Xiao Jiaben has a hatred with Ye Zichen. If he can grab the treasure from his hand, this is indeed good.

Itโ€™s not just Ye Zichen who can be envious of Xiaoโ€™s family. If itโ€™s so easy to grab a treasure from them, how could it wait for Ye Zichen to shoot?

And the feeling of disenchantment gave him too much mystery, and she could not have complete trust in her Ye Zichen.

"Hey, if you go, don't give it to you!"

See Ye Zichen, who did not answer, and the screaming eagerly shouted.

At this time, Qi Qi and Meng Huairong who went out also returned to the room from the outside. As they happened, Ye Zichen also avoided the topic and asked.

โ€œWhat is the situation outside?โ€

"Ms. Xiaomei said it was good. We did have a team of about 20 people outside the store. Those people are in the king of Xian, and there are several masters of the supreme power, which have been solved by me and Huai Rong. โ€ไฝผ ๆ‹ฑ ๆ‹ฑ ใ€‚.

"Really? You are not always on the alert. How can anyone touch us outside the store, but you are unaware? โ€

Ye Zichen, who heard the news, was somewhat annoyed. He has recently reminded Qi Qi that they should pay attention to the situation around them. They should not let the people on the mountain to catch them by surprise.

But now people are out of the store, they are not aware of it. If it werenโ€™t for the devil to suddenly tell them, how would they suddenly come up when they suddenly came up?

Although the king and the earth are not enough to treat them, what if the next team is enough to threaten them?

"Please ask the son to be angry! The subordinates have always been on alert, as is Huai Rong, but in the end how they came here, the subordinates really do not know! โ€

Qi Qi buried his head deeply. He was the demon in the town demon tower, and he was absolutely obedient to the master's orders. Since Ye Zichen reminded them of the entire ice blue city, he did not dare to have any negligence, releasing the demon to detect the situation inside the city.

If there is any wind and grass, it is impossible to escape his demon, but

He did not have any awareness of the emergence of this group of people.

"Yu Qi said it is good, we don't know why it is."Meng Huairong also opened the door.

"What's so strange about this?"At this moment, the disenchantment was a flat-shouldered smile. "If you look at you, you are a person who has never been to the mountain. Now there are many magic weapons that hide the atmosphere on the mountain." Those people have a hidden magic weapon, and in the absence of special disparity in strength, you naturally have no way to detect it. However, this baby is worth a lot. It seems that people on the mountain want to deal with you, but it is bloody! โ€

"And such things?"

Ye Zichen's brows are locked, and the hidden magic weapon can escape the detection of the wonders of Qi Qi and Meng Huairong. If there are people on the mountain, then he will be absolutely passive.

"It's not very obvious. Don't you doubt me, why can you always appear inexplicably in front of you, but you don't know me in advance?"

Grinning and laughing, the enchantment is going to the side of Ye Zichen and others.

"In fact, this hidden magic weapon is very broken, and Shenshan also has a treasure weapon to deal with this magic weapon."

"Do you have anything, sell me."Ye Zichen speaks directly.

"How could I have it?"The singular singer is very helpless and grins. "I don't want to blame the disaster. Why do you want that baby?" But, I don't have it, but the special envoy that Xiao Jia sent down should have it. โ€

The enchantment is the smile of the little fox, and she smiles and looks at Ye Zichen.

"You deliberately!"

Ye Zichen saw that she was forcing him to go to her thief boat. The magic weapon that hides the breath, he has no means to break now, if he wants to have no worries, he can only grab the special envoy of Xiao.

"Don't say that, I just remind you." If you don't go, you can choose your own. โ€The stunned eyes smiled.

The hidden atmosphere must be broken, or you will fall into absolute passiveness.

After hesitating for a long time, Ye Zichen knew that this was the set that the enchantment gave him, and he couldnโ€™t jump.

โ€œHow is the strength of Xiao Jiaโ€™s special envoy?โ€

"Itโ€™s not high or high, itโ€™s just a matter of the supreme nine.โ€

Supreme nine paragraphs.

This is placed under the mountain of God, but it is a god-like existence. Not to mention the supreme nine-segment, even if it is the supreme one, it can hang all the kings under the mountain.

It can be reached in the mouth of the enchanting, as if the Supreme Supreme is not worth mentioning.

Or, in fact, she knows that Qi Qi and Meng Huairong are also the supreme nine paragraphs?

Some of the hearts were not sure, and Ye Zichen deliberately made a haze.

"You really dare to say that the Supreme Supreme is not high, what do you think is high?"

"The Supreme Supreme Judgment is unattainable to other people under the mountain of God. Can you be high or not in the end? Isn't your own heart yet?"The enchantment is a grin.

It was said that Ye Zichen had a glimpse of his heart and his eyes frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"Must let me talk about it?" The two of them are actually the Supreme Supreme, and the guys in your grocery store are the supreme masters. You are under the control of so many masters of the earth, in your eyes, a small land supreme nine paragraphs, is it counted? โ€

As soon as this was said, Qi Qi and Meng Huairong were all exposed, and Ye Zichen was more eager.

"How did you know?"

The strength of the demon is only the level of the fairy king. This is definitely not only Ye Zichen himself, even Qi Qi and Meng Huairong can feel it.

With her strength, it is impossible to see the strength of their singularity, but now she not only said that they are the masters of the Supreme Nine-Segment, but also the news that the buddies in the grocery store are all Supreme Masters.

"Why do I know, is it not clear to you?"The disenchantment of the words clearly has deep meaning, especially her pair of imitation eyes, let Ye Zichen not dare to look at it.

She knows that the town demon tower is here!

Subconsciously swallowing his mouth, she is sure to know the existence of the town demon tower, and certainly know that the town demon tower is in her own hands, otherwise she will not be able to reveal this look and say such words.

"Some words, it would be boring to say it. But heavy treasure, the winners get it, you are right, little brother! โ€


When the disenchantment sounds, Ye Zichen's head will be blasted.

She really knows!

Looking at the glamorous eyes with a smile, Ye Zichen's heart sank again.

She knows all, knows!

"Okay, don't think so much. Now let's talk about our big deal, how about, is the little brother going or not? โ€

"go with!"

Without any hesitation, Ye Zichen speaks directly.

Whether it is to seal the enchanting mouth, or to get the magic weapon to crack the hidden atmosphere, he must go!

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