The enchanting look is not pretending to be a fake. She bites her lip as if she heard the big news and the news, squinting and gasping, clenching her fists.

She kept pace in the room, and she still had words in her mouth.

"When he came out, he was so anxious to leave, and told me that the baby let Ye Zichen take it away, and the really small eyes gave me a stop."

This is obviously muttering, and Ye Zichen can't help but raise her eyebrows, and she ponders the relationship between Wu Yi and the enchanting brothers and sisters.

If they are the blood of the Five Elements, there is no need to deceive each other.

But the disenchanting look and her muttering look are really not like being put out.

"I really want to be mad. In order to condense Haidan's materials, I am selling the iron in the shabu-shabu, asking my grandfather to tell my grandmother to make up." Wu Yi, he wow, really want to mad at me. ”

The disenchantment in the room is still continually sighing. She has wanted to get angry in the room several times. Maybe she thought of something here. If she couldn’t afford it, she couldn’t afford it. Keep paced.

"When I see him next time, I must make him look good."

Holding the fist forcefully, grabbing the scent of the table and pouring a few mouthfuls into her mouth, she was able to press down the fire in her heart and take care of herself.

"Are you sure you are not looking for him now?"

Seeing her so angry, Ye Zichen thought she had to copy the guy directly to find the easy to divide. Who can think that what she said is actually the next time she sees it, then what is she doing now, do she still want to live here?

This woman is absolutely troublesome, and she is not comfortable with Ye Zichen.

He doesn't want to be confused with this trouble.

"Of course I want to go to him now, but you haven't given me the drug yet. If I go to him, when you run, he will die with me and say no, then I am not losing my family. ”

Desperate and plausible answer, it is really not wanting to be too entangled with her Ye Zichen simply take a piece of condensed sea Dan from the ring and put it on the table.

"Hing Haidan, give it to you! You are now going to find Wu Yi, but don't delay! ”

Did not say anything, Ye Zichen saw a breeze blowing, the medicinal herbs on the table disappeared. The disenchantment is very nervous to open the medicinal herbs. In fact, it is not only her, but any singer who gets the condensed sea dan is doing the same thing as her.

Carefully felt the efficacy of the drug, and immediately she plugged the bottle at the fastest speed, for fear that the spread of the drug will affect the success rate of the future.

"Little brother, you are really bad. Since there is a ready-made condensed sea dan, why do you have to have so many things? People can eat a lot of bitterness in order to get these materials. You have ready-made, you say it directly, there are other ways to compensate you! ”

Between the words, the disenchantment also throws a wink at Ye Zichen and makes a charming look.

This woman Ye Zichen really can't help, he turned his eyes blankly at her face and locked his eyes.

"Don't tell me so far, I have already given you the drug. Let's go."

"You hate people so much."The charm is pitiful, and the double waters are engraved with grievances. The delicate face was crumpled, the small mouth was flat, and the heart was very sad.

Knowing what kind of person the demon is, Ye Zichen will never eat this. He nodded undecidedly and smiled at the enchantment.

"Yes, that's so annoying!"

"Is it!"

To say that a woman's face is faster than a book, the first second is still a pretty look. At the moment when Ye Zichen's voice fell, her face was completely sunk and her mouth sneered.

"If you don't say that, I may still feel a little guilty. But since you have said this to me, then you are deserving. ”

Ye Zichen instantly noticed that the situation was wrong, and her eyes gazed at the disenchanted face.

"What do you mean?"

"It's nothing."The sorrow snorted and said, "I just got into trouble when I came. The person seems to have strength in the Tianpin area. I am a weak woman, how can I compete with them and say yes? No way, I said that I am your wife, and I came to Ice Blue City to find me. Calculate the time, they should also be there. ”

The enchanting look is filled with playfulness, and the two ancient spirits are full of monsters.

Let you bully me, I make you look good!

I knew that she was absolutely troublesome, and that she did not wait for Ye Zichen to open her mouth. There was a slight rush in the door.

I really let her calculate it.


"Enter."Slightly slammed toward the door, the door was pushed open, and Qi Qi looked at the eyes of Ye Zichen and the disenchanted body. "The son, there is a group of people outside, surrounded by our grocery store, headed by The people are sipping and talking hard to hear. Our people want to go up and clean them up, but let the subordinates stop it, and I will report it to you. ”

"Disenchant, you are good."

I took a look at the fascination and dared to enclose Yi Zichen’s grocery store in Ice Blue City. Whether he knew the strength of Ye Zichen, he could see the people here. Uncommon.

But they dare to surround them, and obviously it is definitely not a general generation in Tianpin District.

When Ye Zichen, who wanted to live in the Flame City, let the enchantment go to the grave of the Five Elements. Now he wants Ice Blue City to collect intelligence and let the enchantment get mixed.

Ye Zichen is also understandable, as long as there is enchantment, he does not want to stop.

Hearing Ye Zichen seemed to be yelling, and it seemed to be a helpless tone, and the disenchanted shook his head and spit his tongue.

I was too lazy to take care of her, and Ye Zichen was also talking to Qi Qi at this time.

"Go out and see."

"Wait, I will go with you."The enchantment also followed up with a smile.

Grocery shop.

Sitting in front of the store is a young man with a long hair. His seat is a human flesh seat. What is even more unbelievable is that he is a master of the name of the gods on his ground. You must know that although it is a Tianpin area, Tianxian is definitely a party, and now it is a bench for people, so that the surrounding onlookers can not help but sigh the identity of this young man.

Just then, a middle-aged man appeared next to the young man. From the fluctuation of spiritual power around him, he was a master of the immortal king level, and the grade was not low.

But such a big master is actually squatting and watching the young man carefully.

The young people also felt the coming people, faintly picking their eyebrows, but never bothered. The master of the king is not annoyed at the same time.

"Young master, the people in this shop have already checked."

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