Ning Haidan is limited to sell, and those who have not purchased the drug are all happy. It can be said that the price of medicinal herbs has actually risen. Many people are complaining, but they still endure the painful purchase of a large number of condensed sea dans stored in the family.

The ice blue city grocery store limited the sale of 300,000 pieces of condensed sea dan, and it quickly spread to all areas under the Jiu Shen Mountain. While preparing for the funds to buy the medicinal herbs, the family is thinking about it. What kind of person is the owner of this grocery store, so that he can sell so much Haidan.

Just in the previous half-month sales, I am afraid that I will sell hundreds of thousands of pieces, and now I have to sell 300,000 pieces.

What wealth is this!

Many families have some jealousy in Jinshan, and some families who can get in touch with Shenshan have begun to plan intensively.

If you can grab the resources of the grocery store, it is absolutely unimaginable.

Gradually, the Ice Blue City grocery store has gradually gained some fame on the mountain of God. Of course, it is said that the most known nature is the family on the northern mountain.

In a courtyard surrounded by mountains and waters, a woman in a red dress stood near the lotus pond.

The woman looks quiet, as if she is looking at the lake but seeing from her pupil that she is not gazing, as if she is in a daze.


Just as she was in a daze, there was a woman around her in the middle of the year. This woman is no longer young, and there are traces of the years left on her face. The charm is not inferior to anyone. If she is young, she will be a rare beauty.

The woman standing by the lotus pond heard the words and looked back. She immediately grinned after seeing the middle-aged woman.

"Liu Wei, is there any news about him?"

The woman who is called Liu Wei’s brow is a cluster, and the two pairs of eyebrows are accompanied by faint worry.

"Miss, you are in a good position in our family. In the future, we will also choose the children of the big family in the mate selection. You are so concerned about one of the following kids, if you let the master know that it is not only to be furious, but that the kid will not have any good fruit to eat. ”

There is already a faint warning in this statement. The woman's face in front of the lotus pond is slightly stiff, but it is a smile that does not agree.

"I am afraid of anything. If Liu Wei does not say anything, no one will know." Liu Wei, you said that it is his news? ”

In the face of the woman's spoiled, some funny and angry like shaking his head, Liu Wei is also showing helpless look.


"Then let's talk about how he has been in the past six months?"The women in the red group are a little urgent.

"The kid is mixed with the wind and water. The chaos of his men has gradually become the leading force in the 72nd district, and is still expanding to other mountains."

"Well, after"

"After that, he seems to have encountered some trouble, but he also asked for it."

Liu Wei’s face flashed in the color of indifference. Recently she has been investigating the situation of Ye Zichen under the mountain of God, and all his actions are clear.

Because of the lady's attention to her, she had been watching Ye Zichen for a few months.

With her series of actions, she became more and more aware that this young man was too irrational.

The woman in the red dress immediately heard an anxious color on her face, and it was an urgent opening.

"What's up with him?"

"The young man bought a building from the hands of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. This building is also seen on the face of the lady, so I sold it to him. It was okay at the beginning, and he collected the news through this grocery store. But just a few days ago, he suddenly provoked a high family, but the family of the Leidi family. And in the near future, a large number of condensed sea dandans are sold, the number of which is afraid to be calculated in millions! ”


The woman who heard the number red skirt could not help but exclaim. This number of condensed sea dans could not be taken by his family, and Ye Zichen was obtained from where.

Especially where it is under the mountain of God, Ning Haidan can be said to be the most valuable remedy.

How many resource benefits will be generated by selling millions. The wealth that millions of condensed sea dan can create can not be compared even if they pass through the sky.

Liu Wei is also exposed to the color of dignity. When she sees Ye Zichen taking out a million of Haidan, she can't help but move.

"This young man has a million condensed sea dan is really shocking, but there is a problem! When he just took out such a large amount of condensed Haidan, I suspected that he was a spokesperson for a large family. ”

The red skirt woman nods, this idea is not excessive, generally the big family on the mountain will set up a family under the mountain of God, and choose spokespersons to gather resources for the family to build momentum or collect money.

For example, she used to manage the meeting in the sky before, she is even the spokesperson of her family.

"But I have been watching him for a long time. I have not found him in contact with anyone who might be on the mountain of God. The resources for the sale of medicinal herbs are all present in him and the housekeeper around him. This is the reason why I said that he was asking for trouble. ”

"There is so much value created by the million condensed sea haidan, even the family on the mountain of God must be hot. He doesn't have enough strength to protect these wealth. After all, he is making a wedding dress for other people. He heard that the people on the side of Lei Di have already moved! However, this young man is also smart, may be aware of this, recently contacted us to buy weapons and armor and spells. ”

"sell it to him."The red dress woman had almost no hesitation after hearing it. "We sold all the semi-artifact-level weapons and armor that were idle in the family." No, let them exchange with Haining! ”


If it is a fairy, it will be a half artifact.

Although the half artifacts in their ethnic groups are idle, the armor and the blade of this level are used to arm the elites in the tribe. Even if it is sold, it is impossible for the lady to let them exchange.

Although Haidan is valuable, it can only be used for Xianwang, and this kind of medicinal medicine is also rare under the mountain. For such a big family, although Haidan can not reach the mountain, it can be used by the people. questionable.

But the semi-artifacts are different, the semi-artifacts are the masters of the highest level of the heavens, and the two are not the same level. The ladies actually let them use the half artifact to exchange the sea haidan!

"Listen to me, if I have a problem, I will let him."Red skirt woman frowns.

When Liu Wei saw the woman’s firm look, she couldn’t help but shook her head and said.

"Yes, I will arrange it."

Until Liu Wei left the courtyard, the face of the red skirt woman was still very dignified. But she could only look down on the courtyard that trapped her, looking at the lotus in the lotus pond.

"Don't let me down, ten years, I am waiting for you!"

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