300,000 pieces of condensed sea dan, how long it can last under the mountain that has allowed Ye Zichen to gather money.

The answer is, three days!

However, in the three days, 300,000 pieces of Haidan were sold out, and it was said that Ye Zichen took advantage of the financial resources and resources under the mountain.

In his opinion, these medicinal herbs can support at least half a month, but they did not expect it to be three days.

Only after the sale of these medicinal herbs, the groceries in Ice Blue City did not have a family to play.

It is really, they really can't get anything to buy Haidan.

The massive sell-off of Ning Haidan has made the family under the mountain of God have a qualitative change. The countless kings in the countless family, or the scattered kings are all successful in the sea. Waiting for them will be the success of the transformation of the gods. Go and see what they have been expecting for countless times.

It is conceivable that in the next ten years, the nine holy mountains will usher in a spectacular rise and fall.

All this is brought by Ye Zichen.

After the sale of Ninghaidan, the grocery store also ushered in its first closure after its establishment. The Yaozu in the store all returned to the interior of the town demon tower, leaving only Qi Qi and Meng Huairong outside, protecting Ye Zichen, and reporting on sales.

"The son, these are all the funds that are sold by Ning Haidan."

Qi Qi stood in the room, and numerous space rings appeared in the room. The number is three-quarters of the room, and all the rings are shining and the scene is extremely shocking.

"I store all the charms, treasures and other families used to exchange the materials of the sea."

Looking at such a number of space rings, Ye Zichen couldn't help but sip a few sighs. After a brief shock, he nodded and gestured to the ring to close the ring.

Only after Qi Qi took the ring, Meng Huairong released a bunch of rings.

"I store the coins that other families bought at the time, and the low-grade medicinal drugs they used to exchange them." I have also conducted surveys recently, and more than 80% of the resources under the mountain are already here. ”

Eighty percent.

This is not just 80% of the resources in the 72nd district, but 80% of the resources under the Shenshan Mountain. Despite the poor resources under the mountain of God, it is possible to take all the resources under the nine holy mountains to 80%. This kind of wealth cannot be imagined.

Inexplicably, Ye Zichen has the illusion of being the richest man.

"The spells and treasures were separated and sent to the chaos to help Wei Jie. The same was true for the medicinal herbs and the Ling coins. All of them were sent to Wei Jie. All the materials are handed over to the refiners, alchemy and spells in the town demon tower. If you can advance, you will be promoted to the best. If you can't advance, you will continue to refine the low-grade consumables. You can do it. ”

"Yes."Meng Huairong nodded.

"When did Lei Zhen come over?"

Ye Zichen Emei, as early as a few days ago, he let Lei Zhen come to the demon of the town demon tower, but this is still not seen after three days.

"It should be faster. When I gave him a voice, he said that he was under the mountain of the gods. It should be the expansion of the chaos. He needs to open the territory." However, after I sent him a message, he was already rushing back to the heat, and no accident can come to us tomorrow morning. ”I am going back to the road.

"Is it already pushed to the central mountain, not bad."

It didn't cost Ye Zichen to consume so much resources to build chaos. Wei Jie did not let him down, and the gang's expansion reached his expected speed.

Ye Zichen is not going to worry about going to the mountain. He is going to let the chaos help to gather all the areas under the mountain in the most stable way.

The establishment of a peak force is similar to that of a building, especially the grass roots of Ye Zichen.

If the foundation is not well-played, it will be rushed to the mountain, fearing that all his efforts will be paid.

"How did I get the weapons and armor and spells you bought?"Ye Zichen is another open channel.

"This is also strange."At this time, Qi Qi was exposed to the incomprehensible color. "We started to go to the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce to buy the weapon-level weapons and armor, and the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce pushed the three resistances. But just yesterday, they actually took the initiative to find us, with a half artifact to exchange haihaidan with us? ”

Wen Zi, Ye Zichen brows lightly.

In the priority comparison between Ning Haidan and the semi-artifact, Ye Zichen believes that there is no comparability between Ning Haidan and the semi-artifact.

The semi-artifact is the heavy weapon that can be used by Heaven, even if it is a heavenly person.

Ning Haidan is only used to break through the king!

Secondly, the condensed Haidan ten-integrated alchemist can refine, but the semi-artifacts have to have thirteen refinery divisions, and more than one can refine them. From the level of view, use the semi-artifact to exchange the condensed sea dan, how to see It's a silly choice.

"Not only that, the asking price of the other party is still very low."Meng Huairong also opened her mouth at this time. The transaction was carried out by her. The natural understanding is clear. "A set of half artifacts is a set. They only need ten pieces of sea haidan. They have traded a total of 3,000 with them. The set of half artifacts, after which we sent our special auxiliary spells."

Qi Qi heard the words and said: "Yes, this is really strange. How do you think that this is a loss-making business, can you do it in the sky? Son, you said they would be"

"will not!"

Qi Qi, their meaning is very obvious. The Tongtian Chamber of Commerce is a chamber of commerce. If you are a business, they will not make a loss.

But this time the transaction was obviously lost to the grandmother's house, but they still did.

Meng Huairong They suspect that the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce wants to deal with them and take treasure from them.

They can't see the problem in the middle, but Ye Zichen knows it.

All this should be instructed by Xue Honghong!

Unexpectedly, she actually accepted her feelings, but this brought more pressure to Ye Zichen. For the other side, for the sake of him, he transferred 3,000 sets of semi-artifacts from the family. Then the ten-year agreement will arrive. If he doesn't want to marry her, it is much shameful.

It is possible to allocate a family of 3,000 sets of semi-artifacts. Can it be an ordinary family?

The most difficult thing to dissipate is the beauty, Ye Zichen said that all this is not a sign, only to get along!

Shaking his head with a chuckle, Ye Zichen opened his mouth.

"You don't need to doubt the purpose of the Tongtian Chamber of Commerce. They will never know what to do with us. In the near future, you pay more attention to the movements on the mountain side, and the family movements that may be related to the mountain. If they want to see us, we must be prepared."

The voice did not fall, but the door of the room was a kick that made people open. Even if they saw the small eyes of the enchanting, they smashed into a line, and they sneaked into a small fox-like opening.

"Little brother, you can really sit and live, your grocery store is surrounded by people!"

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