The autumn wind is bleak.

The temperature in the four seasons under the mountain of God is not too strong, but the enchantment tells Ye Zichen that it is actually autumn.

Demon to find Ye Zichen to destroy the transaction between Gao Jia and Xiao Jia, it is obvious that it is deliberate.

His forefoot just promised to go, the next second will tell him

The transaction is going tonight.

There is no tempering time, so obviously she has already determined before she comes, she will definitely go with her.

"This woman is not as simple as I thought."

Ye Zichen, who followed the demon in the ancient road, couldn't help but whisper. From the time they first met until now, the feeling of enchanting him is mysterious.

On the ancient road, four people, since it is to destroy the two sides of the transaction, Qi Qi and Meng Huairong naturally have to follow.

To deal with the special envoys sent by Xiao Jia, these two deities are the only chips in the nine paragraphs.

"Are you sure we are dressed like this without problems?"

Ye Zichen, who went to destroy the deal, barely made any cover. Just wearing the usual clothes, even the face is not covered.

β€œIt’s okay, Xiao’s family is also worried that the special envoys will frequently trade with their high-ranking families, which will allow the two parties to make private payments, so that some disclosures will occur during the transaction. In order to avoid this happening, Xiaojia will change to different people every time he trades, and this time Gao Family is not a high family leader, but his son. Neither side has seen each other, so we have no problem with this. If it is deliberately concealed, it will lead to the suspicion of the other side. ”

Walking in the forefront of the smirk, Ye Zichen is also skeptical about how she knows how to be so clear.

"In this case, they will definitely have the secret code of the transaction when they trade, but we are unaware of it."

Hearing the words, the enchantment suddenly stopped. Ye Zichen and Qi Qi also stopped, and even smiled when they saw the enchantment.

"I am coming to you, you don't always look backwards and forwards. I dare to find you, naturally everything is clear. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he saw his hand flashing a touch of fluorescence. The palm of the hand is shot above a towering old tree next to the ancient road. Not long after, the old tree also flashed a ray of light, and the enchantment also said a few sentences that were difficult to understand.


With a splendid drink, the towering old tree actually appeared a door from the middle, and the disenchantment also opened to Ye Zichen and others.

"Let's go."

The enchantment first rushed in, and the stranger standing outside was looking at the old tree and opening his mouth.

"The son, she knows if it is too much."

Even Qi Qi and Meng Huai-rong have some doubts about the demon's various behaviors, just in time for them to appear in front of them, the grocery store is just outside the time to prepare to sneak up their team, and just in time just right for the two sides to trade. Time point.

All this gives them a strange feeling.

She also knows that Xiao Jia and Gao Jia's trading hours, trading locations, and even this secret development space she can know. You must know that Qi Qi’s demon towers in the town’s demon towers and the information on the chaos have been fully spread, and they have not investigated these situations.

"The son, I and I have thought about it on the road. Those who suddenly appear in the grocery store and are ready to attack us are actually the people brought by this woman."

Meng Huairong also frowned at this time, and he and Qi Qi did not stop talking on this road.

In linking this series of strange behaviors, the only possibility they can think of is that all of this is a fascinating design.

If it’s not deliberate and deliberate, then it’s really a coincidence.

They can think of how Ye Zichen might not have thought of it. He had already suspected this information when he first started. It is not only the trap of the enchanting design, but he is ready to face it.

Ning is credible and has no credibility.

If all this is really a coincidence, Ye Zichen uses the resource wealth of the gods to make the people of the mountain a bait, and let the people on the mountain send people down. You can't let him fall into an absolute passive situation because of a hidden magic weapon.

"Go in and see."

Without too much remarks, Ye Zichen stepped directly into the door of the old tree. Qi Qi and Meng Huairong are the demon in the town demon tower. Their duty is to protect the safety of the master. The master has already entered, and they naturally have to go in.

When all the people stepped into the old trees, the towering old trees also lost their light and returned to their original appearance.

"You are coming too slow."

As soon as he came in, Ye Zichen heard a few disgusting sorrows. At the same time, Ye Zichen, who came in later, also saw the true face of this mysterious space.

The world inside the door is very simple, and looking at it is a vast plain.

There is a thatched cottage in the middle of the plain, which is the only building that can be seen in this space.

"The people of Xiao's family are in that thatched cottage. You will prepare a space ring of fire attributes, which was set before they traded. Qi Qi and Meng Huairong followed me, and when we killed him, I was caught off guard. ”

The disenchantment is already arranging the next script, and you can hear that you want to take Qi Qi and Meng Huairong away. Ye Zichen can't help but frown.

He dared to follow this big, and his biggest reliance was the two.

Qi Qi and Meng Huai Rong are also a sinking look. Their task is to ensure the absolute safety of Ye Zichen. Before they come in, they both doubt the disenchantment. Now they will leave the Ye Zichen.

"Why, hurry, if a high-ranking person comes, we can all show up."

See Ye Zichen, a few people are still moving, the glamorous eyes reveal an urgent color, and immediately she notices that everyone's face can not help but open the way.

"You will not be skeptical about me, little brother, I will definitely not harm you!"

The face of the enchanting is full of grievances, and if she can, she really wants to scream. Ye Zichen looked at her with a straight eye, and the woman really couldn’t see it.

Don't look at her usual seemingly stupid and sweet, but she is deeper than anyone else.

And her endless means, which made Ye Zichen have to be absolutely vigilant against her.

"Wow, you won't really doubt me. But if you doubt me, why should you follow me? ”

"Can I believe you?"

In the face of the disenchantment of the grievances, Ye Zichen was staring at her and questioning her.

"Of course, I swear."The grievance of the grievances will be the height of the small hand, Ye Zichen also bite his teeth at this time, said to Qi Qi and Meng Huairong, "You follow her!"

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