Time is like a gap, and half an hour passes in the blink of an eye.

Ye Zichen, who was in the town's demon tower, sat cross-legged on the main hall. He sat in front of the five pictures that the five elements of the Emperor left for him, before the picture of the thunder property.

Around his body, white awns flashed, and a thunder roared inside the hall.

Suddenly, a reddish thunder burst into the hall and blew directly on the head of Ye Zichen. The Thunder dissipated in an instant after falling, and Ye Zichen sitting cross-legged on the ground was also stunned.

The eyes were like thunder, and when he opened his eyes, there was a real thunder that was drilled from his pupil.

The majestic momentum was released from his body, and countless thunders were vented on the main hall.


The word is like a rumor, and the thunders that vented in the hall were all gathered back to Ye Zichen after the word appeared.

Ye Zichen, who summed up these Thunder, also had a stronger score than ever before.

"The property of Lei is small, and now there is no small rain in the five elements!" The transformation of the divine power in the body has also reached 80%. It seems that as long as the nature of the rain is small, it can completely transform the power of the gods and climb the mountain. ”

Feeling the smell of the body, Ye Zichen couldn't help but clench his fists.

It took a long time to get the town demon tower. Ye Zichen finally felt the unusualness of this heavy treasure that even the five elements of the Great Emperor.

This pagoda is a world of heaven and earth. At the same time as a space, there is also a method of heaven and earth.

More importantly, the internal time flow of this pagoda is different from that of the outside world. Ye Zichen has roughly calculated that the first floor of the town demon tower is about ten times that of the outside world.

It’s been a day outside, and it’s been more than ten days in the town’s demon tower.

This is b-like for the practitioner, and this is only one layer. Ye Zichen has a feeling that the flow rate of the second, third and fourth floors will be faster.

Leaving from the town demon tower, Ye Zichen walked out of the room.

These days he stayed in the town demon tower for too long, and should go out to relax. Practice is also a combination of work and rest. For those who are closed, Ye Zichen is the most incomprehensible. I am afraid that I can only do stupidity. Those who are closed to death may indeed be dead.

However, when he left the room and broke away from the ban in the room, he heard the noise from the downstairs.

β€œIs there anyone who dares to come here?”

Picking up the eyebrow Ye Zichen walked down the stairs and saw that the first floor of the store was full of people.

"δ½Όε₯‡,怀蓉, what's going on?"

Towards the group of guys who are still squatting with the sluts in the town demon tower, Qiu Qi and Meng Huairong also came over and said.

"The son, did we say that we sold the sea haidan in the last few days?" You said that the time limit for sale is half a month. Now that half a month has passed, we will take down Haidan. These people are not buying condensed sea dan, here is trouble. ”

Ye Zichen nodded in a word and immediately raised his eyebrows.

β€œWhat about the recent sales situation?”

"Hey, I know that."

Meng Huairong smiled and took out a jade slip from her pocket. She has always had a record of recent sales.

"The sales of Ning Haidan are really good. The spirits acquired in this half-month are afraid to be counted in trillions. The raw materials and heavenly treasures, treasures and spells are too much to be believed. I secretly investigated that even now it is the total assets of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. I am afraid that it is not as much as we have earned in this half month. By the way, the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce also bought tens of thousands of sea haidan from us! ”

Yu Jian was handed to Ye Zichen's hand, and despite the psychological preparations and the data recorded in the jade, Ye Zichen couldn't help but take a sigh of relief.

Now he is afraid of being a golden mountain. Ye Zichen is sure that this family of wealth has a hot eye.

"Be careful in the near future. Now we are a big fat, I am afraid that there are countless families who want to bite them."

"The family has already started."Qi Qiwen said at this moment, "On last night, there were several masters of the Xianwang Fengfeng level who attacked our grocery store, but they all let our people wipe it out."


Ye Zichen sighs in his heart, and it is natural that he is so crazy to collect money. Even if it is the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce, some people will dare to snatch their auction items. What's more, his power in the outreach is not as good as that of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce.

It is also reasonable to have someone plunder.

The few kings of last night were afraid that it was just a signal. There may be more families in the near future, and even people above the mountain of God will send people to take advantage of it.

"In the past few days, let the refining divisions refine the treasures and arm all of us. The armed forces I said are not the end of a set of swords. I want you to be armed from your feet to your teeth. The spell and one person are paired with several groups, and you can contact the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce to see if they have half artifacts or artifacts for sale, and all that they can buy are bought. ”

"The son, you are this"

"Do you think that your supreme nine paragraphs are invincible here, tell you that the few kings are just a signal. Our wealth is a piece of sight that even if everyone sees it, it is not certain that you will encounter a stronger opponent. Supreme, even heavenly supreme, understand? ”

Qi Qiwen also realized the seriousness of the problem. The concept of the money of the Yaozu is not so deep. He can hear Ye Zichen saying that he is not afraid to support him.

"This is the case."

When the voice fell, Qi Qi was leaving the store. At the same time, Meng Huairong was embarrassed at this time.

"The son, how do these people deal with it."

Meng Huairong refers to those buyers who have not bought the medicinal herbs and sprinkled them in the store. In the past, Ye Zichen must have smashed them away, but he thought that there might be people on the mountain, but he had other ideas.

"Sell! But tell them that because they missed the time limit for the sale, the price of the drug should be mentioned. A 1.2 billion, or exchange for the equivalent treasure. This time we are not limiting the time, but limiting the number, how many condensed Haidan we have in hand now. ”

"About four or five hundred thousand!"Meng Huairong said that she did not manage these and could not give an accurate figure.

"Then it will sell 300,000 pieces. After telling them that these 300,000 pieces will not be sold outside, you want to buy as soon as possible!"


When Meng Huairong heard it, he came forward, and Ye Zichen also showed a sinister smile.

"You can come to the mountain of God, come on, I can't wait for this big fat!"

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