Almost at the moment when the door was opened, Ye Zichen put down the glass, and Meng Huairong, who was next to him, appeared directly at the door and buckled at the neck of the person.


The people of Tuen Mun have not spoken before, and they feel that they are surrounded by a murder.

The throat rushed up and down, and I heard the man who told Meng Huairong to buckle his neck.

"Ye Zichen, you still want to kill me. You are a negative heart, I will come to you directly after I come out, and your negative heart will eventually give up on me! ”

At the same time, Qi Qi also dared to come with a few people in the store. At this time, his face was still stained with fluorescent powder, and the haze in the clusters of the eyes was full.

Only when they heard the words of the comers, they all stopped, but Meng Huairong was embarrassed.

"Oh, what are you doing, how can you make people in the room?"

What she couldn't think of was that Qi Qi was constantly looking at her, and Meng Huairong looked at Qi Qi with a puzzled look.

The people who came to see it were not the ones who were looking for trouble, but the Ye Zichen who was hard-pressed to the tomb of the Five Elements, and it was suspected of the disenchantment of the descendants of the Great Emperor.

Meng Huairong does not look at her in Ye Zichen. Here is a cute wind, but don't forget, she is the master of the supreme level. Although it has been made from the enchantment of the mausoleum, it is now a master of the immortal level. Compared with the people of the Supreme Nine, she is not a star or a half.

"Huai Rong, let her go."Ye Zichen sighed.

Meng Huai-rong heard that he had let him go, and Qi Qi also turned to Ye Zichen at this time.

"The son, this girl said that it was your wife's room when he came, so"

"I know, you are going to be yours."

I don't have to use Qi Qi to say that Ye Zichen knows what she is doing. It is absolutely fascinating to say that she is her wife's room, and Qi Qi is sure not to believe but to be careful. As he stared at him, she directly stunned his eyes with fluorescent powder and ran up.

To say that others may not be possible, everything can be done for the demon!

Arched and handed down and the room retreated from the room, Ye Zichen also opened the door to Meng Huairong.

"Wai Rong, you can go out with them."


Nodded and followed Yu Qi from the room, Ye Zichen was helpless and spread the hand.

"You are really a ghost, I have been hiding here, how can I find you?"

Did not think, the disenchantment standing at the door was actually rushing toward him, wow, I cried. Feel the trembling of the tender body in the arms, and the clothes that seem to be wet, the demon is really crying!

Ye Zichen couldn't help but feel some headaches and opened her mouth.

"What's wrong with you?"

"You are a negative heart, and I will give up after I started chaos. I have found you with great pains, I did not think that you have other women. Have you forgotten the vows of you and me, and have you forgotten our sincere love? ”


Reasonable, Ye Zichen dare not say that she has countless women, and the women who can get along with each other are quite a lot. Demon, this kind of blink of an eye, his face is not red, and he is not breathing, he really encountered it for the first time.


Sincere love?

I am afraid that he has passed through!

Simply Ye Zichen did not comfort her, and directly pushed her to the side to drink. At this time, the devil looked at Ye Zichen with tears, and the nose tipped.

"You have to compensate me."

"Tell me."A faint look at the disenchantment, Ye Zichen filled the glass with a jug.

"Hey, I think you are mixed, it seems to be quite good. The business of your shop is also very good, and it seems that it is not bad for me to refine the money. Or will you send me a condensed seadan? ”

The singer smiled and his face was a little red, as if he was embarrassed.

"No."Ye Zichen's decisive answer.

"Hello, then, you can give me the manual fee." Hey, Ye Zichen, the trick is life and death, and you don’t seem to be tens of millions of people now. ”


"Then you can give me a discount!"


"Little brother!"Seeing Ye Zichen so cold-blooded, the disenchantment had to be spoiled. "The three materials that people have come from friends are hard to find, and the money is now penniless and debt-ridden." You will do well and give people a little cheaper! Otherwise, I am afraid that I will go to Yihongyuan to work and pay back the money. ”

"Yes, then go ahead. Tell me your brand at that time, I will give you a favor. ”

Ye Zichen is still the look of carelessness, and he still picks up a glass of wine and drinks a cup of syrup.

Sitting in the distance, the disenchantment squirmed lips, and the bright eyes were like a fire. A sly look at Ye Zichen, taking three copies of the material from the space ring, and the labor service promised by Ye Zichen at the time.

"You are enough!"

The materials and labor costs were slammed on the table, and Ye Zichen glanced at the waves and collected the materials. Looking at him, he did not ambiguously accept the action of the material, the sorrowful hateful teeth tickle, a pair of small fists clenched.


She is not in the Tianpin area, especially in the ice blue city. It’s just that this building is afraid of not being worth a billion. This is still her conservative estimate and she dare not think too much.

When she came, she saw the medicinal herbs, treasures and spells in the store, which was also very valuable.

It’s so rich, and I’m still licking her something, thinking about it’s really mad!

Looking at the unwilling look of the enchanting, Ye Zichen couldn't help but smile.

"Say me, my finances, are you too stingy?" I have been given the resources of the Five Elements of the Great Mausoleum, and I am afraid that there are thousands of copies of the condensed sea dan materials I have seen. Now you have more money than me, but don't cry with me anymore! ”

"Who got the resources of the mausoleum, after I went in, I was able to make my fire property a small success, and I was stepping into the fairy king level from Tianxian. Why do I have more money than you, don't talk nonsense. I think you got it. You can't find your figure when you come out. Now you bought the site here, hehe."

ι­‘ ι­‘ ηžͺ ιΌ“ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Only the three of them entered at that time. They took the town demon tower and left, and the disenchantment was not passed down. Doesn’t that mean?

"I really didn't get the resources, but the inheritance got some. The resources of that are not only the descendants of the Five Elements, but I am an outsider."

"You are right, too."

The enchanting smell suddenly came to light, and immediately she got up from the ground, and the trembling body was more intense than Ye Zichen.

"Well, you are easy to understand, you dare to lie to me to eat alone!"

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