy kings to go out, you recommend a few for me. ”

Ye Zichen's voice fell, a difficult cover to float to the face of the Supreme level.

But the new owner also said that they have no chance to go out in the future. Moreover, the strength of the master now determines that the future will be useful to them, waiting for hundreds of thousands of years, and not afraid to wait a few more years.

Leaving from the town demon tower, when he came out, the sky outside was getting late.

Behind him was followed by two burly brawny men, two of whom were chosen by Ye Zichen.

Zhu Kang, Zhu Tai.

They are brothers, the strength of the Xianwang peak, the body is the porcupine.

The Nethered Porcupine is also a small race in the Yaozu, which is considered to be the middle-aged beast-level ethnic group. Don't look at them, they don't look too flexible, but if they really get up, they can be like ghosts.

The two brothers are also the same living body, able to communicate with each other and be able to seize the opportunity when fighting.

Therefore, Qi Qi only sent them out.

It is necessary to know that the masters of the Supreme level in the town demon tower are everywhere, but the two demon kings of the fairy king level are actually coming out. The two brothers are holding a sigh of relief in their hearts. Also give them the fairy king level of the demon, fight for the face.

Only performance also needs opportunities. After they came out, their masters did not say anything, and they were embarrassed by the brothers. They did not dare to disturb Ye Zichen, they could only stand on their sides and watched.

"The Wu family is very eye-catching."

From the town demon tower, Ye Zichen received a message from Wu Di. In the news, Zheng Yunan mentioned the news of the retiring of Cai’s family.

From the performance of the Wu family, they seem to want to marry Wu Di and Zheng Yunan.

Can marry Zheng Yunan, in Wu Di's view this is of course very good. But he did not want Zheng Yunan to become a chip of repeated use by the family, and he has not responded.

I was so confused that I had to ask Ye Zichen for help.

Seeing this news, Ye Zichen shook his head and smiled at Zhu Kang Zhutai.

"Go, follow me back to the Flame City."

Flame City Baixiao Inn.

Although Ye Zichen did not stay here during this time, the room was still empty.

In the inn of the inn, Ye Zichen sat in the room and drank the scent, and the two brothers Zhu Kang Zhutai stood outside the door, and Wu Di, opposite the Ye Zichen in the room, held the glass for a long time.

There are Wei Jie who are constantly supplying the tonic, and Wu Di’s injury is already seven or seven.

The only thing that is now is that the bones of the arms have not fully healed and bandaged, but it does not affect his daily activities.

It is also considered to be a blessing in disguise. Now Wu Di’s vagueness has already reached the middle of the immortal.

I am afraid that he will give him some time, he will certainly be able to break through the mid-level of the immortal.

"Is the teacher so eager to call back, is it to eat with the teacher?"

Wu Di's temperament is actually Ye Zichen's favorite, but there is no such decisive decision in the children's private affairs, which is a bit like the Ye Zichen in the world.

Gently shaking the glass, Ye Zichen looked at Wu Di with a playful smile.

For a long time, Wu Dicai put the glass on the table and knees on the ground.

"Please also respect the master."

This awkward scene was taken for granted by Ye Zichen. He smiled and put the glass on the table, and a force lifted it from the ground.

"Zheng Yunan is what you are looking forward to. Since the Wu family has an idea now, what about the teacher?"


"Do you think she is a commodity?"

Wu Di shook his head.

"In this case, what else is there to hesitate?"Ye Zichen grinned and said, "I will take you to the door in the morning."

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