Half a month later.

Under the help of Ye Zichen's lining and Wu's deliberate, Wu Di and Zheng Yunan finally completed the fruit.

Their wedding Ye Zichen just sent a blessing but did not arrive. Although there is some regret to see the arrival of the Master, Wu Di also knows that his Master has other more important things to do.

By the wedding Wu family, the family was also passed to Wu Di. In order to help his disciples control the Wu family as soon as possible, Ye Zichen also found four fairy king-level demon from the town demon tower and stayed with his disciples.

Flame City help.

Here, where Ye Zichen started, the Tianxian and Xianwang-level demon in the town demon tower also brought him out of the town demon tower.

Worried that Wei Jie's strength can not convince so many Tianxian, Xianwang level Tianye, Ye Zichen also left Lei Zhen, as the deputy gang of the gang, assisting Wei Jie to expand their power.

All in all, with the support of the resources of the town demon tower, the chaos is expanding at an amazing speed.

However, in just half a year, Fan, Xuan, Di, and Tian Pin District have had the shadow of chaos, but their rudder is still set up in the Flame City.


Tianpin is the strongest area in the 72nd district, and its area is much larger than that of the vast areas. In this large area, the clan is lined up. Numerous peak forces have fallen within the region, and each of them has occupied a city.

Ice blue city.

This city is one of the most prosperous cities in the Shangtian District, where the headquarters of Tongtian Shanghui is located. Under the leadership of the Heavenly Society, the entire city has gradually become the 72nd district, and even the trading place under all the mountains.

As long as you are in the city, you are like being in a busy city…

The streets of the city are full of weapons, medicinal herbs, and spells. Countless adventurers travel through the city to trade.

There are countless other people in the mountains who are not far away, come here to buy goods.

Suddenly, this city is a shopping mall.

In the most lush area of โ€‹โ€‹the city, the land here is a lot of gold, one is six stories high, only a shop lower than the auction house in the sky, and the crowd is full of people.

The decoration of this shop is very ordinary. If there is nothing in other streets, it can be placed on the street to the luxury of other shops. This shop is very simple.

The plaque of the shop has no design. It seems that it only uses a piece of wood. The ink on the groceries on it is the signboard of this shop.

That's it, it still doesn't affect the business of the store.

Daguan Xiangui, the family princes will come here, after they came here, they are even more afraid to support the big, carefully standing in the shop to look at the goods in the store, but looking at the stairs of the shop.

The meaning of drunkenness is not in wine.

The purpose of their coming here is not to buy the goods here, they want to see one person.


Just then, a footstep came from the stairs. The nobles who wandered around in the store in an instant all turned their eyes to the past and rushed toward the position of the stairs.

Among them, there are countless masters of the king level, and countless masters of the great fairy are crowded towards the stairs.


The lean man on the stairs drank his face, and there was a wave of air around his body, which forced the remnants of the king and the fairy.

Those fairy kings are also calming down at this time, until the elite man walks down the stairs, only a master of the Xianwang level opens.

"Hey, I don't know Master Ye, he can have free time today."

The surrounding nobles are also showing a nervous look. They come here to see the master of Ye.


The lean man nodded faintly, even though he saw him pointing to a middle-aged man whose appearance was not good.

"For you."

The man who pointed the hard-working man was stunned, and his face was ecstatic.

The strength of this person is also the level of the fairy king, but he is still a lot worse than the big master of the fairy king of the store.

Pushing the people around him, the middle-aged man rushes to the side of the man.

At the same time, the lean man is no longer delayed, and he turns to take the man upstairs.


Seeing that this person is about to leave, the nobles and the king of the celestial kings are swarming up, but only a few steps have been taken to let the elite man withdraw.

"This is where you can go wild!"

Under the anger, the kings of the kings all closed their mouths with enthusiasm. The lean man saw and squinted, and looked at the eyes of those who were in the royal king.

"We have a lot of treasures here. Although it is not as good as the heavenly meeting, it is also a rare thing for the people in your family. You can buy some here and go back!"

As soon as the voice fell, the lean man took the man who had chosen him to go upstairs. In the moment they left the machine, the middle-aged man with a mellow and a smile on his face came to the store and arched his hand at the kings of the king and the heavens.

"You, please, please!"


"The son, the man brought it."

In a room on the top floor, a lean man stood outside the door and leaned into the room. Not long after, there was a low embarrassment in the room and the room was automatically opened.

Going in through the door, there was a man in a white robe sitting in the room, standing next to him with a small plaque wearing a plain coat. The hand of the cockroach still carries the scent, and as long as the scent in the men's cup is dried, she will take a cup for it.

"The son."

The lean man arched his hand toward the white robe, and the man in the white robe also put down the glass in his hand, pointing to the opposite side of the person brought by the lean man.


The man did not suspect that he sat in the opposite position, and he heard the white robe open.

"I don't know what to call?"

"In the next Wei Xingye."

The man who looked a little bloated and grinned, his fingers kept licking the jasper on his thumb.

"Wei boss."The white robe smiled and nodded. He looked at Wei Xingyeโ€™s body and immediately raised his eyebrows. "You know why in the middle of so many kings and nobles, I chose you?"

"I don't know."

In fact, Wei Xingye came here to come here. I heard that Ye Master here can refine the sea. Only the master's temper is very expensive, the time of alchemy is uncertain, and the refining of several pieces is also uncertain.

He is about to condense the sea, and he will think about it and try his luck here. I didn't expect him to hit the Universiade.

On the way up, he secretly rejoiced that his luck was very good, but now I can listen to Ye Master saying this…

Looks like he is yelling up, but he is not so lucky!

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