Gao Ruilong, standing in the middle of the street, listened to Ye Zichen’s words and turned his face from red to black. The smug eyes also gradually became obsessive and staring ahead.

"I don't know how to lift."

The onlookers also smelled the arrogance of the sword, and Ye Zichen, who was embarrassed by the eyebrows, also looked back and squinted at the corners of his mouth with a gentle smile.

"Are you talking about Ye?"

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Zichen walked a few steps toward the front, and the group demon in the town demon tower followed him. In an instant, an invisible sense of oppression was pushed toward the followers of Gao Ruilong.

"I am still a tall family, do you really think that I don't know about your high school?" However, it is a child born in a partial room. Is it really a personal thing for myself? And you Cai Renfei"

Ye Zichen turned his head and turned his sharp eyes to the body of Cai Renfei who was hiding in the entourage.

"Don't hide, I thought I couldn't see you?"

Upon hearing this, Cai Renfei gritted his teeth and walked out of the crowd. When Ye Zichen first came out, he couldn't help but shrink, and he subconsciously wanted to avoid his gaze, but he still thought he would recognize it.

Thinking of the destruction of the axe, his Cai family’s son had to leave the family and go to the high home of Tianpin District for shelter.

Unexpectedly, I actually ran into it again.

"Ye Ye seniors."

After some hesitation, Cai Renfei did not release any rumors after all, and called Ye Zichen as a predecessor.

When Cai Renfei was at the Baixiao Inn in the Vantage area, Ye Zichen saw that the city was extremely deep. It is also reasonable for him to call him in such a tone.

It’s just that he doesn’t mean that Ye Zichen is going to let him go. If that’s the case, there’s no way for him to follow up.

"This is not the predecessor of the leaf, but you are the young master of the Cai family. Hey, don't stay at Cai's house, how do you run to the high house to be a dogleg? Is it because of me? That is really a sin, hey, can I interview you, your mother gave birth to you and then remarried to Gaojia, became the three ladies of Gaojia, you are now living in a high family, how do you feel? ”

Cai Renfei’s face was a moment of stagnation. He clenched his fists and his eyes showed a faint bloodshot. While staring at Ye Zichen, his body was gently shaking.

"you wanna die."

It has long been angered and attacked Gao Ruilong is bursting at this time, the most unbearable thing in his life is that others talk about his origins.

Ye Zichen did not care about salting his wounds, his wife broke his two fingers.

"Give me the kill, remove this store for me!"

The surrounding entourage all carried the guys forward, and the demon of the town demon tower did not hesitate, and greeted them with those followers.

At this moment, Cai Renfei, who was burned in this anger, pressed the fire in his heart and shouted at the followers.


Immediately he ran to the front of Gao Ruilong and spoke up.

"Dragon brother, this person is actually Ye Zichen who recently became famous. A strength is enough to have a fairy king, the axe help is destroyed under his hand, the green gang is taken in its oppression and dare not scream. It’s really not good, we still have to bear it, this kind of person is not good to provoke! ”

This anger made Ye Zichen unable to lock his eyebrows. Cai Renfei was really deep enough, and he said that he was still tolerant.

He has to endure it, but if it destroys his plan, it is not very good.

Just as Ye Zichen thought about what language to make Gao Ruilong angry, but did not want to use him at all, Gao Ruilong, who heard Cai Renfei's comfort, had already slammed into the face of Cai Renfei.


One foot was on Cai Renfei's stomach, and Gao Ruilong cried and yelled.

"If it weren't for you, Lao Tzu's origin is orthodox. If your mother gave birth to you, then Laozi’s status in the high family would not be so embarrassing. Look at your mother's face, Lao Tzu lets you stay with Laozi, you still want Laozi to endure, what do you count? The only thing that can be done in life is that people have to pay for laughter when they ride on their necks. Hey, hurry, don’t worry about Laozi’s eyes. ”

Compared with Cai Renfei, Gao Ruilong is obviously a brainless disciple. Ye Zichen likes to deal with this kind of disciple.

This foot also prevents Ye Zichen from angering Gao Ruilong in the wording, and also cut off the last intersection between Gao Ruilong and Cai Renfei.

With the blood on his mouth, Cai Renfei left the ground and did not return.

Such a person, there is no need to be with him!

Since he wants to touch Ye Zichen, it will let him touch it, and when he will cry. There is just that foot, the insulting insult, will let you come back sooner or later.

"贱 。."

Even if Cai Renfei has left, Gao Ruilong is still insulting. Immediately, he squinted and yelled at Ye Zichen.

"You are Ye Zichen?"

"How, fear?"Ye Zichen raised his eyebrow and smiled. "If you are afraid, leave your left hand and hurry with your people. Don't block my eyes here and delay my business!"

"It's a joke, call me!"

With the anger of Gao Ruilong, all the fairy kings around him rushed toward Ye Zichen's grocery store.

Dozens of Tian Xian and Xian Wang Qi shot, this scene is not very common in the Tian Pin District, people around the crowd have been sweating for Ye Zichen.

"Oh, give them a lesson."


Qi Qiqiu nodded to Ye Zichen, and alone greeted the group of fairy and fairy kings. Meng Huairong is standing next to Ye Zichen to protect his safety.

Seeing Ye Zichen here is a singularity, the masters of the fairy and the fairy king are a glimpse.

However, they would not be so kind and soft, and they all rushed to the past with the most thunderous means.


Looking at the spiritual skills released by the Emperor of Heaven, Qi Qi is just a smile of indifference, and immediately his body is distorted, that is, several people who are exactly like him come out.


A few of the afterimages disappeared. When the singular avatars were reunited in one, the dozens of celestial beings and the celestial kings were all seriously wounded and smashed into the ground. What happened in the middle was not seen by anyone.

"The son, has been completely solved."

"How can I solve it all? Is there not one?"Picking up an eyebrow at Gao Ruilong, he suddenly fell to his side and stepped on the ground.

"Which hand touched you?"Looking at the enchantment, the disenchantment of the scene just did not respond at all, and I was a little surprised. When she heard Ye Zichen’s question, she subconsciously replied, “Left hand.”

"Have you heard it, both hands! Give him both hands! ”Ye Zichen opened the door.

"Not" is a fascination, she just said that she did not think, Ye Zichen looked at him calmly, "Yes!"

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