Wei Xingye has never had a reply for a long time, and Ye Zichen, who is anxious, can't help but sink.

"Any questions?"

Wen Yan, Wei Xingye's face is difficult.

It is beyond the scope of his ability to reach the peak of the Yaozu ethnic group, and his current ability is only to play in the ordinary ethnic group of the demon world.

What's more, the extent of the demon world is so great that the land of the land is more than three times more than the territory of the Protoss.

Those peaks are more like the existence of the Protoss, and he wants to get news of their relationship.

There is also Su Yiyun, who is in the middle of the sea. Among these forces, including the witches, the sea is the most mysterious existence.

Life in the meditation is also the dead soul of death, the news of looking for him, only one word


Itโ€™s just that the chip given by Ye Zichen is too tempting. Just confirm the authenticity of the message and you can give it a condensed sea. This is an opportunity for him or his family to give up.

Although it is very difficult, he also needs to take a step. Moreover, this did not cause any loss to him.

Thinking of this, Wei Xingye's face is condensed and locked.

"Master Ye, the people you want to find are all peaks. Although Wei Mou said that he has some strength in the demon world, it is extremely difficult to touch this existence. Wei did not dare to package the ticket with you, you can find you mentioned these people, but Wei will definitely do everything he can to find the news of these people. โ€

Wei Xingye did not rantly pat his chest and said that he would pack everything on him.

How much power is there to say how powerful, Master Ye is obviously not an ordinary person. If he is too exaggerated, he will make Ye Master annoyed.

In fact, Ye Zichen also thought about the difficulties in the middle. It is also expected that Wei Xingyeโ€™s reply is also expected.

"Then there is the boss of Laowei."

"No harm."Wei Xingye smiled heartily, and immediately the eyes showed the expression of words and stops. After seeing it, Ye Zichen naturally knows what he thinks in his heart, that is, he says, "Refining the sea, you should know the rules of me before you come."

"Yes Yes Yes."

In the hand, Wei Xingye's hand was the appearance of three refining materials, and a space ring was placed on the table.

"This is the material of three copies of Haidan, and there is still 100 million labor costs. I also ask Master Ye to look over."

When I said this, Wei Xingye was quite painful, and the labor cost of 100 million yuan was a small problem for him. Well, he is also a master of the Xianwang level, and often travels between the demon world and the realm of the gods, doing the business of reselling, the wealth can not be said to be quite amazing, but also in the immortal king is also the upstream crowd.

It was these three materials that made him sore, and in order to obtain the materials of these three condensed sea dan, he got it with big blood. If the refining is successful, if it fails, then he will not have saved his life for half a lifetime.

Ye Zichen only looked at it with a faint gaze, and did not pass the hand to let the little beggar around him say it.

"After three days, I will take the medicine."

As soon as the voice fell, I saw Ye Zichen's sleeves wave and glanced at the lean man.

"see a visitor out."

"The son, why is it that he is a housekeeper, I am so cute, I am not satisfied with Huai Rong."

Wei Xingyeโ€™s footsteps just went out, and the small pimple in the plain clothes would not do it.

In fact, this is one of the three leaders in the town demon tower, the body is the Qingyunque Meng Huairong, the butler is just one of the leaders.

The masters of Xianwang and Tianxian were left to the chaos to let them expand their power. Ye Zichen wanted to be a lone ranger. He couldn't stand Meng Huairong too spoiled. In desperation, Ye Zichen shouted them out. I bought this building from the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce and became the current grocery store.

When they shouted at the time, Ye Zichen was still worried that they would fly.

Simply, they did not attract any heaven and earth after they came out, and Ye Zichen just let go. But this grocery store is up to the general manager, down to the small, all the masters of the highest level.

I really don't know if this news will let outsiders know what it will be like.

Meng Huai-rong is still whispering, the heart of this little girl is very pure, just like finding a word to describe her, can only be said to be simple.

Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile, reaching out and patted her little head.

"You don't understand this, although you are a jealousy, but you are the embarrassment that follows me every day. By the time of the ancient emperors, the status of eunuchs was actually higher than those of the princes and nobles at some point. Although you are not an eunuch, you can also make too many steps. He is the general manager but he has to manage the whole grocery store. You will give me a wine every day. Isnโ€™t that good? โ€

Meng Huai-rong heard the blink of an eye, although he didn't quite understand what Ye Zichen said about the eunuch, but he always felt that he said it was quite reasonable.

No longer involved in this topic, Ye Zichen said.

โ€œWhat happened to the recent chaos?โ€

"A few days ago Wei Jie came here to squat here, but the son of the retreat and I did not disturb the son. The development momentum of the recent chaos has been fierce. There are already rudders in the 72 districts, and they are still developing towards other regions. The rudders have also been set up in several large cities and towns in the Tianpin area. The former peak forces may have felt the momentum of the chaos and the signs of joint efforts. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Meng Huairongโ€™s cute little face showed a touch of coldness.

"Don't, let me and I have a few brothers to beat and beat them."

Even the transformation of this look is not Yi Zichen. Before, it was a lovely little sister next door, and now it is like a female devil who wants to kill.

Knocked at her little head and motioned her to pour a glass of wine.

"How many times have you told me that here is a harmonious society, don't fight and kill." Moreover, telling from your mouth is too much to affect the beauty. How did I tell you before, you are going to be cute in the future. โ€

"But those people don't know how to lift them up. Wei Jie said that he also knows that the development of our gangs has affected the interests of many people. He once thought about making good deals with those gang forces, but they did not give face. Don't give Wei Jie a face, that is, don't give your son a face! โ€Meng Huairong squinted at his eyes and angrily.

"Take it to Wei Jie, I gave him so much resources and manpower. If he couldn't even get a small seventy-two district, then he would disappoint me too much."

Gently tapping the table Ye Zichen lifts the glass, and at this moment the door of the room is open

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